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PHY Battle for Awakening Medals

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Event PHY awakening medals

"Event Period : Every Friday 23:59 PST"

Difficulty Boss Type Drop DS icon
Normal 8 Thum 1001340 1Thum 1000740 1 PHY iconAGL icon Awakening 1 or Awakening 2 No
Hard 10 Thum 1000290 1Thum 1000740 1Thum 1000760 1 PHY iconAGL iconSTR icon Awakening 2 or Awakening 3 No
Zhard 12 Thum 1000290 1Thum 1001340 1Thum 1000870 1 SPHY iconSPHY iconSPHY icon Awakening 3 or Awakening 4 1(*)

Medals to get
Awakening 1 Gregory Bubbles Dr gero
Awakening 2 Mutaito
Awakening 3 Grand elder guru
Awakening 4 East kai Supreme kai Old kai

Additional Information
  • (*) The Dragon Stone is only for the 1st clear
  • You can get an Old Kai and Supreme Kai from the Z-Hard mode, but it's very very rare.
  • It is possible to find Gold Capsules from Hard mode, but it is quite rare.
Mission rewards
  • Clear 5 PHY Daily Events on HARD - East kai x1