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  • Don't add wrong categories to pages. List of Freely Obtainable Units is not a Strike Events or any other event.

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  • Thank you howard for helping me with the buuhan event the team u made me was great

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  • Thank you for helping me with this Howardw.

    I was trying to figure out the best INT team. I used your's to some degree but had to make edits to your orginal one. Used up all my items. However, with your suggestions that really helped out. I was looking at your build for Buhhan team. I thought maybe if someone doesn't have HIT, what would a good alternative would be? I would suggest that maybe you consider Boss Rabbit or General Blue for free stunners. Boss Rabbit is not going to link with anyone, but with a SA of at least 5 the special attack will go off. His passive having a medium chance to stun the attacked enemy. Also his special attack has a chance to stun as well. I would consider him a HIT Jr. What do you think?

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    • Hi Kartro,

      You are welcome.  I came across 5 INT SSRs with better stunning effects.  Hit and Mai are like the same, but make sure we are not using SA for these two when attacking, as you may notice in the SA description, the chance to stun becomes rare.  Similar case for Boss Rabbit.

      For General Blue and Turles, both need SA to deliver the stunning chance.  General Blue actually has a upper hand in this event and strategy since we are doing a little marathon, so lowering ATK of General Blue is more helpful than attack boost of Turles.  General Blue also has higher DEF compare to Hit and Turles.

      Try to get a rough idea on damage dealt by each form of Buu when using your higher DEF characters (always check the team list during play as boss' skills may lower DEF) to guard.  By doing that, you know better when using an item is really needed.  In some events, my HP goes below 5K but that's alright as long as I am confident with how much damage the boss will deal, e.g. 50K for SA, 25K for normal attacks, for a 4 attacks round, it probably costs us 130K of HP.  So let it hit, recover with Buuhan's skill, and link skill Metamorphisis if applicable, then items.

      Hope this helps.  =)

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  • Hey ur help on fighting buuhan is super appreciated and although I haven't done the team yet just looking at it I like my chances thanks so much. People like you who help others are the driving force for why this community is so great!

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