My friends,

I created this page to have a vision on what it remains to modify. The purpose is to add novelty gradually and to erase of the list what is made!

Thanks to all

  • Add link to disamguation on each card with |disambig = XXX (XXX = name of character like Goku, Gohan, ... No need more infos)
  • Delete pages on category page "Candidates for deletion" after review.
  • Add some pictures in Tutorials to illustrate what they mean.
  • Help update Japanese events with boss battles and event drops. Update as you play!
  • Drops for Area 25, Area 26 & Area 27.
  • Add better animated artwork of STR LR Goku.
  • Change all 220px Events to 200px in card pages for the special event section to line up.
  • Congratulate people for their work if you notice them contributing.

  • Delete completed tasks ^^^