This page is designed to help you find your team mates easier rather than checking every single character again to find that hidden +2 ki booster you need. If your character does not say for all allies or team mates then they have a personal ki boost only for them and they will not be in this page.
For personal ki boost check this page  Super8
Ki Boost Krillin

Amount= The amount that your Type gains in ki.
Other= If the character boosts 2 types of ki the other ki will appear here it is always the same amount.
Chance= Character has a chance to boost ki so the boost is not 100% guaranteed like most.
HP= Some characters are resricted by the teams health points ">" means your health must be above and "<" means your HP must be below the said amount.

St 0003
KI BOOST +1 +2 +3 +4

For all allies and team mate types only

Special Skills Similar Ability Super8 Single Character ki boosts (premier super)