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Superstrike Super Strike Events Superstrike

All of these characters can Transcend their lame Super Attacks past 10 all the way up to 15

Super Strike Fearsome super elite big Arrow3OrangeRightThum 1005680 1

Event vicious mechanical monarch big Arrow3OrangeRightCaptureMechFreiza

Event cold blooded king big Arrow3OrangeRightSSR King Cold Phy

Event Master of Masters Arrow3OrangeRightJackiechun ssr icon

Banner Tao Strike Arrow3OrangeRightThum 1005710 1

Event Android 16 Strike Arrow3OrangeRightThumb 1006580

Event Savage Sovereign big Arrow3OrangeRightKVegeta

Event the best fighter big Arrow3OrangeRightThumb 6217

Event Mighty Mask Super Strike Arrow3OrangeRightThumb 1005720

The Time Traveling Warrior Super Strike Event Arrow3OrangeRightThumb 6235 Trunks

Event ancient space pirate big Arrow3OrangeRight Thumb 1006640

Event coalescence super warrior bigArrow3OrangeRightThum 1006610 Thum 1006620

Event space time travelers bigArrow3OrangeRightThum 1008440

Event God magic namek warrior bigArrow3OrangeRightThumb piccolo strike dokkan

Event Shikon warrior big Arrow3OrangeRight Thumb Tien SSR

Event Granpa gohan big Arrow3OrangeRight Thum 1004510

Most time-cost effective way to obtain a lv.15 super attack.

  • First, for example, obtain 15 of the character type = MechaPNGCardx15
  • Then keep training MechaPNGCard + MechaPNGCardwisely together so that you end up with 2 cards with S.A that will add up to 15 =
  • MechaPNGSSR SA lvl 7/10; and, Awakened to SSR lvl 80
  • MechaPNGSSR SA lvl 8/10; and, Awakened to SSR lvl 80
  • Collect the needed awakening medals. Example = Awaken medal mechfriezax14 whereby the medals drop is 100% guaranteed.
  • Awaken MechaPNGSSRSA 7/10 and MechaPNGSSRSA 8/10, into CaptureMechFreizaSA 7/10 and CaptureMechFreizaSA 8/10
  • When you train your Dokkan Awakened Cards together they will add up all the super attack levels Screenshot plus 8 and become,
  • CaptureMechFreiza SA lvl 15/15.
  • Do your celebratory dance!

Why would i want to do it this way when i can get Mecha Frieza cards for free and level up the super attack by training one-by-one? Well, the SA level up from training MechaPNGCard has 5% training chance due to not being Z-awoken, while MechaPNGSSRhas 50% training chance. This means that it is not 100% guaranteed -- neither is the card drop from the event. So you may/may not get him for winning and you may/may not even level up your super attack either. This method means you only need to ever get the cards to drop 15 times, but you need to get the medals 7 more times (with a 100% drop guaranteed).

Although this method is the most expensive way Zeni-wise, this method is also the cheapest way with regards to stamina use. It is a 100% guaranteed for leveling up super attack level.

Credits : [1]


Super Strike is the 2nd stage and/or 3rd stage of a strike event.

The stage features the strike character in 2 forms. First, the SR form, then, the SSR form.

The SR form can only attack once per turn, while the SSR form can attack 2 or 3 times a turn.

SR form only has 1 health bar, and SSR form has 2 bars. Some even have 3 bars.

The only gimmick of the stage is the Team Cost. Team Cost for all 6 cards combine with a friend's card must not exceed 100, or you cannot proceed with the stage.

You have to bring the most cost efficient/effective characters to beat the stage. (Stunner, Guarder/Blocker, Super Vegito. etc)

Once the boss is defeated, the awakening medals for that card will drop. 7 medals are needed in total for dokkan awakening.

A stone is rewarded for the first clear, and the mission page will feature another stone for beating the stage.

