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Sealed Krillin

To the right is Krillin and he is slightly miffed as now he cannot use his super attack , he is worried that he will not be able to K.O his enemy and the realization of defeat has him very worried. Now he cannot use his Destructo Disk and will have to settle for a weak attack. Thus leaving the other party free from worry of a Super Attack and saving that last Senzu bean for the next round.

St 0102

The Enemy can only use normal attacks

Super atk
Single Enemy

After sealing your enemy, they will only be able to use normal attacks. Very useful for HP and item management as there is less risk of K.O.

Use Super Attack to Seal and prevent the enemy from using their Super Attack for 2 rounds
Thum 1006380Thum 1002300 1
Thum 1010300Thum 1008480Jackiechun ssr iconSuper Saiyan Bardock TEQ ThumbnailThum 1004180 1Thum 1003450 1
Thum 1007140Bardock300Thum 1002160 1Thum 2000740 1
Thum 1010310Thum 1009860Thum 1004380 1Thum 1004720 1
Thum 1008110Thum 1003570 1Thum 1003940 1Thum 1002380 1

Passive skill
Non Super Attack

Chance to seal the entire team at the start of the round or upon a normal attack. Sealing duration (number of rounds) = to-be-updated.

No specific
Thum 1000130 1
Thum 1000950 12 Rounds
No specific
No specific

Special Skills

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