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Breaker Deck 1 to 7

Piece of Cake

Cake Walk

Team Cost:

Thum 1006620 Thum 1002390 1 Thum 1001960 1 Thum 1002530 1 Thum 1002920 1 Thum 1002950 1 GotenksSSJ3 base

Leader: Thum 1006620
Ki + 3 Leader with added bonus of HP ATK & DEF boosts. Links with Gotenks well also.
Thum 1002390 1
Pair him with GotenksSSJ3 base.
Vegito is there to boost Gotenks Ki and Attack.
Skinny Gotenks can do the same but will not boost attack as much.
Thum 1001960 1
Pair him with Thum 1002530 1.
These are the healers with link skill Metamorphosis , they give each other +2 Ki so only need to collect 4 orbs for a super attack.
Super Buus Healing ability helps alot and sometimes can stun for some relief.
Thum 1002530 1
Android 13 does decent damage but is mainly there to boost Buu and recover HP.
Thum 1002920 1
In rotation.
Yamchas Super attack Greatly Reduces Gokus ATK, very much needed to survive this long battle.
Thum 1002950 1
In rotation.
Lowers Gokus ATK by 25% , when goku has had his attack lowered by Yamcha he will hit like a kitten when videl is on screen.
Also Greatly lowers the DEF of Goku making Gotenks's attacks sting just a bit more!
Friend: GotenksSSJ3 base
Best Leader skill you could ask for.
Finding a friend with super attack 10 is alot more benificial of course.
I have manged 555,555 when DEF lowered and paired with Vegito plus using Buu volley ball attack (11 ki).

In one round you can get hit by goku onto android 13 then next in line will be Buu to scrounge some health back mid round in order for you to take more damage onto someone else further down the line. Great stategy for item saving.

Perfoming a Dokkan Super Attack with Gotenks SA level 10 gets you a 1 million hit onto Goku.

Some team...

Team Cost:

GotenksSSJ3 base Super Saiyan Bardock TEQ Thumbnail Thumb 1006790 Thum 1004700 1 Thum 1004650 1 Thumb 1005300 GotenksSSJ3 base

Leader: GotenksSSJ3 base
Better than Skinny Gotenks. The only difference is the percentage. I was not able to Dokkan mine so I had to use the +2 Teq Ki and +50% HP, ATK, & DEF instead of the Dokkan-ed version with +3 Teq Ki and +70% HP, ATK, & DEF. These leaders link well with Super Vegito.
Super Saiyan Bardock TEQ Thumbnail
I chose this Bardock because he links well with the Super Vegito and LR Goku (if you use him). For the other friends he has only the Super Saiyan Link and that only adds +10% ATK. He also can change Str orbs to Teq orbs (which is a good pair with the SSB Goku with the Rainbow to Teq change & +33% ATK for every Teq orb gained and Nuker Cell that gets a +12% ATK AND DEF per orb gained).
Thumb 1006790
I have him here because of the passive ability to block for 80% and counter attack. He's not really useful for the first two but gets the job done with his links. Gotenks: he gets +2 Ki for Fused Fighter link. SSJ Bardock: Gets +3 Ki for Golden Warrior and Prepared for Battle links. Beerus: +2 Ki for Shocking Speed link Teq Dokkan'ed SSB Goku: +2 Ki for Prepared for Battle link.
Thum 1004700 1
I picked this unit for the reason that he blocks damage dealt to him by 50% when his guard is up so when anything from the second battle forward hits him he will receive more than -50% damage because of type advantage also. (He also lowers ATK so he can be useful with Beerus lowering the enemy's DEF.)
Thum 1004650 1
I have this unit for his Defensive-Nuke capability. He gains both +12% ATK AND DEF for every Ki orb he gains and tanks the S.A. from Goku if you're luck enough to nuke the same time he attacks. Supreme damage my A$$. He deals a lot of damage if paired with Dokkan-ed SSB Goku because of his leader skill and with Gotenks because of the DEF increase for the nukes.
Thumb 1005300
Beerus is on this list because of his rage mode when HP=<30% and he can't be killed during that period so deal as much damage as possible and if you can't then set up orbs for the next turn. His SA is really good too because it lowers enemy defense. He links with Super Vegito, Piccolo, & Gotenks.)
Friend: GotenksSSJ3 base
SSJ3 Gotenks is a necessity because of the second super and SSBK Goku only being hurt by S.Attacks. Even though his leader skill is great you can also use (if you have him as a friend) LR Goku or the new Dokkan-ed Teq SSB Goku. The LR Goku paired up with Teq SSJ Bardock has 4 links that add +3 Ki, lowers defense, and raises attack. Dokkan-ed Teq SSB Goku shares links w/ Super Vegito, SSJ3 Gotenks, SSJ Bardock, & Nuker Cell. (Plus is good for Teq characters because of leader skill of 33% Attack per Teq orb.)---> So if you can get to the last fight without healing Items and are lucky to get Cell and SSB Goku in the same turn, you can nuke him.

