Quest top banner 510
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"An extremely challenging event is running now! Prepare for the challenge Super Saiyan 3 Vegeta poses!"
Difficulty Boss Type Rank - Exp Drop Rate DS icon
Level 1: Saiyan's Pride
Normal 10 Thum 1003870 1 INT icon 1,500 No 1
Hard 15 Thum 1000840 1 PHY icon 4,000 No 1
Zhard 20 1st = Thum 1002460 12nd = Thum 1001790 1 SINT iconSAGL icon 8,000 Thumb 5361 0-1-2 1
Level 2: The Most Powerful Blow
Zhard 40 1st = Thum 1003240 12nd = 7556 STEQ iconSSTR icon 15,000 Ssj3VegetaMedal 1 1
Additional Information
  • You must defeat Super Saiyan 3 Vegeta in 18 hits maximum, if not, you'll lose the battle. If you die before 18 hits, you can still use a stone to revive, but after 18 hits, you'll lose and cannot use dragon stone to revive/continue.
  • The drop rate of Thumb 5361 card is not 100%. There is a small chance 2x Thumb 5361cards will drop in one run.
  • Level 2's 2nd battle vs7556 has ~1.4 million HP.
  • Tip 1: You can Nuke with AGL Nukers to clear this event -> Attack Boost: Per Ki Sphere - How to Nuke Guide
  • Tip 2: You can use a full AGL team with good Ki boosting links and with Strong SAs with a TUR Gogeta Friend for +3 Ki and to help kill Thum 1003240 1 quickly.
  • Tip 3: Be sure to land on the Ki spaces on the map.
  • Tip 4: if Gogeta defends against 7556 use Ghost Usher or King Yemma to take less damage and put Gogeta in 1st or 2nd place so he comes back in 2 turns.
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