Wild Power GA
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Transform Giant Alteration St power up ST invincible


Characters that are able to alter forms or state during battle 

Passive skill

Transform into a Giant Ape for 2 or 3 turns

Sometimes the G. Ape mode will last for 3 turns, but usually only 2 turns.

Warning The following percentages might not be accurate. Warning

Chance Transformers  Invincible Card (Transformed)
May (20%)
up to 2 times

Card 1013240 thumbURTEQBardockCard 1013250 thumbURSTRFashaThumbCard 1013260 thumb

Card 4013240 thumbURBardockGAThumbCard 4013250 thumbURFashaGAThumbCard 4013260 thumb
May (20%)

Thumb Super Baby 33Thumb SS3 Goku GT 33Card 1013230 thumbToraSSRAGLThum 1002810Thumb 1006490Thumb 1006480Thumb 1006500

Thumb baby G apeThum G G ape gokuCard 4013230 thumbThumb 4006510Thumb 4002810Thumb 4006490Thumb 4006480Thumb 4006500
Chance (15%) Thumb 1013680 Thumb 4013680
Rare (15%)
up to 2 times
URAGLGreatApeVegetaThumbURSTRGiantApeRaditzThumbURPHYGiantApeGokuThumb URVegetaGAThumbURRaditzGAThumbURGokuGAThumb
Rare (15%)

AGLURKidGokuThum 1005150Great Ape Vegeta ThumbnailThumb 6478 gokuyouthapeThumb 7034GokuKidApe

Thumb 4011110 1Thumb TGAThumb 4002830AGLGA Goku GA baseThumb 4005140Thumb 4002820
Super-rare (7%)

Thumb 6356

Thumb 4005130

Passive skill

Become invincible for 2 or 3 turns

Giant transformations are very similar to G. Apes and they also become invincible.

Chance Giants Invincible Card (Transformed) 

Thumb 1013121Thumb 1013710Thumb 1013950

Thumb 4013120Thumb 4013710Thumb 4013950
Rare (15%)

Thumb 6641 PiccoloGiant

Piccolo Big Giant Base
Rare (15%)
when HP is 80% or below

Thumb phy ssr bergomo

Thumb Begamo Giant

Passive skill

Become untouchable for 2 or 3 turns

This transformation will evade all of the enemy's attacks. 
Extra: Tapion himself does not actually transform into Hirudegarn, Tapion has Hirudegarn imprisoned inside his body and the demon departs from the body of Tapion.

Condition Imprisoner  Evading Card (Broken Seal) 
Guaranteed when HP is 50% or below
(only once)

Card 1012420 thumbCard 1012410 thumb

Card 4012420 thumbCard 4012410 thumb

Passive skill

Turn invincible for 2 or 3 turns

Similarly to Giants and Giant Apes, Metal Coora Core is also invincible.

Condition Metal Coora Invincible Card (True Form)
Guaranteed when HP is 50% or below
(only once)

Card 1015370 thumb

Card 4015370 thumb

Passive skill

Turn invincible for 1 turn

Rage cards only last for 1 turn, but they are invincible and can launch 3 different Super Attacks with different amounts of Ki. 

Condition Ragers  Invincible Card (Enraged)
Guaranteed when HP is 40% or below
(up to 2 times)

Thumb 1005300-Z

Thumb beerus furymodeZ
Guaranteed when HP is 30% or below
(only once)

Thumb 1005300URSTRVegeta&BulmaThum
Thumb 1005630SSRSTRSS2VegetaThum

Thumb beerus furymode2Thumb 4006160
Card 4005630 thumbCard 4012640 thumb

Passive skill

Progressively transform into a more powerful form

These cards are guaranteed to transform upon entering their next attacking turn, starting from the 3rd turn from the start of battle. Meaning that if they appear for the first time on the 3rd turn, they'll transform right away. Depending on the transformation, the card might change Super Attack, Passive Skill or even Link Skills. These transformations are also able to link with other cards of the same name.

Condition Guaranteed Transformations
Base 1st 2nd 3rd 4th
Upon entering next attacking turn Thumb 1014760 Thumb 4014770 Thumb 4014780 Thumb 4014790 Thumb 4014800
Thumb 1014820 Thumb 4014830 Thumb 4014840 Thumb 4014850 Thumb 4014860

Passive skill

Transform upon meeting condition

Some of these cards are able to transform upon meeting a certain condition, while others have only a chance to activate the transformation. These transformations are also able to link with other cards of the same name.

Chance Turn Condition Transformers Transformed Card
100% When HP is 50% or below Thumb 1013540 Thumb 4013550
100% Starting from 4th turn Card 1016000 thumb Card 1016010 thumb
100% Starting from 5th turn Card 1015970 thumbThumb 1014680 Card 4015980 thumbThumb 4014690
100% Starting from 6th turn When HP is 80% or above Card 1015470 thumb Card 4015480 V2
100% Starting from 6th turn When HP is 50% or below LR Goku and Vegeta PotaraLR Goku and Vegeta Fusion LR SuperVegitoLR Gogeta
100% Starting from 5th turn When HP is 49% or below Card 1015050 thumb Card 4015080 thumb
When HP is
Card 1015050 thumb Card 4015070 thumb
When HP is 80% or above Card 1015050 thumb Card 4015060 thumb
30% Starting from 4th turn Thumb 1013830 Thumb 4013840
30% Starting from 4th turn When HP is 50% or above Thumb 1014660 Thumb 4014750
Chance Turn limit Condition Transformer Transformed Card
25% 3 turns When HP is 80% or below

Thumb 1013570 

Thumb 4013580

Special Skills