This is a list of the possible Summons Screens that are in the game when you summon.

Animation Description
ByeGuys "Bye Guys" is a rare summon animation which guarantees a character of SSR icon rarity.
OverFreeza "IT'S OVER FREEZA!" is an old animation screen which occasionally popped up guaranteeing a character of SR icon rarity. The animation was removed but was later brought back when the game was updated to version 3.10. The animation now can produce SSR icon  rarity pulls.
Beeping Scouter A beeping scouter signifies that a character of the SSR icon rarity is present. This will not always occur with all SSR icon  characters


SS3 Animation If Goku transforms to Super Saiyan 3 during a summon it guarantees a SSR icon rarity character.
SS2 Animation If Goku transforms to Super Saiyan 2 during a summon, it guarantees a character of the SR icon rarity, although it can also be a SSR icon rarity character.
SS Animation If Goku transforms only to Super Saiyan, then this is generally only a SR icon rarity character, however, there is a rare chance to result in a shattered screen.
Rainbow Release A rainbow release gives an increased chance to pull a featured character on the scouter display. If Goku stays in his base form after a rainbow release it is a guaranteed shattered screen.
Pods Saiyan Pods are random animations during summoning. Anywhere from 0-7 pods may appear during summons. 7-pod summon guarantees a SSR icon rarity character, except on Friend Summon.
Hercule Hercule is another random animation that may appear if Saiyan Pods do not appear. Hercule may appear on the right or left side. Hercule does not have a direct effect on the rarity of a pull, but it is speculated that Hercule on the left side usually equals a higher rarity card.
Summon Unkown "Thank You Dragon Balls!" is a rare summon screen which is similar to Bye Guys. It will guarantee a SSR icon rarity character.
PicsArt 01-31-12.02.33 Shenron is a very rare animation (the in game weight of this is only 0.12%). It guarantees a SSR icon rarity character.