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In order for players to use the dupe system, they must meet the following requirements:

  • Players must be of Rank 50 or above.
  • Players must have cleared the 2nd stage of Enough Talk... Time for an Epic Showdown!! on Z-Hard.
  • Players must also have at least one Z-Awakened UR in order to use the system. However, they can still obtain Power Orbs through the events.
  • Abilities are gained by spending "Power Orbs," a new free currency earned in-game.
  • In addition to Power Orbs, 4 copies of the card are needed to unlock full potential. Spending power orbs gets you stat buffs and predetermined levels for abilities (You don't get to choose what abilities get leveled up.)

Note on Bottom-Right Route:

  • Activation requires SA level >= 2/10 (or 2/20).
  • Some Nodes & Hidden Skills before the Roadblock requires SA level >= 4/10 (or 4/20).
  • Nodes & Hidden Skills after the Roadblock requires SA level >= 6/10 (or 6/20).

Skill Tree Icons

Icon Description Max Lv. % Increase / Chance (At Max)
Pot skill heal Recovery Boost: Increasing this ability will allow players to slightly recover more HP from collecting ki spheres of the same type. The higher the ability, the more HP recovered. 15 75% (+5%/LVL)
Pot skill super Super ATK Damage Boost: Increasing this ability will slightly increase the output of your Super Attack. Note that you will remain the same SA level. (ex. You will not go from supreme to immense); And, any additional SA effects will not change. 15 75% (+5%/LVL)
Pot skill type defense Type DEF Boost: The damage received when blocking against the type you have an advantage against (ie AGL over STR) will be slightly lowered. The higher the ability, the lower amount of damage received. 15 15% (+1%/LVL)
Pot skill type damage Type ATK Boost: The damage you deal against types you have an advantage over will slightly increase. The higher the ability, the more damage dealt. 15 75% (+5%/LVL)
Pot skill dodge Evade: By upgrading this ability, your character will have a rare chance to dodge attacks. The higher the ability, the more likely you are to dodge. 20 INT

15 non-INT

20% INT

15% non-INT


Pot skill critical Critical: By upgrading this ability, your character has a rare chance of an attack being a critical attack. Critical attacks ignore DEF and type disadvantages. The higher the ability, the more likely an attack will become critical 20 STR-TEQ





Pot skill additional Combo Attack: This ability allows characters to attack twice with a rare chance. There is also a chance for the additional attack to be a Super Attack or even an Ultimate Attack (for LRs). The higher the ability, the higher chance of an additional attack 20 AGL-PHY





Pot Locked Bonus Star Selection: Every branch in the skill tree has at least one of these selection stars. Players can choose between two different abilities upon getting to the star selection. If players make a mistake when choosing the ability they want, it can be reset for 10 DS. Star selections on the bottom right branch require players to be at SA 10. Accessing the bottom-right route requires a minimum SA lvl of 2/10.
Potential unlock node Roadblocks: 1 Roadblock is present on each branch of the skill tree for a total of 4 Roadblocks. To progress further, players must tap on the roadblock and feed a dupe character. Without unlocking any roadblocks, players can max only 55% of the skill tree. You don't need to spend any orbs to unblock a path.
Potential node HP Stats Node : Raise HP +2000
Potential node ATK Stats Node : Raise ATK +2000
Potential node DEF Stats Node : Raise DEF +2000

More Info : Hidden Potential System