The Category system separates characters into different groups. Some characters may not belong to any Categories.

Category Description
Android Category Consists of artificial beings.
Full Power JP Category Consists of characters unleashing their full power.
FusionCategory Consists of Fusion Dance and EX-Fusion characters.
Future Saga Category Consists of characters involved in the Dismal Future.
GiantCategory Consists of characters who transform into a Giant.
GinyuForceCategory Consists of members of the Ginyu Force.
HybridSaiyansCategory Consists of characters who are part Saiyan by birth.
LowClassWarriorCategory Consists of characters who are low-class Saiyans.
MajinBuuSagaCategory Consists of characters from the Majin Buu Saga.
MovieBossesCategory Consists of the main antagonists from the movies.
Namekian Category Consists of characters who are from the Namekian race.
PeppyGalsCategory Consists of female characters exclusively.
NamekSagaCategory Consists of characters from the Planet Namek Saga.
Potara Category Consists of characters who wear the Potara earrings.
Pure Saiyans Category Consists of characters who are pure Saiyan by birth.
Category Realm of Gods Consists of characters with the power of gods.
RepresentativesOfUniverse7 Category Consists of Universe 7 fighters who participated in universal tournaments.
ResurrectedWarriorsCategory Consists of characters that have been revived, in some way or another.
ShadowDragonSagaCategory Consists of characters from the Shadow Dragon Saga.
Super Saiyan 3 Consists of characters who have achieved Super Saiyan 3.
UniverseSurvivalSagaCategory Consists of characters from the Universe Survival Saga.
WorldTournamentCategory Consists of characters who have participated in the World Tournament.

Japan server
Category Translation Description
Enhanced Transformation Category Enhanced Transformation Consists of characters who reached a new form.
Most Malevolent Clan Consists of Frieza Race characters.
Seekers of the Dragon Balls Consists of characters who wanted to find and collect the Dragon Balls.
TimeTravelersCategory Time Travelers Consists of characters who traveled or were sealed through time.
CombinationCategory Combination Consists of cards with multiple characters.

Category Bonus

  • Building your team with characters in the same Category triggers Special Effects in certain stages or battles. The activated Special Effects differ between Categories.
  • Each member of a team contributes a percentage bonus chance according to their base rarity, which is unaffected by Z-Awakening the character to higher rarities.
  • If the total bonus is 100% then a bonus drop is guaranteed. Any percentage amount after 100% determines the chance of a second bonus drop.
Base Rarity Bonus %
N icon +3%
R icon +5%
SR icon +10%
SSR icon +15%
UR icon +25%
LR Rarity


All Characters with Category leader skills
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