TEQ Dokkan-ed SSJ3 Gotenks: Leader Ability
TEQ LR Goku: Leader Ability and S.A.
TEQ SSB Goku: Nuker Leader for Cell
TEQ Nuker Cell: Defensive-Nuker (Passive ability works with S.A.)

TEQ Beerus: R A G E M O D E ! ! !
AGL Super Vegito: Counter ATK and blocks 80% damage dealt
TEQ SSJ Bardock: S.A. Seals
TEQ Piccolo: Blocks with type advantage of over 50%

Items to bring (Any Combo):
Baba/Pilaf, Senzu, Dende, King Yemma, or Ghost Usher

Let the Tiger Roar

And the Tiger Roared

Team Cost:

Thumb 1006790 Thum 1003690 1 Bardock300 Thumb agleGF Thum 1005000 1 Thum 1004890 1 Thumb 1006790


Easy win to all events. You can win a lot of dokkan ones without any items !

You need to take care about Bardock and his Special Attack, he can seal the ennemy SA.
Then, you tank with double SV, counter attack and destroy it.
Sometimes, Whis can stun and he regenerates all HP once so you can save one senzu.

You can replace Bardock300 with an other sealer like Super Saiyan Bardock TEQ ThumbnailThum 1004380 1Thum 1004720 1, depends of your box and how many ennemies you need to fight.

Items : Senzu Bean Dende Baba King Yemma

Opposition de Styles

Team Cost:

GotenksSSJ3 baseTUR LRgokuGIFbase-0 Super Saiyan Bardock TEQ Thumbnail-0 Thum 1003370 1 Thumb 1008420 Thumb 6829 mysticgohan GotenksSSJ3 baseTUR


If you don't have GotenksSSJ3 baseTUR, you can use TEQDokkanSSJ3A or Thum 1006620 as leaders.
If you don't have Super Saiyan Bardock TEQ Thumbnail-0, you can replace him by Thum 1004180 1, Jackiechun ssr icon, Thum 1003450 1, Bardock300 etc.

Pair LRgokuGIFbase-0 with Super Saiyan Bardock TEQ Thumbnail-0 for Golden WarriorSuper SaiyanThe First Awakened & Family Ties links.
Also, LRgokuGIFbase-0 can really take advantage of Super Saiyan Bardock TEQ Thumbnail-0 passive skill to always trigger his UA.

Be sure that Super Saiyan Bardock TEQ Thumbnail-0 always launch his SA to seal Thumb ssgssgokukaioken 7441's SA.

Always link GotenksSSJ3 baseTUR with Thumb 1008420 for Fused Fighter & Fierce Battle links.
Then, pair Thum 1003370 1 with Thumb 6829 mysticgohan to increase the chance to Stun  (St 0100).


A Travel Through Time

Team Cost: 153

Thum 1006620 Jackiechun ssr icon Thumb 1005720 TEQDokkanSSJ3A Super Saiyan Bardock TEQ Thumbnail MajinVegetaDokkan GotenksSSJ3 base

Leader: Thum 1006620
► Leader Skill : TEQ icon Type Ki +3, HP, ATK, & DEF +20%
► Passive Skill : ATK and DEF +5% per Ki obtained
GotenksSSJ3 base, Thumb 1005720 and Jackiechun ssr icon's support card
Jackiechun ssr icon
► Super Attack : Seals super attack
► Passive Skill : TEQ icon ATK & DEF +25%
► Sealer, main support card
Thumb 1005720
► Super Attack : Greatly lowers DEF
► Trump card, support card
► Passive Skill : ATK +70% at start of turn
► Damage dealer
Super Saiyan Bardock TEQ Thumbnail
► Super Attack : Seals super attack
► Passive Skill : Changes STR icon Ki to TEQ icon Ki, ATK +20%
► Sealer, damage dealer, support card
► Super Attack : Chance to stun
► Passive Skill : ATK +50% at start of turn
► Stunner, damage dealer
Friend: GotenksSSJ3 base
► Leader Skill : TEQ icon Type Ki +3, HP, ATK, and DEF +70%
► Super Attack : At 12 Ki, Greatly lowers DEF
► Passive Skill : ATK +120% when performing Super Attack
► Trump card, main damage dealer

