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  • Event Vejito blue (Super)

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    • You might wanna try mono STR Leader: Pikuhan Vegeta SSJ3 GT Future Trunks SSJ2 Gotenks SSJ Goten SSJ Gohan SSJ2 Friend: Goku SSJ4 And...
    • Ok thanks a lot i ll try it
  • What events can I do with these units?

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    • I just got back into this game and have been really into it but I feel stuck. I wanna Dokkan my Super Baby, Vegito, Goku Black, or my Gohan bu...
    • Leader: Vegito SSJB Vegeta SSJB Goku SSJB Goku SSJG Future Trunks SSJ PHY Gohan SSJ INT Friend: Vegito SSJB Make sure to make all of t...