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An ultra-difficult event is now available! Come challenge the unstoppable Super Saiyan 4 Goku!
Difficulty Boss Type R. Exp C.Exp Zeni Drop Rate DS icon
Level 1: The Scarlet Hero! Super Saiyan 4!
Zhard 40 1st = Thum 10030402nd = Thum G G ape goku SAGL iconSSTR icon Awakening Medal SS4 Goku 3-6 1
Super2 1st = Thum 10030402nd = Thum G G ape goku
3rd = Thum 1009430St immune stun
SAGL iconSSTR icon
SSTR icon
20000 120000 30000 Awakening Medal SS4 Goku 7 1
Additional Information
  • Goku is weak to characters with the Hatred of Saiyans link.
  • Characters with Hatred of Saiyans link
    • Thumb Super Baby 33••Thum 1006020••Thum 1006030••Thum 1006010••Thum 1006310••Thum 1006300••Thum 1006320int••Thum 1007710••Thum 1003380 1••Thum 1003400 1
  • On Super 2, SS4 Goku cannot be stunned St immune stun , has 7 health bars and can attack up to 6 times in one turn.
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