Quest top banner 144
"PHY Hidden Potential Event is now on! Awake the latent power of PHY characters with Potential Orbs!"
Difficulty Choose Boss Type Drop Rank.Exp Characters.Exp Rate DS icon
Level 1: PHY Hidden Potential Event
Zhard 15 Stop iconThum 1002050phy
Stop iconThum 1003820phy
Stop iconThum 1001940 1
PHY icon
PHY icon
PHY icon
Thumb pot orb 00005
Thumb pot orb 00010
Thumb pot orb 00015
1000 10000 x45-165
Additional Information
  • Japan serverIf you meet Thum 1001960phy on map, you fight this team Thum 1001960phyThum 1001940 1Thum 1003820phy and drop Thumb pot orb 00005x100 + Thumb pot orb 00010x70 + Thumb pot orb 00015x6
  • Pads: Thumb pot orb 00005 x12-42; Thumb pot orb 00010 x12-24; Thumb pot orb 00015 x3
  • (*)You receive DS iconx1 upon 1st clear
  • Bosses employ ' Healing +200,000 HP'; Use the Link Skill Tough as Nails to deal more damage
  • Orbs Inventory: Team => Items => Potential Orbs
  • Replenishing Orbs: Left for more (S); Center for more (M); Right for more (L)
  • Weekly Event: 16:00 (Thu) to 15:59 (Fri) (PST)
  • Info: Hidden Potential Activation