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"An extremely difficult event has started now! Challenge Super Vegito and earn as many Awakening Medals as you can!"
  • Go to Unparalleled Golden Ki Super Vegito
  • Go to The Miracle of Potara Vegito
  • Go to Fusion Fighter's Attack Vegito
Difficulty Boss Type Rank - Exp Char - Exp Zeni Drop Rate DS icon
Level 1: Miraculous Fusion
Normal 10 Thumb 1007830 STR icon Awakening 2 2 1
Hard 15 Thum 1002460 1 INT icon Awakening 1 5 1
Zhard 20 1st = Thumb 1007830Thum 1002460 1

2nd = Thum 1002390 1

SSTR iconSINT icon

STEQ icon

Awakening 4 1 1
Level 2: Meet Vegito
Super50 1st = Thumb 1007830Thum 1002460 1

2nd = Thum 1005260 1
3rd = Thumb 1006790

SSTR iconSINT icon

SINT icon
SAGL icon

15000 100000 30000 Awak med 05121 7 1
Additional information
  • Super Vegito will hardly take any damage from attacks, You need characters with the Fierce Battle link skill to bypass his DEF and do more damage.
  • Characters with the Fierce Battle link skill:
  • Global
    Thumb 1006790••Thum 1006690 1Thum 1006700 1Thum 1006670 1••7556TEQDokkanSSJ3A••Animation lr Broly Str GBLThumb 1007460Thum 1003800 1••URBrolySTR••Thum 1003210 1Thum 1005030 1••Thumb 1005300Thumb 1004880••Thum 1005280 1••Thumb ssgssgokukaioken 7441Thumb ssgssgoku 7258Thumb sgssgoku 7173••TURINTKidBuuThumbThum 1005000 1Thum 1003310 1SSRSTRKidBuu••Thum 1008130••Base Buu Ultimate int••TURTEQSuperBuuThumb••Thum 1004650 1Thum 1003760 1Thumb cell strUR••Thumb 1008420Thumb 1008430••Thum 1005050 1••Thum 1004250 1••GotenksSSJ3 base••Thumb dokkangotenksstrThum 1009860••Thumb agleGFThumb FORGFThumb inteGF••Thum TURomegashenronPHYThum 1008710••Thum 1006330••Thum 1008850glb••Thum 1009350••Thum 1009510••Thum 1009330••TURINTVegeta••TURSTRGokuThumb••Thumb Arale DokPHY••Thum 1009720Thum 1009590Thum 1009740Thum 1009730••TURZamasu••TURTrunksThum 1008870••TURPHYTrunksTURSTRTrunks••LRgohanUR God-hanThum 1009500••Thum 1009430••Thum 1009830••Thum 1010000••Thum 1010020••Thumb Super Baby 33••Thumb SS3 Goku GT 33••URPHYSuperKaiokenThumb••URSTRPikkonThumb••Thum agl ur A17Thum str ur A17••Thum int ur A18••Thum TURgogetaSSJ4TEQ••PHYTURGodkuThumb••Thum 1009090Thum 1009100••Thum 1009110••Thum agl ur S17Thum 1007170Thum 1010820••Thum 1005800••Thum 1010260Thum 1008890Thum 1010250••Thum 1010270••Thum 1010290••Thum 1010320••Thum 1010310Thum 1010300
  • Japan
    Thum goget ur int••Thum janemba ur strSSRAGLJanemba••Thum paikuhan ur teq••URPHYSS3GotenksThumb••URTEQSS3TeenGotenksThumb••URAGLSSGotenksThumb••URSTRGotenksThumb••UR Goku Black & Zamasu thump••Blackgokurosézamasulrtec••URINTTankTopTrunks••URTEQSSJ3BrolyThumbURPHYSSJ3BrolyThumb••Card 1011500 thumb••Card 1011740 thumb••URSTRUGohan••URPHYBuutenks••Thumb GFA UR int
  •  Super Vegito's 'Barrier' ability reduces the damage done by non 'Fierce Battle' characters by around 75%
  • Thumb 1007830 and Thum 1002460 1 in 'Meet Vegito' have around 550,000 HP each, Thum 1005260 1 has around 1,400,000 HP and Thumb 1006790 has around 1,750,000 HP.
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