Quest top banner 522
"My power... will be the shield to protect people of the world! An extremely challenging event is running now! Prepare to fight against Super Saiyan Trunks (Future)!"
EN chara banner 1009781 smallEN chara banner 1009581 smallEN chara banner 1009771 smallChara banner 1011191 small
Difficulty Boss Type Rank-EXP Char-EXP Zenis Drop Rate DS icon
Level 1: A New Hope
Zhard 40

2ndThum 1008870
3rdThum 1009560

STR icon
STEQ icon
SSTR icon

15000 60000 25000 TrunksAwakeningMedal 2 1

1st = SRMiraiTrunksThum
2nd = Thum 1008870
3rd = Thum 1009560
4th = SSRPHYAngerTrunks
5th = TURTrunks

SSTR icon
STEQ icon
SSTR icon
SPHY icon
SINT icon

18000 100000 30000 TrunksAwakeningMedal 7 1
Additional Information
  • The 5th boss: TURTrunks has 1 health bar, and has a countdown (this is similar with the last stage of The Golden Emperor's Vengeance event against AGL Frieza).
    • Defeat TURTrunks before the countdown hits zero, or Trunks will hit you with the Final Hope Slash and inflicts over 20 million damage, ending in an insta-kill.
    • You cannot use DS to revive or continue if you are insta-killed.
  • Characters with the Link Skill Dismal Future can bypass the bosses' DEF and can inflict more damage.
    • Below are Characters with Dismal Future Link Skill:
    • Global
      TURZamasuSSRZamasuMerged Zamasu••Thum 1009350Thum 1009340••Thum 1008850glbThum 1008840glbThum 1008600••Thum 1009510••Thum 2000250 1Thum 1001740 1••Thum 2000240 1Thum 1001730 1••SuperTrunksPHYTURTrunksThum 1008870Thum 1009560SSRPHYAngerTrunksSSRTrunksThum 1005620 1••Thum 1008860SRMiraiTrunksThum••Thum 2000220 1••Thum 1008530Thum 2000230 1••Thum 1005610 1••Thum 1010120Thum 1008880
    • Japan
      SSR Black Thought Goku Black thump••UR Goku Black & Zamasu thump••Blackgokurosézamasulrtec••URINTTankTopTrunks
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