My friends,

I created this page to have a vision on what it remains to modify. The purpose is to add novelty gradually and to erase of the list what is made!

Thanks to all

  • Create a real Gashas page with a better presentation.
  • Delete pages on category page "Candidates for deletion" after review.
  • Congratulate people for their work if you notice them contributing.
  • Help update Japanese events with boss battles and event drops. Update as you play!
  • Finish Drops for Quest Mode Guide.
  • Replace old card arts with visual errors, usually effects cut off at the top edge. ( has corrected assets. Try if global assets still aren't corrected).
  • Create a Tier List page and image for Drop cards. Possibly a page for each "type". Even suggesting the best mono Drop card team for such events as the Prime Battles. 
  • Incorporate Tabber for transformations into the page "Template:Characters All"
    • Incorporate a single additional info box for all the tabbers in the page "Template:Characters All" (a universal additional info box if you will) (so the same info is not on the page 5 times)
    • Add character specific additional info boxes
    • Incoporate a single links skills section spanning the 5 tabbers and create a split to highlight changing links across the 5 tabbers e.g "{{transform link 1" etc
  • Delete completed tasks ^^^