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Breaker Deck 1 to 7

Power and Defense in One!!

SSBGokin's Defensive Faceroll

Team Cost: 196

Thum 1004910 1 Thum 1009220 Thum 1005350 Thum 1002120 1 Thumb ssgssgoku 7258 Thum 1005280 1Card Thum 1009330

Leader: Thum 1004910 1
Android #13 is the BACKBONE of this team. His leader skill reduces TEQ Type ATK by 40%, which is absolutely vital in this team composition. The ATK reduction is more drastic than it sounds and it holds this team together by tanking Beerus' hits before they even start. Despite his (admittedly) terrible position in the team in terms of ATK, HP and Link Skills, he still acts as a decent tank. Pop him infront of any Beerus' attacks and he'll most certainly do his job.
Extremely High
Thum 1009220
TUR Piccolo is notorious in GLB and JP for having an outlandishly high DEF stat, along with the ability to boost his allies' DEF. He doesn't act as a hard hitter in this circumstance, but he'll reduce even Beerus' Fury Attacks down to a mere couple hundred DMG. He also links well with SSG and SSGSS Goku, Gogeta and SSGSS Vegito. Note that with the new Hidden Potential System also being here in GLB now, havng a Piccolo with a high Evasion stat can REALLY come in handy when Beerus wants to throw a Super Attack at your face and you wouldn't like to take the hit (not that it'd do much anyway). Feel free to replace him with his SSR or LR version if those are available as either of the three will perform well.
Thum 1005350
INT Godku's always had a good reputation for being a strong INT unit, especially in this event where he has the Godly Grandeur ability which greatly reduces damage taken from Beerus and increases damage dealt to Beerus. He synergizes quite well with this team as it's almost difficult to fall below the HP threshold of his passive, meaning that he'll have his ATK and DEF +70% active most of the time throughout the battle. He also links well with Whis and the Saiyans in the team.
Thum 1002120 1
Whis also pairs really well with this team for 3 reasons. Firstly, he has great links with the Saiyans and even a few with Piccolo, not to mention he possesses the Godly Grandeur skill. Secondly, his passive boosts his allies' ATK and DEF by 12% which might not seem like much, but it can make the difference in the rare moments when this team needs a bit of a clutch. Lastly, Whis' Super Attack lowers ATK on whoever it hits, which further constraints Beerus' attack power, meaning you have more control over him which is the KEY to running this event. You can also replace him with TEQ Enigmatic Power Whis if you'd prefer to stun Beerus into submission.
Thumb ssgssgoku 7258
SSGSS Goku, despite his type disadvantage, can still hit quite hard in certain circumstances. It is preferred to use him as more of a Link Skill Support for the other Godly Grandeur cards. He can still hit relatively hard, but it really would be better if he stayed generally further away from attacks and attacking (he can go for as many attacks as he likes in Fury or Sleep Mode, however).
Medium to Low
Thum 1005280 1Card
Gogeta has always been a solid card in almost every team. Despite the damage reduction Beerus' passive gives him, he can still hit quite hard for someone without the Godly Grandeur skill, especially with a Crit. He links well with the other Saiyans in the team, possessing OIAF and other Saiyan-Specific link skills. It's also recommended to keep him away from Beerus' attacks unless his defense has been greatly increased to at least double the base stat to prevent too much harm from coming your way. If he has to take a hit, it probably won't kill you but it's best to stay away just incase.
Medium to High
Friend: Thum 1009330
SSGSS Vegito is one of the best units in GLB right now, so abusing his leader skill with a team mainly comprised of Super types is practically obligatory. He can still hit for ~60k at an SA10 Super Attack and he also has good damage reduction and a counter-attack. He links well with the other Saiyans, especially the Gods. Aside from that, his leader skill boosts your team's HP to ~100k and boosts their ATK and DEF along with it. Overall, he's a great support unit to have in the team and he's definitely worth picking up.
The purpose of this team is to ride through the fight while dealing decent enough damage and tanking all of Beerus' attacks. Try to place your INT units infront of the most Beerus hits you can, you want to tank in this priority: Piccolo > Whis > Godku / A#13 / SSGSS Vegito > Gogeta > SSGSS Goku. Minimize your SAs until Beerus is in either his Fury or Sleep states. This will help in the long run to slow his attacks down (not that the team can't handle them), but don't be shy at all to SA with any cards with the Godly Grandeur skill because they'll do enough damage to compensate for the rapid increase in the Fury Gague. Bring along some Senzu Beans, Ki Support Items and whatever you feel tailors to your team's needs. You won't need anymore than 2 heals through the fight and Ki items are recommended for the Sleep stage as getting an SA off is important there.

