Collect = The type of Ki sphere to collect to benefit from an ATK boost
Any = Collect any Ki sphere to benefit from attack boost
ATK = Amount of Attack raised per Ki sphere collected
DEF= Amount of Defense raised per Ki sphere collected
Nuke = A method to raise Special Attack to ultra high levels
+30% = If you collect 10 Ki spheres , 10 x 30% = +300% ATK boost

The correct combinations of characters' Leader Skill with characters' Passive Skills can have the desired effective/optimum NUKE effect.
Here is a program to help calculate the power of a nuke: Nuking Calculator

Nuke = NUKING ATK Boost Per Ki Sphere Collected. Best paired with KI CHANGERS = St Ki change


Leader Skill
Mono Team Nukers

Allies must be the same type.

Collect ATK boost per Ki sphere "Type" collected ATK DEF
Type Thumb agleGFThumb sgssgoku 7173Thumb Super Baby 33Thum 1009730Thumb SS3 Goku GT 33 +33%
Type Thum 1004090 1Thum 1004070 1Thum 1006030Thum 1004080 1Thum 1006750 +30%

Leader Skill
Low ATK boost Leaders

(not actually "nukers" but characters with the same leader skill)

Collect Allies Must Be Same Type ATK DEF
Type Thumb tiencha +5%


Allies Can Collect Any Type ATK DEF


+7% +7%

Thum 1008940

ANY Thum 1008110Thum 1004360 1 +5%
ANY Thum 1003570 1 +3%

Passive skill
Type Nukers

Character must collect same type that they are.


ATK Boost Per Character "Type" Ki Sphere Collected ATK DEF
TYPE Thumb ssgssvegeta 6901TURTrunksThum 1002460 1Thumb ssgssgoku 6809Thum 1002450 1 +15%
TYPE Thumb ssr teq android 17Thumb 1006640SSRTrunksThum 1006610Thum 1008110 +12%
TYPE SSRPHYKaflaThum +10% +10%
TYPE Thum 1004820 1Thum 1004800 1Thum 1003570 1 +10%

Passive skill
Versatile Nukers

Character can collect any ki colour to gain attack boosts.


Boost Per Any Ki sphere Collected ATK DEF
ANY & KI +1 LRgohan +18%
ANY URAGLSSGotenksThumbSSRAGLCellThumbUR God-han +15%
ANY Card 1011850 thumb +15% +10%
ANY Thumb 1008430Base Buu Ultimate intSSR God-han +12%
ANY Thum 1004650 1URSTRGiantApeRaditzThumb +12% +12%
ANY URTEQSSJ3BrolyThumb +12% -10%
ANY Thum 1002400 1Thum 1005780 1Thum 1005260 1Base Buu ultimate pre dokk intThum 1003670 1 +10%
ANY Thum TURgokussjAGIThum 1010110 +10% +10%
ANY Thum 1005530 1Thum 1005770 1Thumb 1006500Thumb 7034 +7%

LR STRGokuJP Thum 1003300 1

+7% +7%
ANY Thum 2000690 1Thum 1007300 1Thum 1004460 1 +5%
ANY Thum 1006620 +5% +5%
ANY Thum 1004810 1 +3% +3%
ANY Thum 1008850glb +3000
ANY Thum 1008840glb +2500

No real Nuking potential but has the same attack boosting property that nuking requires. You could even say that Nuking with this character is counter productive. Although having the rainbow ki also boost attack could be beneficial if using a mono nuke leader.


ATK boost Per Rainbow icon Ki Sphere Collected ATK DEF
Rainbow icon Thum 1010260 +20%
Rainbow icon Thum 1010240 +15%

Passive skill
Ultra Rare Chance for a 1-Hit Kill
Thum 1002360 1

Nuke How do you really Nuke: How to Nuke Guide

Special Skills