Quest top banner 137
"Some of the collaboration characters will be able to be Dokkan Awakened! Grab the chance to recruit SSR Tekka and SSR Pinich to your team!"
Chara banner 1008900 small enChara banner 1008910 small enEN chara banner 1009260 smallEN chara banner 1009250 smallEN chara banner 1009240 small
Difficulty Boss Type Drop Char EXP Rate DS icon
Level 1: In the Fused World...
Zhard 20 Thum 1008900Thum 1008910 SPHY iconSAGL icon Thum 1008900Thum 1008910 0-4


Thum 1009240 STEQ icon Pan GT 20000 0-2
Additional information
  • Tekka and Pinich have roughly 300,000 HP each, while Karoly has roughly 1.5 Million HP
  • When you fight Tekka and Pinich, they drop Thum 1008900Thum 1008910, and when you fight Karoly, he drops Pan GT.