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Category: Fusion Dance
Consists of fusion dance characters.

Cards with Fusion Dance Leader Skills
Japan server
Thum TURgogetaSSJ4TEQThum SSRgogetaSSJ4TEQThumb gotenks ssr int
UR icon
Super label Extreme Label
Thum 1009260URAGLSSGotenksThumb
Thum TURgogetaSSJ4TEQGotenksSSJ3 baseURTEQSS3TeenGotenksThumbThum 1009240
Thum 1009250Thum goget ur int
Card 1011850 thumbURSTRGotenksThumbThum 1005280 1Thumb dokkangotenksstr
URPHYSS3GotenksThumbThum 1009860
SSR icon
Super label Extreme Label
Thum 1008690Thum 1002400 1
Thum SSRgogetaSSJ4TEQThumb brokuThum 1007440Gotenks ssr teq D baseThumb ssgotenksteqThum 1006620 Thumb janembuu
Thumb gotenks ssr intThumb pandelThumb gotenksintThum gogeta ssr int Thumb Celluza ssr
Thum 1005410 1Thumb gotenks strThum 1008670Thum 1005270 1 Thum 1008650
Card 1011820 thumbThumb phyFGThum 1006610SSRPHYSS3GotenksThumbThum 1004720 1Thumb chomanThumb tiencha
SR icon
Super label Extreme Label
Thum 1004810 1
Thum 1004800 1Thum 1002410 1