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Quest top banner 512 Quest top banner 512 1
PHYVegitoBannerStatsSTRVegitoBannerStatsChara banner 1006791 small enChara banner 1008421 small enChara banner 1008431 small en
The blazing light that wards off all the evils! Take on a fierce battle with the fusion warrior!
Difficulty Boss Type R. Exp C. Exp Zeni Drop Qty DS icon
Level 1: Miraculous Fusion
Normal 5 Thumb 1007830 STR icon 1500 5000 32000 Awakening 2 2 1
Hard 7 Thum 1002460 1 INT icon 4000 15000 6000 Awakening 1 5 1
Zhard 10 1stThumb 1007830Thum 1002460 1
2ndThum 1002390 1
SSTR iconSINT icon

STEQ icon
8000 50000 125000 Awakening 4

Level 2: Meet Vegito
Super 25 1stThumb 1007830Thum 1002460 1
2ndThum 1005260 1
3rdThumb 1006790
SSTR iconSINT icon

SINT icon

SAGL icon

15000 100000 30000 Awak med 05121 7 1
Level 3: Ultimate Splendor
Zhard 20 1stThumb 1007830Thum 1002460 1
2ndAGLSSRVegitoSt immune stun
3rdThumb 1012580St immune stun
SSTR iconSINT icon

SAGL icon

SPHY icon
15000 60000 25000 SuperVegitoMedalJpEvent 3-6 1
Super2 25 1stThumb 1007830Thum 1002460 1
2ndAGLSSRVegitoSt immune stun
3rdThumb 1012580St immune stun

4thThumb 1012380 St immune stun

SSTR iconSINT icon

SAGL icon

SPHY icon

SPHY icon
20000 120000 35000 SuperVegitoMedalJpEvent 7 1

Additional information
  • Super Vegito will hardly take damage from normal attacks. You will need characters with the Fierce Battle link skill to bypass his DEF buff and do more damage to him.
  • Fierce Battle will only activate in the 3rd and 4th rounds
  • Super Vegito's 'Barrier' ability reduces the damage done by non 'Fierce Battle' characters by around 75%
  • Thumb 1007830 and Thum 1002460 1 in 'Meet Vegito' have around 550,000 HP each, Thum 1005260 1 has around 1,400,000 HP and Thumb 1006790 has around 1,750,000 HP.
  • In stage 3, Thumb 1012380 is unable to be stunned and has 9 health bars (around 3,500,000 HP).

BlackgokurosézamasulrtecLR Goku & Frieza LRgohanLR Goku and Vegeta Potara Animation lr Broly Str GBLSTR LR BeerusLR Trunks & Mai LR Goku and Vegeta FusionPHY LR Cell
>Card 1015970 thumbCard 1014510 thumbThumb 1006790Thum 1006690 1Thum 1003210 1Thumb ssgssgokukaioken 7441Thumb ssgssgoku 7258Thum 1005000 1Thumb agleGFThum 1009350Thum 1009720Thum 1009830Thum 1009110URAGLSSGotenksThumbThum agl ur S17Thum agl ur A17Thumb ss3 tur goku aglCard 1012420 thumbThumb 1013590Thumb 1013680Thumb 1013570Thumb 1013830Thumb 1013910Thumb 1011460Thumb 1014760Card 1015370 thumb Card 1016030 thumbTEQDokkanSSJ3AThumb 1005300Thumb sgssgoku 7173Thum 1008130Thum 1004650 1Thumb 1008420GotenksSSJ3 baseThumb FORGFThum 1008870TURZamasuThum TURgogetaSSJ4TEQThum 1009100Thum 1010260Thum 1008890Thum 1010270Thum 1010290Thum 1010300TURTEQSuperBuuThumbThum paikuhan ur teqURTEQSS3TeenGotenksThumbUR Goku Black & Zamasu thumpURTEQSSJ3BrolyThumbCard 1012460 thumbThumb VB TUR TEQDsffdsThumb 1014740Thumb 1014820Thumb 1014960Card 1015310 thumbCard 1015670 thumb Card 1016080 thumbThum 1006700 1Base Buu Ultimate intThum 1003760 1Thumb 1008430Thum 1005050 1Thumb inteGFTURINTVegetaThum 1009590TURTrunksURINTTankTopTrunksUR God-hanThumb Super Baby 33Thum int ur A18Thum 1005800TURINTKidBuuThumbThum goget ur intThumb GFA UR intThumb 1011780Thumb zamasu TUR INTThumb 1012890Thumb 1013540Card 1015100 thumbCard 1015470 thumbCard 1015810 thumb Card 1016050 thumb7556Thum 1003800 1URBrolySTRThum 1005030 1Thumb 1004880Thum 1005280 1Thumb dokkangotenksstrThum 1008710Thum 1009510TURSTRGokuThumbThum 1009740TURSTRTrunksThumb cell strURThum 1009500Thum 1009430Thum 1010020Thumb SS3 Goku GT 33URSTRPikkonThumbThum str ur A17Thum 1010320Thum janemba ur strURSTRGotenksThumbURSTRUGohanThumb ss3 tur vegeta gt strThumb FTrunks TUR STR Thumb Rose TUR STRThumb 1013600Thumb 1012330Thumb 1013940Thumb 1013880LR UR BeerusThumb goku kid gt UR STRThumb 1014660Thumb 1014390Card 1015050 thumbCard 1015110 thumbCard 1015290 thumbCard 1015610 thumbCard 1015790 thumb Card 1016000 thumbThum 1006670 1Thumb 1007460Thum 1003310 1Thum 1004250 1Thum 1009860Thum TURomegashenronPHYThum 1006330Thum 1008850glbThum 1009330Thumb Arale DokPHYThum 1009730TURPHYTrunksThum 1010000URPHYSuperKaiokenThumbPHYTURGodkuThumbThum 1009090Thum 1010250Thum 1010310URPHYSS3GotenksThumbURPHYSSJ3BrolyThumbURPHYBuutenksThumb 1012380Thumb 1012920Thumb 1013790Thumb 1011450Thumb 1013860Thumb 1014910Thumb 1014930Thumb 1014370Card 1015840 thumb
SSRAGLJanembaCard 1011500 thumbThumb 1008190 Thum 1007170 SSRSTRKidBuuCard 1015820 thumb STR Card 1011740 thumbThum 1010820Card 1006730 thumbCard 1015820 thumb

Base Card Quantity Awakened Card Dupes needed Raised SA
Thum 1002390 1 Awak med 05121x35 Thumb 1008420
Thum 1005260 1 Awak med 05121x35 Thumb 1008430
Thumb 1008410 Awak med 05121x77 Thumb 1006790
Thum 1008790 Awak med 05121x77 LRandroids
Total amount for all
Awak med 05121 x224  Awak med 05121 x0 Awak med 05121 =224 
Thumb 1012580 SuperVegitoMedalJpEventx77 Thumb 1012380
Thumb 1012890 SuperVegitoMedalJpEventx35 LR Goku and Vegeta Potara
Total amount for all
 SuperVegitoMedalJpEvent x112 SuperVegitoMedalJpEvent x0 SuperVegitoMedalJpEvent =112

Can't beat the boss?

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