Available Bosses

ESTR icon Type: Thum 1005710 1 Thumb 6235 Trunks Thum 1004510

SAGL icon Type: Thum 1005680 1 Thumb 6217 Thumb Tien SSR

STEQ icon Type: Jackiechun ssr icon Thumb 1005720 Thum 1006620Thum 1008440 Thumb piccolo strike dokkan

EINT icon Type: KVegeta Thumb 1006580 Thumb 1006640

EPHY icon Type: CaptureMechFreiza SSR King Cold Phy Thum 1006610

Recommended Units

Against ESTR icon

Thum 1005680 1 Thum 2000060 1 Hard Hitter; Low team cost; Farmable SA cards. As a leader, (Left image) boosts Ki +3 for AGL-TEQ; Passive Skill boosts +40% ATK on Self when Ki >= 6. As a leader, (Right image) boosts Ki +3 for AGL; Passive Skill boosts +40% ATK on Self when Ki >=8.

Thumb 5361 Farmable SA, Low team cost.

Thum 1004540 1 Farmable SA cards; Low team cost; SA Lowers DEF. Can be paired in the same team with Cell (Perfect Form), reducing damage by -20% for Team, and boosts from 3 link skills.

Thum 1004940 1 Great AGL ATK Booster.

Thum 1003280 1 Good SR unit; Low team cost; Decent stats.

Thum 1004680 1 Low team cost; Has good links and Ki boosting Passive; Does not require full Ki bar to launch SA.

Thum 1005530 1 Free character with low team cost; decent Nuker at ATK +7% per Ki orbs.

Thum 1003210 1Thum 1004220 1 Very heavy Hitter that can make the fight MUCH shorter.

Thumb agleGFThum 1004090 1 Has a Nuking leader skill, can be paired with a Nuker to end the fight almost instantly.

Thum 1002400 1 Amazing AGL Nuker, can easily win when paired with Thumb agleGFThum 1004090 1.

Thumb 6217Thum 2000130 1 Decent Hitter; Low team cost; Farmable SA cards; Links well with strike characters. As a leader, (Left image) boosts Ki +3 for AGL-STR; Passive Skill boosts Team's ATK +15% when HP >= 50%. As a leader, (Right image) boosts Ki +3 for AGL; Passive Skill boosts Team's ATK +10% when HP >=50%.

Thum 1008020 Low team cost, farmable card, Hits well.

Thum 1006010 Easy to farm cards to max up the SA; Low team cost; Decent stats.

Flowering Super Power Super Saiyan Goten (Kid) Amazing card for dealing tons of damage.

Thum 1003680 1 Pretty good SR card, deals good damage, has SS links.

Thum 1002910 1 Very low team cost of 15 for a SSR card at Level 100. A good unit for those who needs a low cost SSR. Passive gives 25% KO/Stun chance for 1 round; SA gives 15% KO/Stun for 2 rounds.

Great Ape Vegeta Thumbnail Very strong Hitting card, and has the Great Ape ability to take no damage, and do tons of damage to the enemy.

Thum 1005780 1 Very good unit; Great Nuker.

Thumb 5858 Low team cost; Decent links with other Cold family members.

Thum 1000340 1 Low team cost; decent AGL Blocker, with some Saiyan links

Thumb 6855 metalcooler Free card from WT; reduces STR ATK-DEF by -30%; Passive Skill boosts AGL; Can be paired with Terrible Declaration Cooler (Coora) AGL obtainable from the Baba's shop.

Thum 1002300 1 Free card from DB Saga summons. The only card on Global that Seals supers and links well with Thum 1002370 1 that is an AGL Blocker with a low team cost. Also obtainable from the DB Saga summons.

Recommended Units

Against SAGL icon

Thumb sgssgoku 7173Thum 1004070 1 Nuke leader.

Thum 1005770 1 Farmable cards for easy maxing of SA; Versatile Nuker. The (Left Image) is the Dokkan Awakened version that can be paired with the Undying Superpower Goku (GT) for 4 link skills boost. Both are versatile Nukers.

Thum 1004650 1Thum 1003300 1 High cost, but the best Nuker.

Thum 1006620Thum 1004810 1 Farmable SA, very low cost, good Leader Skill and good links.

Thum 1002920 1 Reduces enemy ATK by a lot with SA.

Thum 1004700 1 Amazing Blocker that reduces damage with SA.

