The new Category system will separate characters into different groups.

Building your teams with characters in the same Category triggers Special Effects in certain stages or battles.

The activated Special Effects will differ between Categories.

Some characters may not belong to any Categories.

Global server Category Description
FusionCategory Consists of fusion dance characters.
PeppyGalsCategory Consists of female characters exclusively.
WorldTournamentCategory Consists of characters who have participated in the World Tournament.
ShadowDragonSagaCategory Consists of Shadow Dragon Saga characters exclusively.

Japan server Category Translation Description
HybridSaiyansCategory Consists of characters who are not fully Saiyan.
Majin buu saga Majin Buu Saga Consists of characters from the Majin Buu Saga.
Revived warrior Revived Warrior Consists of characters that have been revived, in some way or another.
Godly dimension Godly Dimension Consists of characters with the power from gods.
Universal arc Universe Survival Arc Consists of characters from the Universe Survival Arc.
ポタラ Potara Consists of characters who wear the Potara earrings.
下級戦士 Low-Class Warrior Consists of characters who are low-class Saiyans.
超サイヤ人3 Super Saiyan 3 Consists of characters who have ascended to the form known as Super Saiyan 3.