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Breaker Deck 1 to 7

Double SSJ 4 Goku

Team Cost:

Thum 1009420 Thum 1010020 Thum 1008760 Thum 1005280 1 Thum 1009500 Thum 1006380 Thum 1009430

Leader: Thum 1009420
He's the Super God leader Strong, and he hits about 620k at sa 10. He's a monster.
Thum 1010020
He links well with Goku SSJ 4 and with Vegeta SSJ 3, and his passive is remarkable (with sa 1 and a little of ability chart, he hits around 200k).
Thum 1008760
He's a good unit for this strong team, links well with Trunks and Goku, and he has ATK and DEF +70% when HP is 30% or above. In place of this character, you can use the other SSJ 3 Vegeta, who stuns and for some turns he is a tank.
Thum 1005280 1
He is essential for his famous passive. He links well with Gohan SSJ 2, too.
Thum 1009500
Gohan is another character that links Fierce Battle and he has a good ki boost, which allows him to make his Father-Son Kamekameha about every turn.
Thum 1006380
She is the best R in the game, because she seals and she has two links very useful for this team (Shocking Speed and GT).
Friend: Thum 1009430
He's the version TUR of the Super God leader, he hasn't descriptions. If you can, choose one with sa 10.

 Super Team with average cost


Team Cost:  214

Thum 1009330 Thumb 1006790 Thum 1002390 1 Thum 1009820 0URujGo SSRVegetaSSGSS Thum 1009330

Leader: Thum 1009330
 Awesome Super Team Leader, gives you great flexibilty when choosing your Team (also hits like a truck)
Thumb 1006790
 Incredible Tank. The non-dokkaned version should be fine too, but this is a total beast. Consider trying to Dokkan this first (his event is easier than this, and you will find yourself with a very good card)
 Very High
Thum 1002390 1
 Very good support unit. Pairs very well with the other cards, and boosts attack
Thum 1009820
 Pairs incredibly well with Leader/Friend Vegito Blue. He's a good tank and his ability to counter SA is very useful.
If you have been playing for more than one or two months, this toon is really easy to obtain. For this card to be really useful, i suggest maxing out his SA, and unlocking 100% hidden potential focusing on defensive skills (evasion, defense type): this way you will have an incredible tank again, and many times you will get 0 damage.
 Low priority card. I took it mainly for 2 reasons: SUPER TEQ type, and his passive skill. You can swap it if you have other units with similar defensive skills. Notice that to stay within the 214 cost limit, i used this card in its SSR form, NOT Z-Awakened to UR
Friend: Thum 1009330
 Pretty easy to find among your friends these days.
First thing first: I developed this team for my current situation, as I'm only Rank 130, so I could not assemble a top team without exceding the cost. Also this is the first time that i submit a team here. So suggestion are welcome! Thanks.


Blue Vegito - Super Vegito - support card

Blue Vegito - SSJ4 Vegeta - support card



Everything revolves around your 4 core cards: Blue Vegitos, SSJ4 Vegeta, and Super Vegito.

(notice the "support card" will always be Bulma, God Vegeta, or Vegito). Try, if possible, to save rainbow spheres for Bulma, because her recovery skill is amazing. With Blue and Super Vegito, you will always be almost immune to normal attacks, but a little bit weak against Super Attacks, which can hit up to 100k against the wrong character. Plain you rotation accordingly and always enter the turn with enough HP (better wasting one Senzu than one Dragon Stone).

If you don't have all the support card I listed here, dont worry, you may be able to swap them and obtain similar results: i chose these because they are defensive oriented cards that pair well with my core cards.


For what concerns Items, i usually take Senzu, Dende, Moori and Ranfan. Use Moori and Ranfan as soon as the last fight starts, so you will deal more and take less damage. If you have weaker support cards, or the non dokkaned version of some, maybe swap Moori for Ghost Usher to avoid attacks.


The best suggestion I can give you is: if you have the non-dokkaned version of Blue and Super Vegito, try to go for them first. They are the first cards that I was able to Dokkan and they are easier to obtain. They will greatly improve your team.

Super Fusion

Stage 1 Team

Team Cost:

Thum 1009320 Thumb 1006790 Thum 1004720 1 0URujGo TEQDokkanSSJ3A Thum 1004700 1 Thum 1009330

Leader: Thum 1009320
Leader Skill: Super Type Ki +2 and HP, ATK, & DEF +40% >>> Passive: Extra attacks; damage received from normal ATKs -20%; counter
Thumb 1006790
Passive: Damage received from normal ATKs -80%, counter >>> Supers Allies ATK +30% for 1 turn
Thum 1004720 1
Passive: ATK +77% when performing a SA >>> Sealer
Passive: Recover 7777 per Rainbow icon Ki Sphere obtained; great chance to reduce damage received by 50%
Passive: ATK +70% at start of turn
Thum 1004700 1
Passive: Damage received -50% when guard is activated >>> Supers lower ATK
Friend: Thum 1009330
Leader Skill: Super Type Ki +3 and HP, ATK, & DEF +50% >>> Passive: Extra Attacks; Damage received from normal ATKs -30%; counter
The goal of this team is to minimize damage taken while maximizing damage done.
  • Thum 1009320 and Thum 1009330 are your main damage dealers.
  • Thum 1004720 1 can be replaced with any other Super type Sealer. That being said, he is likely the best sealer option for this team as he links up very well with Thum 1009320, Thum 1009330, and Thumb 1006790
  • Depending on how fast you want to burn through Black, how much HP you have left, and how many healing items you have left is going to determine how you block.
  • Thumb 1006790 is your main blocker.
  • Thum 1009320, Thum 1009330 should be used to block so long as you can afford to take a 10k+ hit or two. Be careful about using them to block if Black's super isn't sealed as they will take about 100k damage.
  • Use Thum 1004700 1 to block if Black's super is not sealed.
  • 0URujGo is your second best block option against Zamasu in phase 2. Don't rely on her healing as you're likely going to take more damage then she can heal unless you get lucky with spheres.
  • Thum 1004700 1 and 0URujGo can both easily be replaced with other high damage cards if you so chose.
  • TEQDokkanSSJ3A can be replaced with any other damage dealer.