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  • yes excuse me why did you delete my page

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  • where can i poste my ideas of new cards you've been deletes?

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  • He is right, revived is more accurate and he changed all the links too. Undoing his edits is a bad thing to do.

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    • Horus2297 wrote:

      • The term "resurrection" strictly refers to someone dying and coming back to life, while "revival" is a bit more vague (according to the dictionary, it can also mean "restoration to vigor", for example).

      I thought that it has the same meaning as revival. I mean, I'm not fluent in English, so I'm not sure. And here's what I took from one of the dictionary's meanings: a rising again, as from decay, disuse, etc.; revival.

      Anyways, thanks for taking your time for this explanation!

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    • So rather than saying accurate I should have said inaccuarate in my first post.

      That would have gone down well haha.

      In a sentence Revival is one up in the family tree of resurection meanings. Resurection is a type of Revival, but Revival is the overall meaning so to speak.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • When you got the rights you said you would only delete fake pages. You shouldn't have taken it upon your self to delete this page. How many other pages have you deleted?

    Deletion log

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    Dragenser closed this thread because:
    Problem solved.
    18:48, September 28, 2017
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    • CakeBuu, please don't blame him and try to understand his position. I think both of you are true in many points but we need to stay in the same way. ThisUserLikesOreo, try to take care removing stuff, maybe you could create a thread in forum about that and you could talk about pages you think to be deleted. Then, if no one is against that, go remove. I hope you understand what I mean, it's only to take care about many different sensitivities. I think we can find an arrangement about at the middle of yours differents positions.

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    • @Tig Got it. Case closed.

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  • Could you change the thumb for Pride Awakened Super Saiyan Cabba. He's Super TEQ when get gets dokkaned.

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  • Hey do you have any idea what's going on with the tabs? They've been acting strange as of late.

    Have you noticed anything or is it just me?


    This is what I'm talking about, they are lighter in color and don't have borders, and are getting cut off.

    Is there something wrong with the wiki or something? Because I've noticed this on every page with tabs on it.

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  • So I made a bunch of edits on characters where it says "Dokkan Awaken from" because I thought it looked more organized and less cramped and you undid all of it, and then I noticed something

    2017-09-18 edited

    Does this mean I am blocked from editing certain pages (Such as the one above)? I'm sorry if I bothered y'all, I just thought it looked better.

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  • Deleted so soon

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  • I tried to rename it in blog but I failed... lol

    I think for work on this page and test it I need them in mainspace.

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  • CREATE----


    This page has been deleted. The deletion and move log for the page are provided below for reference.

    Did you mean All Cards: (1)001 to (1)100?

    Article All Cards : (1)001 to (1)100 was not found. What do you want to do?


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