Surpassing All SSJ3 Dokkan Event
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"An extremely difficult event has started now! Challenge the Super Saiyan whose power is far beyond the limit!"
Difficulty Boss Type Rank XP Drop DS icon
Level 1: Limit-Breaking Saiyan
Normal 10 Thum 2000670 1 TEQ icon 1500 1
Hard 15 Thum 1004200 1 STEQ icon 4000 1
Zhard 20
Trials Scroll
Thum 1003180 1 STEQ icon 8000 1
Level 2: Ultimate Finishing Move
Zhard 40
Trials Scroll
1st = Thum 1003200 12nd = Thum 1003210 1 SPHY iconSAGL icon 15,000 Dragon ball 1

Additional information
  • You must defeat Thum 1003210 1 in a maximum of 6 turns, if not you will lose the battle. If you die before 6 turns, you can still use a dragon stone to revive yourself, but if he kills you before your characters are able to attack, you will lose that chance to revive instantly.
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