How to Quickly Increase your Rank Lvl ?

Rank Up
[Note]: This game tip is suitable for Beginner to Intermediate level players.

It is suggested to do this during the Double Exp & Half STAmina event, and/or the Triple Exp event.

+ Wayward Champion (11-3) Zhard 16 vs Thum 2000210 1 = 9265 xp
+ The Savior (12-8) Zhard 16 vs Thum 1001390 1 = 9897 xp
+ Extraordinary Evil (15-1) Zhard 16 vs Saibamen + Thum 2000140 1 = 10041 xp
+ Area 14: The Ultimate Android Nighmarish Android (14-8) Zhard 16 vs Cell = 10041 xp

Wayward Champion (11-3) is very easy, and there is no Stop icon battle.

The Savior (12-8) has no Stop icon battle, but Thum 1001390 1 has a lot of HP and hits considerably hard.

Extraordinary Evil (15-1) has 1 Stop icon battle vs Saibamen. Although Thum 2000140 1 hits hard, the fight's easier.

Area 14: The Ultimate Android Nighmarish Android (14-8) has no Stop icon and Cell is a PHY type, bring yor STR guys and Crush him !

All the quests in Chapters 14 and 15 give a lot of experience points, but because of their lengths, they are not necessarily profitable.

The advantage of ranking up is to increase your maximum STAmina, which will allow you to have more runs whether in a tournament or in an event.

For more information on the ACT you gained per each Rank Level, please check the Player Ranks page.