St Ki change = KI CHANGING Arrow Best when paired with Nukers = Attack boost per ki sphere


Passive skill
From Ki Type to Rainbow Type
Excellent for Ki linking, very beneficial to the team. Possibly the best option for versatile nukers.

From Type to Rainbow To
AGL icon Thum str ur A17Thumb ssgotenksteqThum 1003790 1Thum 1005090 1StarThumb 4014690 Rainbow icon
TEQ icon TURINT13ThumbThum 1004910 1Thum 1001610 1 Rainbow icon
INT icon SSRTEQMrBuuThumb Rainbow icon
STR icon Card 1012460 thumbThum 1008080Card 1012860 thumbThum 1003340 1 Rainbow icon
PHY icon Thum 1008940Thum 1004360 1 Rainbow icon
Random Card 1015950 thumbCard 1016030 thumbCard 1015430 thumbCard 1016020 thumbSpook tenks thumb Rainbow icon

Passive skill
From Ki Type to Ki Type
Great for mono teams, and the best option for Type nukers.

From Type to Type To
PHY icon Thumb 1011460Thum 2000250 1SSRAGLJanembaSRAGLJanemba AGL icon
STR icon Thumb 1013170Thumb Tarble SSR aglThumb Tarble sr agl AGL icon
PHY icon Thumb android 18 tur teq topThum 1012040 TEQ icon
STR icon Thum 1010300Super Saiyan Bardock TEQ ThumbnailThum 1007170Thum 1010530 TEQ icon
AGL icon URINTSSGokuThumbRere INT icon
STR icon TURTrunksSSRTrunks INT icon
AGL icon Thumb 10131801012350 thumb1012340 thumb STR icon
INT icon Card 1015110 thumbURSTRFashaThumbThum 1006710Thumb 1006480 STR icon
TEQ iconINT icon Card 1011820 thumb PHY icon
INT icon Thumb 1013430SSRPHYKaflaThum PHY icon
TEQ icon Thumb 1011450Thum 2000240 1Thum 1010820Thum 1010520 PHY icon

From (when HP is 70% or below) To
STR icon TEQ iconThumb 1011450PHY icon AGL icon
INT icon PHY iconThumb 1011460AGL icon PHY icon

Passive skill
From Rainbow Type to Ki Type
Perfect for nuking when using items, can be a burden for linking other colours.

From Rainbow to Type To
Rainbow icon Thum 1004440 1 AGL icon
Rainbow icon Thumb sgssgoku 7173Thum 1004070 1 TEQ icon
Rainbow icon Thum int ur A18Thum 1003780 1 INT icon
Rainbow icon Thum 1009730Thum 1004080 1 PHY icon

Item button
From Ki Type to Ki Type

From Type to Type To
Random Russian Roulette Takoyaki TEQ icon
Random Monaka Costume INT icon
Random Dabura Cookie PHY icon
TEQ icon Oolong AGL Thumb support item 33401 AGL icon
INT icon Oolong TEQ Frog TEQ icon
PHY icon Puar INT INT icon
AGL icon Puar STR STR icon
STR icon Puar PHY PHY icon

Special Skills