Thum 1002110 1 Fairly high damage for an SR.

Jackiechun ssr icon Great leader and Seals Super Attacks.

Thum 1005870 1 Low cost; Passive boosts TEQ with Ki +3; SA has +10% KO/Stun Chance.

Thum 1005090 1 AGL to Rainbow Ki orbs changer.

Super Saiyan Bardock TEQ ThumbnailSTR to TEQ Ki orbs changer. Seals Super Attacks.

Thum 1003450 1 Seals Super Attacks. Obtainable from DB Saga summons.

Thum 1004180 1 Seals Super Attacks; Passive boosts ATK +2000 for Team. Obtainable from DB Saga summons.

Recommended Units

Against STEQ icon

Thumb 1006640Thum 1004820 1 Nukers (or mini Nukers); Farmable SA cards. As a leader, (Left image) boosts HP-ATK +30% for INT-PHY; SA Lowers ATK. As a leader, (Right image) boosts HP-ATK +30% for INT; SA Lowers ATK.

Thumb 1006580Thum 1001820 1 Farmable SA cards; Good Blocker. As a leader, (Left image) boosts HP-ATK-DEF +30% for INT. As a leader, (Right image) boosts HP-ATK +30% for INT.

Thum 1002460 1 Very heavy hitting Nuker with the right leader.

Thumb 1008430Thum 1005260 1 Another heavy Hitting nuke. Great card to bring.

Bardock300 SA can Seal enemy's Super Attacks; Good Link Skills; Very good against 1 enemy -- Passive boost Ki +3 to and ATK +4000.

Thum 1004910 1 Lowers TEQ ATK by -40% as a leader. With this card as a Leader and a Friend, Mighty Mask will do almost no damage to your team.

Thum 1006030 INT Nuke leader. Can easily be used with other cards to end the fight fast.

Thum 2000850 1 Boosts +3 Ki to INT; Farmable cards to max SA; Good Hitter.

KVegetaThum 2000120 1 Decent links; Farmable SA cards. Currently on Global, Super Strike Vegeta AGL pairs with King Vegeta with the most link skills. As a leader, (Left image) boosts Ki +3 for INT-PHY; Passive Skill boosts Ki +4 on Self when HP =< 80%. As a leader, (Right image) boosts Ki +3 for INT; Passive Skill boosts Ki +3 on Self when HP =< 50%.

Thum 1003220 1 Low cost; Decent Hitter; Has good links.

Thum 1002310 1 A must-have! Low cost and a great Stunner. Obtainable from DB Saga summons.

Thum 2000740 1 Very low cost and Seals Super Attacks.

Thum 1003880 1 Very low cost and good Stunner.

Thum 1003520 1 Very low cost and decent Blocker.

Recommended Units

Against EINT icon

CaptureMechFreizaMechaPNGCard Hard Hitter; Low Team Cost; Farmable SA cards; Does not require full Ki bar to launch SA. As a leader, (Left image) boosts Ki +3 for PHY-INT; Passive Skill boosts ATK +40% on Self when Ki >= 6. As a leader, (Right image) boosts Ki +3 for PHY; Passive SKill boosts ATK +32% on Self when Ki >= 7. Launching SA with either can Lower ATK.

SSR King Cold PhyThum 2000190 1 Low cost super strike card; Farmable SA cards. As a leader, (Left image) boosts Ki +3 for PHY-STR; Passive Skill reduces All enemies' ATK by -25%; SA Lowers ATK. As a leader, (Right image) boosts Ki +3 for PHY; Passive SKill reduces All enemies' ATK by -10%; SA Lowers ATK.

Thum 1001610 1 Easy to get; Changes TEQ to Rainbow Ki orbs; Really low cost of 11; Has 3 Ki boosting link skills (Gentleman, Signature Pose, Loyalty)

Thum 1006610Thum 1004800 1 Farmable SA cards; Very low cost; Good Leader Skill; Good Link Skills; Passive Skill boosts extra damage and recover health per candy (or dessert) orb taken.

Thum 1002690 1 Hitter with great damage; Easy to farm; Good links; Low team cost of 12.

