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Evil to possessed the Ki demon big

Difficulty Boss Type R. Exp C. Exp Drop DS icon
Level 1 : Innocent Monstrosity
Normal 10 Thum 1002790 1 STR icon No 1
Hard 15 Thum 1002790 1 STR icon No 1
Zhard 20 Thum 1002790 1 ESTR icon Support 4 1
Level 2 : Demon of War
Zhard 40 1st = Thum 1002790 1
2nd = Thum 1005050 1
ESTR icon
EINT icon
15000 80000 Super Janemba 1

Additional Information
  • Janemba is weak against cards that possess the Link Skill Super Saiyan (You hit harder with Super Saiyans basically)

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