Stack attack
Characters that can potentially raise their ATK to great heights.

Before Update 3.3.0, ATK used to reset between phases. This is no longer the case and the ATK will remain.

Super atk

These cards increase their attack when they perform a "Super Attack" and do not have a turn limit.

Greatly raises ATK + supreme damage
Thum 1006660Thum 1006700 1Thum 1008080Thum 1006680 1
Greatly raises ATK + extreme damage
Thum 1008530
Greatly raises ATK + huge damage
Thum 1001400 1Thum 2000230 1Thum 1003340 1
Raises ATK + immense damage
URSTRUGohanThumb cell strURSSRINTLimitGokuThumbSSRSTRUGohanThumb celll str
Raises ATK + supreme damage
Raises ATK + mass damage
Thumb cell strURThumb celll str
Raises ATK + extreme damage

Passive skill
Receive Damage from Enemy for Attack Boost

These Characters stack an attack boost e.g 20% every time they are attacked. They have a cap of it working 4-5 or even 10 times in a row. Then it will stay at max for the remainder of battle (confirmation needed).

Atk boost % per hit taken
30% 25% 20% 10% 7%
Thum agl ur S17Blackgokurosézamasulrtec UR Goku Black & Zamasu thump Thum agl ssr S17SSR Black Thought Goku Black thumpSSRTEQSSJ2VegetaThumbThumb phy ssr bergomo Thumb 1012380 Thumb 1012580

Hidden Potential
Pot skill additional
  • The chance of an additional attack is rare , with the chance that the additional attack being a super attack.
  • If you manage to get an additional super attack from the combo attack ability your attack will be raised twice.