Disable G

Gif guard break

No type disadvantage when attacking

Passive skill

Guard Break

Disables Guard while attacking the enemy. Your attack (and any subsequent attack after on the same turn which guard was broken) will not be reduced, it will always be neutral damage. All characters here will not lose any attack power from landing a strike upon a type that they are weak against. For example: STR Frieza can hit an AGL character at full power, where a STR Goku will hit an AGL character at -50% power.  However, if STR Frieza and STR Goku are on the same turn and Frieza attacks first and Goku second, Frieza and Goku will both hit an AGL character at full power (although the 'type effect' indicator will not necessarily reflect this).

Upon attacking the enemy


SSRAGLSS3TrunksThumThum 1003950 1Thum 1001190 1Thum 1000400 1URINTHitThumbSSRSTRKidBuuThum 2000810 1SRSTRBuffBuuThum 1001520 1SSRTEQCandyVegitoThumb 


Thumb 1013540

HP <50%

Passive skill

Superior Attack

Bypass type disadvantage when attacking. Enemy has their guard disabled, making your attack very effective against all enemies. (a lower defense symbol St 0012will appear on the enemy you choose to attack)

Attacks super effective against all types Condition
Thum goget ur int Thum gogeta ssr intThum 1005280 1Thum 1005270 1
Alteration LR Goku and Vegeta Fusion

After 6 turns and HP <50%

St 0100 Thumb cell gt int URThumb cell gt int ssr When enemy is stunned
St 0102 Thumb frieza hell gt UR phyThumb frieza hell gt ssr phy When enemy is sealed

Hidden Potential

Hidden Potential
Pot skill critical
  • Give any card the chance to have a super effective attack, bypassing defense. You can raise the chance an extra 15 levels, 2% per level with the hidden potential activation board.

Special Skills