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Quest top banner 523
EN chara banner 1009791 smallEN chara banner 1009681 small
I can feel it... Two powers are merging inside of my body... An extremely challenging event is running now! Prepare to fight against Fusion Zamasu!
Difficulty Boss Type R. EXP C. EXP Zeni Drop Qty DS icon
Level 1: The Ultimate Power of a God
Zhard 20 1stThum 1009340Thum 1009160

2ndMerged Zamasu

AGL icon STR icon

EPHY icon
8000 50000 10000 Training 4
Thum 1009680v2

Level 2: Last Judgment...Or Last Hope
Zhard 40 1stMerged Zamasu


EPHY icon

ETEQ icon
15000 25000 ZamasuAwakeningMedal 3-6 1
Super50 1stMerged Zamasu


EPHY icon

ETEQ icon

ETEQ icon
18000 100000 50000 ZamasuAwakeningMedal 7 1
Additional Information
  • Starting from the second fight, Fusion Zamasu will launch a Super Attack in every turn.
  • Fusion Zamasu will take more damage from characters with the Royal Lineage Link Skill which is needed to bypass his DEF and to inflict more damage.

•••Vegeta Selection•••

Thumb 1013830Thum 1009590VegetaSSGSSTecThumb 1013820SSRVegetaSSGSSThum 1009750•••TEQDokkanSSJ3AThum 1003240 1Thumb 1013930•••Animation lr majin vegeta gblThum vegeta LR URThum vegeta LR SSRThumb 1007410•••URSTRVegeta&BulmaThumSSRAGLVegeta&BulmaThum•••Thum 1009890SSRSTRSS2VegetaThumThum 1001790 1SSRTEQSSJ2VegetaThumb•••Thum 1004760 1•••Thumb vegeta UR PhyThum 1005550 1Thum 1000020 1Thum 1000840 1Thumb 5361Thum 1003220 1•••Super Saiyan Vegeta (Angel) Thumbnail REAL•••TURINTVegetaThum 1005680 1Thum 1002460 1SSRINTVegetaThumbBadmanVegeta(lol)SRAGLVegetaThumThum 2000060 1Thum 1000040 1Thum 1003870 1Thum 1000860 1Thum 1002140 1Thumb 5399Thum 2000260 1•••URAGLGreatApeVegetaThumbGreat Ape Vegeta Thumbnail•••Thum 1006650Thum 1004260 1Thum 2000050 1•••Thum 1008020Thum 1003000 1•••Thum 1004040 1•••Thumb ss3 tur vegeta gt strThum 1008760Thumb 1013920

•••King Vegeta Selection•••

KVegetaThum 2000120 1

•••Trunks Selection•••

SSR SSJ2 Trunks STR•••TURPHYTrunksTURSTRTrunksThum 1003290 1Thum 1001800 1Thumb trunksint•••Animation thum LR TRUNKS1011710 thumbThum 1005400 1Thum 1001590 1Thum 1003280 1•••Thum 1011700 1Thumb 6235 TrunksThum 1002890 1Thum 1000100 1Thum 1000880 1Thum 1000810 1Thum 1001860 1Thum 1000280 1•••SSRAGLSS3TrunksThum•••URPHYBrolyTrunksThumbSuper Saiyan Trunks (Kid)Thum 1004440 1Thum 1002570 1Thum 1005100 1Card 1008260 thumbCard 1012840 thumbThum 1001760 1•••Thumb 1014050Thumb 1014040Thum 1008870TURTrunksURINTTankTopTrunksThumb FTrunks TUR STR SuperTrunksPHYThum 1005620 1SSRTrunksThumb FTrunks SSR STRThum 1009560SSRPHYAngerTrunksThumb FTrunks SR AGL•••Thumb 1014030Thum 1008860SRMiraiTrunksThum•••Thum 2000220 1•••Thum 1008030Thum 2000170 1Thum 2000160 1•••Thum 1010020Thumb teq tur GT trunksThum 1010010Thum 1005780 1Thum 1002990 1•••Thum 1006290int•••Thum 1006320int

•••Tarble Selection•••

Thum 1005420 1Thumb Tarble SSR aglThumb Tarble sr agl

  • Medals Sum Up How many medal do I need?
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