TL,DR [JP Only] Since the addition of new stories chapter, 24-4, 24-5 and 24-6 are quick and usually have Launch and/or Pilaf and no stop to farm Gems quickly.

TL,DR This whole page is obselete since the addition of areas 19,20, and 21. Finding STR Launch there gives 15 treasure, so she's the new Pilaf. 21-3 "seems" To be the new grind stage, which is nice since it only has Phys bosses. Load up a mono STR team, and go murder a whole bunch.

Baba Shop Treasures can be found on any "Quest" mission starting with Area 16. An AGL Pilaf has a chance to spawn for 10 Treasures, Rainbow Pads give 1, and Boss Encounters have a chance to drop Variable number of treasures. STR Launch can spawn from Area 19 onward, and drops 15 Treasures. There is also a chance that Pilaf and Launch spawn in the same run from Area 19 onward. If you encounter Pilaf and Launch in the same run, there is a small chance you might not get the right dice rolls (1 to 6) to land on both Pilaf's and Launch's tiles.

Each individual enemy in a boss fight has an independent chance to drop treasure, and most (if not all) bosses drop anywhere from 0-3 treasure. Area 21-3 Z-Hard's boss can drop anywhere from 0-6 Treasures, and higher difficulty (generally) means more treasures.

So, this page is intended to be a comprehensive guide for treasure hunting. If you're just here for treasures and you don't care to get fancy, then spam 17-6 on HARD difficulty, or 21-1 Z-Hard/super. If you have a beast team and you want more reliable treasure, any Z-hard mission with 4-5 boss enemies will have a decent yield, but those are quite tricky to beat without items.

Right, time for some math.

SE-RC is short for Stamina Efficiency and Run Count. SE is the average Treasure earned for each point of stamina spent. Run Count is the running total of how many runs have been submitted as treasure data for a level. Efficiency is calculated by taking a large batch of runs, adding all total treasure, dividing by # of runs, then dividing by Stamina per run, to equal the treasure per single point of stamina. High SE theoretically means the most profitable grind (But likely not the most convenient.)

Why is this important? Well, Z-hard has the highest chance for treasure to drop from bosses, BUT, the chances of Pilaf and/or Launch spawning and the spawn rate of Rainbow Pads seems to be either dependent on the level, or consistently random across all levels. If Pilaf has a set spawn chance for every level, then it MIGHT work out to be better to spam normal/hard levels and hope for Pilaf spawns.

Do keep in mind though that these are averages and probabilities; Nothing is guaranteed, and I wouldn't even call these numbers reliable until at least 50 runs have been recorded for a level.

Treasure Farm Table
Code Level Name Bosses

Normal || Z-Hard







16-1 Reunion with Krillen Thum 1000110 1 || Z-hard Thum 1004530 1
16-2 Saiyan Trio Thum 1001430 1
16-3 Saiyan Tag Team Returns Thum 1000350 1Thum 1001130 1
16-4 Turls the New Saiyan Thum 1003660 1
16-5 Ginyu's Tresspass Thum 1001610 1Thum 2000750 1
16-6 Reunion with Goku Thum 1001330 1Thum 1001080 1Thum 1001300 1Thum 1000530 1
16-7 Showdown! New Ginyu Force Thum 1001610 1Thum 1001330 1Thum 1001080 1Thum 1001300 1Thum 1000530 1
16-8 Ending of the Body


Thum 1000190 1 .356-29
17-1 Frieza's Army Attacks Thum 1002160 1
17-2 Breaking the Siege Thum 1001210 1Thum 1000510 1Thum 1001110 1
17-3 Zarbon's Transformation Thum 1001530 1
17-4 The Elite Force's True


Thum 1000190 1Thum 1001330 1Thum 1001080 1Thum 1001300 1Thum 1000530 1 .400-10
17-5 Imperial Power Thum 2000680 1
17-6 Deepening Destiny Thum 1000060 1 || Z-hard Thum 1005420 1 .413-101
17-7 Frieza's Transformation Thum 1001520 1
17-8 Frieza's Second


Thum 1001600 1
18-1 Coora's Armored Squad Thum 1001600 1Thum 1002490 1Thum 1002500 1Thum 1002510 1
18-2 Commander's Will Thum 1002490 1Thum 1001220 1
18-3 Sovereign of the Warrior


Thum 1001600 1Thum 1001540 1Thum 1001500 1Thum 1001550 1Thum 1001560 1 .377-61
18-4 Frieza's Final


Thum 1002150 1 .166-10
18-5 A Surprising End Thum 1001580 1Thum 1002490 1Thum 1002500 1Thum 1002510 1Z-hardThum 1002120 1 .338-45
18-6 Master of Demon Realm

Pt. 1

Thum 1006070 1 .209-11 .166-11
18-7 Master of Demon Realm

Pt. 2

Thum 1006060 1Thum 1006070 1 .177-22
18-8 Master of Demon Realm

Pt. 3

Thum 1006050 1 .215-8

Table looks Empty? Of course it does! We need your help to gather data so we can post reliable numbers!

Please, to all the wiki lurkers and everyone who wants to earn those free SSR's, keep a tally of how much treasure you earn, and where. Doesn't need to be complicated, just post a comment with the numbers. Nothing fancy, just give the total possible treasure, and the number of runs you did. If you stepped over a pilaf pad because of a bad dice roll, still include him, but if there are pads spawning on branched paths that are impossible to get, only include those on the most profitable run.

If you know how to calculate a weighted average, feel free to update the efficiency and Run Count in the table, but if not, just drop a comment below with your data and someone will add it in. We'll put a comment saying we've added your numbers when we get to it (Me, Khaesho, am checking this daily, usually around midnight Texas Time.)

Don't have a beast team? Normal missions need data too, and if our guess is right, you'll still get decent treasure from Pilaf spawning. Hopefully.

Time-efficient grind! If you're short on time, load up 17-6 (or your favorite Pilaf-spawning level) and check for Pilaf. If he's not there, abandon quest, and reload. 90ish% of 17-6's treasure comes from pilaf, so if he didn't spawn, you can just quit the level and try again. If you play to the bottom of your energy bar, you'll miss a few treasures, but you'll cut the grind time immensely.

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