During the 3rd anniversary of the Japanese server of Dokkan Battle, there are 21 Dragon Balls to collect. Each day you can collect a Dragon Ball via various ways, with a hint provided how to obtain it. After collecting 7 Dragon Balls you can summon Porunga and he will grant 3 wishes.
Dragon Balls Seven The first set of 7 Dragon Balls 
Day Hint Explanation
Day 1 To get stronger, you need to train every day Train a character
Day 2 Investigate the button to switch from Events and Quest Switch from Quest to Events 3 times
Day 3 Fight together with one of the lowest level Frieza Minions Complete a stage with Cui on your team
Day 4 An old lady that likes to look at money and fights is looking to trade Buy something in the Baba Shop with points
Day 5 An unusual scouter detection? Go to the Summon screen and press on the Scouter in the top right that will display the featured units
Day 6 Obtain new allies with the bond that you've created with your friends Do a New Friend Summon
Day 7 A Dragon Ball is also hidden inside the banner!? Tap on the banner that appears on the home screen
 The second set of 7 Dragon Balls Dragon Balls Seven
Day Hint Explanation
Day 8 Tap on the invisible button on the character list screen Go to the character list screen and click on the numbers on the bottom (example: 300/500) which makes you scroll down to the bottom
Day 9 Get help from the hermit that lives on top of the holy tower Awaken a character which uses a Korin Awakening Medal
Day 10 Fight with 5 allies that are colored in the same color Clear a stage with a mono team (AGL, STR, TEQ, PHY, INT)
Day 11 Test your strength with the World Champion Clear Hercule's World Tournament
Day 12 Do a lot of Quest and Event Stages Use 50 stamina
Day 13 Can you become friends with yourself Go to the "Find Friend" screen ( Menu "bottom left small button on the home screen" -> Friends "most top option" -> Find Friend "second from the top option") and enter your own user id and press find, then try to add yourself as a friend
Day 14 Awaken the power of 'Super' or 'Extreme' Z-Awaken a character
Dragon Balls Seven The third set of 7 Dragon Balls 
Day Hint Explanation
Day 15 Fight a strong enemy in a fierce battle Clear a Dokkan Event
Day 16 Awaken a character to a new form Dokkan Awaken a card
Day 17 Go on an adventure and find shiny gems Acquire 10 Sugoroku jewel small 01 from Quest
Day 18 My training is a bit tough Clear Turtle School Training
Day 19 Go and find the glowing orbs that are one of the 5 colors Clear a Potential Orb Stage
Day 20 It seems that you still have dormant powers Unlock a node in the potential system
Day 21 Make a circle on the home screen for the amount of dragon ball that there are Rotate the character wheel on the home screen 7 times
Available wishes (Correct order)
  • Thumb pot orb 00001Thumb pot orb 00002Thumb pot orb 00003Thumb pot orb 00004Thumb pot orb 00005 x1300
  • Thumb pot orb 00006Thumb pot orb 00007Thumb pot orb 00008Thumb pot orb 00009Thumb pot orb 00010 x640
  • Thumb pot orb 00011Thumb pot orb 00012Thumb pot orb 00013Thumb pot orb 00014Thumb pot orb 00015 x60
  • Thumb Grand Kai AGLThumb Grand Kai TEQThumb Grand Kai INTThumb Grand Kai STRThumb Grand Kai PHY x3
  • Sugoroku jewel small 01 x777
  • Hercule statue UR base x7
  • Thum 1005480 1 x10
  • Supreme kaiOld kai x7
  • KibitoEast kaiWest kaiNorth kaiSouth kai x30
  • KorinGrand elder guruKamiBabidiBibidi x100
  • Grandpa gohanMutaitoMaster shenMr popoMaster roshi x300
  • BubblesGregoryDr gero x500
  • Ghost UsherMarron supportBulma futureAndroid 8Sup it 32301Support whisScouter Red x100
  • Platinum Turtle Shell AGLPlatinum Turtle Shell TEQPlatinum Turtle Shell INTPlatinum Turtle Shell STRPlatinum Turtle Shell PHY x50
  • Z sword AGLZ sword TEQZ sword INTZ sword STRZ sword PHY x100
  • Training location 07 x30
  • Training location 08 x50

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