Baba's Shop


Icon Characters Trade pt
N eclair Neutral Characters None
R eclair Rare Characters (Neutral Awaken) 1
R eclair Rare Characters (Events Drop) 10
SR eclair SR Characters (Rare Awaken from Events Drop) 12
R eclair Rare Characters (Summon) 50
SR eclair SR Characters (Rare Awaken from Summon) 60
SR eclair SR Characters (Events Drop) 100
SSR eclair SSR Characters (SR Awaken from Events Drop) 120
SR eclair SR Characters (Summon) 500
SSR eclair SSR Characters (SR Awaken from Summon) 600
SSR eclair SSR Characters (Events Drop) 1000
UR eclair UR Characters (SSR Awaken from Events Drop) 1500
SSR eclair SSR Characters (Summon) 10000
UR eclair UR Characters (SSR Awaken from Summon) 15000
UR eclair TUR Characters (TUR Dokkan from UR) 15000
LR Rarity LR Characters (LR Dokkan from TUR from Events) 1500
LR Rarity LR Characters (LR Dokkan from TUR from Summon) 15000


Icon Medals Trade pt
GregoryBubblesDr gero Normal Medals 1
Grandpa gohanMutaitoMaster shenMr popoMaster roshi Bronze Medals 10
KorinGrand elder guruKamiBibidiBabidi Silver Meddals 40
KibitoWest kaiEast kaiNorth kaiSouth kai Gold Medals 100
Supreme kaiOld kai Supreme Medals 2000
FruitBojackGolden friezaMajin BuuDragon ball All Special Medals 12


Icon Items Trade pt
Turtle rock AGLTurtle rock TEQTurtle rock INTTurtle rock STRTurtle rock PHY Turtle Rock 1
Turtle shell 20k AGLTurtle shell 20k TEQTurtle shell 20k INTTurtle shell 20k STRTurtle shell 20k PHY Turtle Shell (20k) 1
Turtle shell 40k AGLTurtle shell 40k TEQTurtle shell 40k INTTurtle shell 40k STRTurtle shell 40k PHY Turtle Shell (40k) 1
Sacred water AGLSacred water TEQSacred water INTSacred water STRSacred water PHY Sacred Water 2
Weighted clothing AGLWeighted clothing TEQWeighted clothing INTWeighted clothing STRWeighted clothing PHY Weighted Clothing 2
Weighted boots AGLWeighted boots TEQWeighted boots INTWeighted boots STRWeighted boots PHY Weighted Boots 4
Weight 2t AGLWeight 2t TEQWeight 2t INTWeight 2t STRWeight 2t PHY Weight (2t) 5
Weight 10t AGLWeight 10t TEQWeight 10t INTWeight 10t STRWeight 10t PHY Weight (10t) 8
Training Robot AGLTraining Robot TEQTraining Robot INTTraining Robot STRTraining Robot PHY Training Robot 10
Z sword AGLZ sword TEQZ sword INTZ sword STRZ sword PHY Z-Sword 20
Platinum Turtle Shell AGLPlatinum Turtle Shell TEQPlatinum Turtle Shell INTPlatinum Turtle Shell STRPlatinum Turtle Shell PHY Platinum Turtle Shell 30
Weighted Headgear (AGL)Weighted Headgear (TEQ)Weighted Headgear (INT)Weighted Headgear (STR)Weighted Headgear (PHY) Weighted Headgear 100


Icon Items Trade pt
Recovery DrinkSuper Recovery DrinkUltra Recovery DrinkUltimate Recovery Drink Recovery Drink 1
CargoOolong AGLOolong TEQPuar INTPuar STRPuar PHYShuHercule support Cargo, Oolong, Puar, Shu & Hercule 1
World Tournament Announcer AGLWorld Tournament Announcer TEQWorld Tournament Announcer INTWorld Tournament Announcer STRWorld Tournament Announcer PHY World Tournament Announcer 1
MooriRanfan0x King Moori, Ranfan & OX King 1
Videl AGL UPVidel TEQ UPVidel INT UPVidel STR UPVidel PHY UP Videl 1
Korin Herb BlendKingLaunch normalBulma support Korin Herb, King, Launch, Bulma 3
Senzu BeanDendeBabaGhost UsherKing Yemma Senzu, Dende, Baba, Ghost Usher, King Yemma 5
Android 18 supportMarron supportBulma F supportVidel F supportIcarus Android #18, Marron, Bulma F, Videl F, Icarus 2

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