All except Thum 1006620 and Jackiechun ssr icon share the link Super Saiyan
All except Thum 1006620, Jackiechun ssr icon and Thumb 1005720 share the links Golden Warrior
Thum 1006620, Jackiechun ssr icon and Thumb 1005720 share the links Super Strike and Bombardment
Thum 1006620, Thumb 1005720 and GotenksSSJ3 base share the links The Innocents
Thum 1006620 and GotenksSSJ3 base share the link Fused Fighter
TEQDokkanSSJ3A and GotenksSSJ3 base share the link Fierce Battle
Super Saiyan Bardock TEQ Thumbnail and MajinVegetaDokkan share the link Saiyan Pride

The best rotation would be to have 1 sealer and 1 trump card per turn.
Pairing Jackiechun ssr icon+Thumb 1005720 and Super Saiyan Bardock TEQ Thumbnail+GotenksSSJ3 base for more effectiveness.
The other cards will be there to take advantage of the debuffs and will mostly be played last.

Items : Senzu Bean/Dende + a mix of Bulma support/Bulma F support/King/Fruit Support and alike
to use preferably during the last fight.
Safer with 3 healing items.
Screenshot 2017-02-05-14-38-30

Easy Money

Let’s Get It!

Team Cost: 242

Thumb FORGF Thum 1004650 1 Thum SSRgogetaSSJ4TEQ TEQDokkanSSJ3A Super Saiyan Bardock TEQ Thumbnail Thum 1004070 1 GotenksSSJ3 base

Leader: Thumb FORGF
Leader Skill: TEQ Type HP, ATK & DEF +100%.
Passive Skill: Damage received -70% & ATK +70% when HP is 50% or above.
Great Tank. Have him take the hits.
Links well with team (Revival: Ki+2, Super-God Combat: ATK+15%, Resurrection F: ATK+700, Shocking Speed: Ki+2 & Fierce Battle: ATK+15%).
I have him at his max HP 9600 ATK 9450 DEF 4715 (Hidden Potential 10%) Super ATK Lv. 2.
Thum 1004650 1
Passive Skill: ATK & DEF +12% for every Ki Sphere obtained.
Links well via Revival, Fierce Battle and Kamehameha(ATK+2500 when Super ATK is launched).
Good for DEF and ATK. Keep him linked with Frieza as much as you can.
I have him at his max HP 9792 ATK 8432 DEF 6034 Super ATK Lv. 1. (Hidden Potential 0%)
Thum SSRgogetaSSJ4TEQ
Passive Skill: ATK+100%; high chance of evading enemies Super ATK and counter with enormous power.
Links well with rest of team (Shocking Speed, Kamehameha, Super Saiyan: ATK+10%, Over in a Flash: Ki+3 & Fused Fighter: Ki+2).
Keep him linked with Gotenks since they are the main damage dealers.
The Super ATK counter is a gamble but clutch if you luck out.
I have him at his max HP 8950 ATK 10060 DEF 3700 Super ATK Lv. 6 (Hidden Potential 0%)
Passive Skill: ATK+70% at start of turn. Links via Super Saiyan, Fierce Battle and Golden Warrior(Ki+1, enemy DEF -2000).
Great damage dealer. Have him attack first when the time/lineup is right.
I have him at his max HP 9432 ATK 9903 DEF 6022 Super ATK Lv. 4 (Hidden Potential 50%; Critical Hit LV. 5, Type ATK Boost Lv. 6, Type DEF Boost Lv. 4, Super ATK Boost Lv. 5, Recovery Boost Lv. 5).
Super Saiyan Bardock TEQ Thumbnail
Passive Skill: Changes STR Ki to TEQ Ki, ATK+20%.
Links via Super Saiyan, Golden Warrior & Prepared for Battle(Ki+2).
For this team, his passive skill makes him nice in any attacking lineup. He’s also a must needed sealer.
I have him at his max HP 8325 ATK 7873 DEF 4283 Super ATK Lv. 2. (Hidden Potential 0%)
Thum 1004070 1
Passive Skill: Change RBW Ki Spheres to TEQ. If you have him awakened, ATK+30% is included in passive skill.
The stage gets a lot easier once you Dokkan awaken him. I mainly use him for the passive skill. Also links well with team via Super Saiyan, Kamehameha, Super-God Combat, Resurrection F, Prepared for Battle and Fierce Battle.
Friend: GotenksSSJ3 base
Leader Skill: TEQ Type Ki+3, HP, ATK and DEF +70%.
Passive Skill: ATK+120% when performing Super ATK.
Biggest damage dealer on the team. Get the most maxed out version you can find.
Best to keep him linked with Gogeta. They’ll make this very easy.
This team runs through “Super” difficulty. You’re pretty much launching Super attacks the whole way through. You’ll only have to use 1 Sensu Bean, sometimes 2 and maybe a couple Ghost Ushers if you feel like you need to play it safe. The Oolong(TEQ) item is one you might like to use. You can also use a couple Bulma’s in the last couple rounds to finish him faster. No Dragon Stones ever needed. Frieza and Cell will be your main defenders, with good ATK. Keep them linked as much as you can. Gogeta and Gotenks are your heavy hitters, keep them linked as much as you can. Gogeta’s counter will be a lifesaver. The rest of the team will fit in well with any lineup they’re in. Everyone can link with each other in some way.

