Card Easter Egg
R INT NappaNappa Real Card
Card 2000260 bgTranscended Power Level Vegeta bg
The city is intact when Nappa and Vegeta aren't dokkaned. After you dokkan them the background changes to the same city but destroyed. This is most likely referencing the state of the city before and after they paid a visit.
Crusher of Evil Super Saiyan God SS GokuCard 1004080 bg Goku and Vegeta both share one half of Golden Frieza on their cards background
Card 1003870 bgSR INT Tarble Both Vegeta and Tarble using the same pose, a reference that they are brothers.
AGL SSR SSJ2 Goku (Angel)STR SSR Majin Vegeta Both cards are a reference to SS2 Goku and Majin Vegeta's battle before Majin Buu was ressurected. Both cards show the battle in different view (of the charcater itself)
Unleashed Terror Android 17 & 18Card 1000410 bgCard 1000400 bg The poses used for the SR Android #17 & #18 card have been copied from the 2 seperates ones, along with this they had their card art revamped for the SR with a more renewed color and blue outline to pop-out more.
Card 1005270 bgCard tiencha bg Tiencha, the balding mediocre fusion between Tien and Yamcha, parodies the pose of Super Gogeta, the powerfully superior fusion between Goku and Vegeta. The fusions themselves are references to each pair's rivalry, i.e., the rivalry between Goku and Vegeta is mirrored by the rivalry between Tien and Yamcha during the 22nd and 23rd World Martial Arts Tournaments.
2000640Artwork 1008010 HQ+ Bio-Broly copies the pose of LSS Broly. A reference to Bio-Broly being a hideous monster while Broly used to say he isn't a monster but a devil?
Card 1004350 bgFather's Pride Super Saiyan GokuCard 1004360 bg Depending on the card you can see the left, middle or right part of Gohan's, Goku's and Goten's faces respectively. A reference to their Family Kamehameha against Broly. 
Thum 2000670 1Thum 1002860 1Thum 1004200 2 This Goku is the only card that changes its "Type" when Dokkan Awakening. Global version only.
Thum 1004200 2Thum 1005070 1 This Goku is the only card that stays the same rarity after Dokkan Awakening. Global version only.
  • Both Aggregate of Evil Janemba and Raging Wickedness Super Janemba's passives are a tribute to A Fiend Possessed (Level 2: Demon of War), in which both Janemba bosses can change ki orbs on the field
  • If there are dark clouds on a level that seems to cover something in a quest level, play that quest on z-hard to encounter a secret boss
  • Bosses that can dodge attacks still evade attacks even after being stunned during the same turn
  • SS Future Trunks' passive (ATK +50% when facing 2 or more opponents) is a reference for the two androids he fought in the future (Limitless Energy Androids #17 & #18). This is also the case for SS Future Trunks Dokkan's passive (ATK +70% when facing 2 or fewer opponents)
  • The link skill "Soul vs Soul" and his SSR base card for LR (Day of Destiny Super Saiyan Gohan (Youth)) is a reference to SSJ2 Teen Gohan's JP theme, "The day of destiny, Soul vs Soul"
  • If you try to give yourself the user name "God" or a name with "God" in the title, the game won't allow it.
  • The new Ginyu Force Cards (Burter, Guldo, Captain Ginyu, Jeice, Recoome and their dokkan awakenings) represent each type in the game (with their skin colour and position in the team). Burter is AGL because he is the "fastest in the universe". Guldo is TEQ with his special techniques that can stop time. Ginyu is INT as the head of the Ginyu Force and for his intelligent battle strategies (luring them in and taking their power/body). Jeice is STR since he is the muscle of the team. Recoome is PHY because he is the physically bulkiest of the team.
  • The art for Fusion of the Ultimate Rivals Super Vegito actually appeared much earlier in Dokkan Battle's history in a launch trailer (at 00:11) for the game. It was finally used for this card either because the assets were already available, as a nod to the early trailer, or both.