Card Secret / Easter Egg
Card 2000270 bgNappa Real Card
Card 2000260 bgTranscended Power Level Vegeta bg
The city is intact when Nappa and Vegeta aren't dokkaned. After you dokkan them the background changes to the same city but destroyed. This is most likely referencing the state of the city before and after they paid a visit.
UR Good Buu PHY HDSSR Good Buu STR HD The first Buu has a pose that looks like a precursor to second Buu's pose
Crusher of Evil Super Saiyan God SS GokuCard 1004080 bg Goku and Vegeta both share one half of Golden Frieza on their cards background
  • Both Janemba (AGL) and Super Janemba (AGL)'s passives are a tribute to A Fiend Possessed (Level 2: Demon of War), in which both Janemba bosses can change ki orbs on the field
  • If there are dark clouds on a level that seems to cover something in a quest level, play that quest on z-hard to encounter a secret boss
  • Bosses that can dodge attacks still dodge attacks even after being stunned during the same turn
  • The Future Changer Super Saiyan Trunks (Future) (ATK +50% when facing 2 or more opponents) is a refrence for the two androids he fought in the future (Androids #17 & #18)
  • The link skill "Soul vs Soul" reference to SSJ2 Teen Gohan's JP theme, "The day of destiny, Soul vs Soul"
  • Fun Fact : If you try to give yourself the user name "God" in Dokkan Battle,  the game won't allow it.