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Available Weekly on Friday - Saturday for 24 hours 
Transcended Warrior Transcended Warrior Event LR Goku small
Available Weekly on Saturday-Sunday for 24 hours
Event LRFrieza small Summit of the Universe
Available Once on Saturday-Sunday for 24 hours 
Event Pan small Pan's Secret Adventure
Available Once a Day; Resets once every 24 hours
Training in the clouds small Training in the Clouds
Available Every Day 24/7
Event awakening medals all Battle for Awakening Medals
Event Korin tower Training at Korin Tower
Event Goku Strike small Enough Talk... Time for an Epic Showdown!! 
Available on the Weekends
Event HERO Extermination Plan HERO Extermination Plan
Event evil powers strike back HERO Extermination Plan Evil Powers Strike Back
Event Hercule BB small Big Bucks Hercule Challenge
Available Periodically
Event Hercule small Hercule's World Tournament
Event Master roshi training Turtle School Training
Event combat preparation of genius bulma The Genius Bulma's Battle Prep
Availale on Specific Day of the Week
Event Level Up AGL Hidden Potential (AGL)
Event Level Up TEQ Hidden Potential (TEQ)
Event Level Up INT Hidden Potential (INT)
Event Level Up STR Hidden Potential (STR)
Event Level Up PHY Hidden Potential (PHY)

Available For A Limited Time Only
Event all potential open small Hidden Potential All Open

Weekly Tag Bonus Tag Story Tag Strike Tag Dokkan Tag Special Tag Limited Tag Flash Tag