Saiyan Assault

Better this way!!

Team Cost: 144

Thumb 1008640 Bardock300 Thumb gotenksint Thum 1005350 Thum 1002420 1 Thumb 1006580 Base Buu Ultimate int

If a picture is worth a thousand words, here are two

Mixed Team


Team Cost: ...

Thumb 1008640 Thum 1005350 Thum 1002120 1 Thum 1002310 1 Thumb agleGF Bardock300 Thum 1005280 1Card

Whis and Goku link and make big damages, try to make dokkan SA with Goku (550k damages). You need to try to stun Beerus each time he changes form (Fury, Sleep, Awake).


Beat the Purple off of Beerus!

Team Cost: 130

Base Buu ultimate pre dokk int Thum gogeta ssr int SSRTrunks Rere Thum 1001820 1 Thum 2000740 1 Base Buu Ultimate int

Leader: Base Buu ultimate pre dokk int
HE boosts the ATK,DEF and HP of the team and provides Ki. He will recover health as well Technically if you have Buuhan as a friend already another unit that buffs the team can be used but the ki is important as well.
Thum gogeta ssr int
He is a damage dealer but he also can be subbed for a nuker or high damage Int Character
He is an orb changer and can deal some damage- other Int orb changers can work here. he can be subbed for another orb changer
Another Orb changer can be subbed for a tank or other orb changer also has a chance to stun
Thum 1001820 1
He's there to guard the attacks of Beerus, no need to super with him. He is a must as he does his job so well
Thum 2000740 1
He is here to seal Beerus, I had him on a different rotation than Android 16. He is a very important as a sealer if you don't have him get someone who stuns
Friend: Base Buu Ultimate int
He will provide Ki, Health, atk and Def for the whole team and also recover health, Vital Asset Because everything he provides He is absolutely necessary as a friend if you don't have your own Buuhan.
No items we're used. Not a bad idea to bring Ghost Usher, an INT Ki item, a defense boost and as a last resort Ghost Usher. But if you take the ki path you might not need any of them.

Intelligent Fusion

Team Cost: 208

Thum 1009330 Thumb 1006790 Thum 1006700 1 Thum 1004720 1 SSRTrunks Thum 1002980 1 Thum TURgogetaSSJ4TEQ

Leader: Thum 1009330
Leader Skill: Super Class Ki +3, HP, ATK, and DEF +50%; Passive: Additional Attacks, Receives 30% less damage, Counters regular attacks
Thumb 1006790
Super: Allies ATK +30% for 1 turn; Passive: Receives 80% less damage, Counters regular attacks
Thum 1006700 1
Super: Greatly raises ATK; Passive: Ki +5, ATK +10000 when ki is 7 or more
Thum 1004720 1
Super: Sealer; Passive: ATK +77% when performing a Super
Super: Lowers DEF; Passive: Changes STR spheres into INT spheres; +12% ATK for every INT sphere obtained
Thum 1002980 1
Super: Rare chance to stun; Passive: Recover 5% HP at start of turn
Friend: Thum TURgogetaSSJ4TEQ
Leader Skill: Fusion Category Ki +3, HP, ATK, and DEF +150%, TEQ type Ki +3, HP, ATK, and DEF +50%;Super: Greatly raises ATK & DEF for 1 turn; Passive: ATK +120%, Extreme Class enemies ATK & DEF -20%, High chance of evading and countering Supers
SS4 Gogeta is going to be the main damage dealer. If you can't find him from the list, a second SSB Vegito will also work, but the fight will take longer and be mildly harder.

SSB Vegito is primarily just there for the ki from his leader ability.

Super Vegito, despite his type disadvantage still blocks Beerus like a champ, taking only a few hundred damage even when Beerus is enraged.

Gohan, Trunks, Pan can be replaced by any hard hitting Super types, preferably an INT types or cards capable of deactivating Godly Grandeur. Especially Pan. Her healing and stun are not going to make much of a difference.

If you are using SS4Gogeta, you'll want to have Gotenks as your sealer, but if you have 2 SSB Vegitos, any Super type sealer will suffice.

Don't worry about causing Beerus to enrage. Even when he is enraged there is no one on the team that will take a large chunk of damage unless he supers Super Vegito. Just Keep him sealed and you'll breeze right through this. Remember when he enrages if was sealed he will no longer be sealed.

If you have SS4 Gogeta, you'll probably kill him before he does any significant damage. If you have 2 SSb Vegitos, you may need a healing item, but either way just keep hitting him hard and he'll go down fairly easily.