Assault of the Sayian Prince

The Sayians are the true warrior race!

Team Cost: 217

Thum 1009590 Thum goget ur int Thum 1006700 1 URINTGokuJr SSRINTSSJAngelGokuThumb TURINTKidBuuThumb Thum goget ur int

Leader: Thum 1009590
Once again, proving that he is the worthy rival of Goku, INT SSGSS Vegeta is best suited for this event. With his Leader Skill granting all INT team members +100% HP, ATK and DEF, with the bonus of massive ATK increase both from Passive Skill and Super ATK, making the ultimate rival for Goku, and provving once and for all that the Sayians are the true warrior race!
Very High
Thum goget ur int
The Ultimate Fusion has destructive powers that make him perfect for this event. With a Super ATK that lowers both attack and defense power of the enemy and a Passive Skill that increase ATK by +120% unconditionally and is effective against all types show that INT Super Gogeta is not playing around
Very High
Thum 1006700 1
One of my favorite INT cards, INT Ultimate Gohan is an excellent choice for the event, especially with his awakened powers. Being a Super Premier card with a Passive Skill that grants him Ki +5 and +10000 ATK when Ki is 7 or more is a huge boost in power. To make it even better, his Super grants him a great increase in ATK, making him the perfect team member to destroy your rival!
Very High
A little boy with a big heart, and by big heart, i mean big power! The great grandson of Goku makes him a nice choice in this event, despite his Passive skill having a side effect to him in both a good and bad way. Despite the con being his loses -40% DEF when performing a Super, the pro is that he gains a +40%(plus a bonus boost in power with another +40%) makes him pretty descent. Another pro is if at MAX potential, He is one tough hitter, especially with his Super is at max level, with will give him a additional attack bonus. Despite the pros and cons, he shows that he is one tough cookie.
Exclusive from Global, SS Goku(Angel) is a decent if not ok F2P unit for this event. Despite his passive being a chance to gain Ki +2 and +80% increase in ATK, he makes up with his Super which increases his attack for 3 turns, even better if the Super's level is up to MAX.
Being a ferocious force of nature that gains massive increase in power and healing from weak blows, INT Kid Buu is a prefect and destructive unit to use. With his passive granting him +100% ATK unconditionally, gaining +70% ATK increase when HP is 30% or more, and having a Super ATK that causes massive damage but can recover 12% of HP if the hit is successful makes him the prefect unit for damage dealing and health recovery.
Very High
Friend: Thum goget ur int
Never hurts to get help from another unit with the same passive and Super, but makes up with a Leader Skill grant the Supers Ki +3, +120% increase in ATK, DEF, and HP and the one Extreme Ki +1, +50 increase in ATK, DEF, and HP
This teams focuses on dealing massive damage, not just for normal attack, but super attacks as will. With having the Fierce Battle Link, they can do some massive damage to the boss of this event.