Thum 1005610 1 Farmable card; Low team cost.

Thum 2000630 1Thum 2000620 1 Gains ATK Boost for Self; Decent stats; Low cost. (Left image) can be paired with (Right image) in the same team for 3 link skills.

Thum 1002280 1 Farmable SA; Ki +3 boost to PHY as a leader; Decent cost of 14.

Thum 1002200 1 Heavy Hitter; Great passive; Low cost.

Thum 1004080 1 Nuke leader; Can be used to Nuke and end the fight easily.

Thum 1004720 1 Can end a fight fast; Heavy SSR Hitter; Seals Super Attack.

Thum 1006310Thum 1006280 Farmable SA cards; Low cost; SSR's passive boosts +3 Ki to PHY, SR boosts +2 Ki to PHY. (Left image) can be paired with (Right image) in the same team for 4 link skills, and +5 Ki boost.

Thum 1003670 1 A decent Nuker with passive skill; SA Lowers DEF; Can be paired with Vegeta to Nuke King Vegeta.

Thum 1005460 1 Does not require full Ki bar to launch SA; ATK +40% for Self at Ki >= 8; Farmable; Low cost.

Thum 1004380 1 Boosts Ki +2 for Team as leader; Passive boosts Ki +2 when HP >= 50%; Seals Super Attacks.

Thum 1000780 1 Literally avaliable for free. Usage purpose is to Block.

Thum 1004250 1Thum 1003320 1 Can be used with 2 SSB Vegetas' as a Nuker and a leader. Very hard Hitter but with high cost.

Recommended Units

Against EPHY icon

Thum 1006750 Nuke leader; Good links and damage boosting Passive.

Thum 1002450 1 Passive allows Nuking.

Thum 1003230 1 A very hard Hitter with good links.

Thum 1008110Thum 1003570 1 Nukers; (Left image) ATK +12% per STR Ki orb taken; (Right image) ATK +10% per STR Ki orb taken; SA can Seal Super Attack. Can be replaced with Thum 1002380 1

Thum 1002930 1 A very good Blocker.

Thum 1002560 1 Hard Hitter.

Thum 1005220 1 A very hard Hitter with good links.

Thum 1005710 1Thum 2000070 1 As a leader, (Left image) boosts Ki +3 for STR-AGL. As a leader, (Right image) boosts Ki +3 for STR. (Left image) does not require full Ki bar to launch SA, and at SA 15 can deal around + 80k damage when Passive Skill triggers. (Left image) has a 20% chance to stun for 2 turns.

Thumb 1004880Thum 1003360 1 Very hard Hitter with a great Passive Skill.

Thum 1005930 1 Passive boosts Ki +2 and ATK +4000; Hard hitter at SA10, and links with Thum 1002560 1. Hyper Meta-Rilldo can be paired with General Rilldo for 4 Link Skills boost.

Thum 1004690 1 Low team cost; SA launches at Ki >= 8.

Thum 1002570 1 Good Support unit.

Thum 1004760 1 Decent Hitter; Farmable cards to max up SA; Good link skills and Passive Skill.

Thum 1004190 1 Passive Skill boosts Ki +2 for Team when HP >= 50%; SA can Seal Super Attack and Lowers DEF.

Thum 1005470 1 Passive Skill grants +3 Ki boosts for STR; Links with characters from DB Saga.

Thum 1002060 1 Good Blocker.

Recommended Units

AGAINST All types squash

Thumb 1006790Thumb 1008410Hard Hitters; Heavy Hitting Counter Attacker; Significantly reduces damage (aka Blocker). As a leader and friend, (Left image) boosts Ki +3, and HP-ATK-DEF +70% for AGL. As a leader and friend, (Right image) boosts Ki +2, and HP-ATK-DEF +50% for AGL. Launching SA with either will boost Team's ATK for 1 turn. Can Block and Counter normal attacks (that make Super Strikes a joke).

Thum 1005280 1 Hard Hitter; Boosts Ki +3 for Team; Passive Skill boosts ATK, and adds versatility, allowing normal ATK and SA to be effective vs opponents of any type; Useful for all events but take care about its 48 cost.

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