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Boss Rush
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The Strength to Endure


Team Cost:

Thum 1008710 Gogeta-0 Thum 1003570 1 7556 Thumb cell strUR Thum 1005030 1 Animation lr Broly Str GBL

Leader: Thum 1008710
STR God leader. Passive skill reduces damage, deals a lot of damage too and lowers defens. leave him to float in rotation until you encounter phy broly, you will need him to lower his defense.
Main damage dealer with Broly. Keep them together  for 2 ki and 25% attack. Try to super with both.
Thum 1003570 1
Sealer. You want his super attack ALWAYS, keep him on one rotation with SS3 Vegeta and super with both, one to Stun and the other to seal just in case.
Stun, blocking and links with Buutenks. He is the real MVP, keeps the enemy stunned, and helps Buutenks seal his super in case the stun doesn't work, keep him and Buutenks linked
Thumb cell strUR
Damage, and early super. You can allow him to float through the rotation.
Thum 1005030 1
Damage, OIAF, Fierce battle and Golden warrior, leave him to float and deal some extra damage, while linking with OIAF and Golden warrior whenever necessary
Friend: Animation lr Broly Str GBL
Do you need convincing? An extra stat boost as leader, and a tremendous damage output. He is essential to attack all when you have multiple ennemies and the stun/seal strategy fails to help. He oneshots every group of enemy concerned by this event
  • The enemies you need to keep your attention for are the AGL, mainly the SSBKKGokus and Rosé. always keep the sealed and stunned. this is the strategy for all enemies really.
  • Put Vegeta first in turn (block with him actually) and then Buutenks. You need 3 ki to super with teach of them. use a king/Fruit item if you don't have enough ki. whoever you have on the 3rd slot, use him to organize ki for Gogeta and Broly and keep in mind each of them needs 4 ki to super. you will hardly take any damage from the normal attacks, and will have the enemy stunned half of the time (even more from the experience). Since the fight is very long, you will dokkan attack several times. And you will heal from them enough to compensate the damage from normal attacks.
  • You also need to keep attention to Phy Broly. this is where you might want to change the rotation if necessary and put shenron first, super with him to lower defense then finish him with Broly and Gogeta. if he comes first in a turn with Buu and Vegeta, keep the ki for him if necessary (You have the type disadvantage, you will take almost no damage from the normal attacks, and even if you don't stun and seal, and he hits you with a super, it will be like 30K, bring that on). Super with him in the 3rd slot, and finish the enemy with the next attack. Remember, always keep Vegeta and Buu linked in the 1st and 2nd slot. and mess with the Gogeta/broly turn if necessary. You will need 6 turns to get it back right. And you will be do fine in the wait.


  • What is essential is the seal/stun couple, and the Gogeta/Broly couple. If you don't have Gogeta, a hard hitter with Fierce battle and PFP can replace him (SS2 Gohan or if you're lucky TUR pre-LR Broly), it will just make the battle longer. But that doesn't matter since it is gonna be excessively long anyway.
  • Specfic items recommended are Senzu Bean and Snake princess for healing with King Yemma for damage reduction, take King for ki+1 or Fruit of the tree of might. you will only need them if you were extremely unlucky with the stuns.
  • Use yemma if you're fighting an AGL Boss and you started with Gogeta/Broly instead of Vegeta/Buu. That's unlikely since you will usually finish the bosses with Broly. the next turn you will block with Vegeta and stun than seal quickly.
  • If you have your own Broly, feel free to use him as your leader, but that's not necessary. You will have to let him float since stunning/sealing is essential (you can't oneshot the AGL bosses!).
  • I'm sure it goes without saying, but maxed/high SA level is recommended.

This...This Is Unforgivable!


Team Cost:

Base Buu Ultimate int Thum 1005050 1 Thum 1006700 1 TURTrunks Thum 1002310 1 Rere Base Buu Ultimate int

Leader: Base Buu Ultimate int
INT God leader. His passive both helps him essentially mini-nuke and has health regen to keep you alive. Additionally, his Super will debuff the target (especially if he uses Super Ghost Kamehameha Attack) which can save your life on the PHY bosses that hit harder than you can keep up if not debuffed. Links with Gohan and Janemba for Shocking Speed, and Janemba for Metamorphosis for some extra health recovery, as well as Big Bad Bosses when the chips are down.
VERY High (Basically essential)
Thum 1005050 1
Damage dealer, Fierce Battle, debuffer and blocker. Put Janemba in front of a Super Attack and a near-100,000 damage hit can turn into 30,000. Normal attacks basically hit him for nothing if Buu has debuffed the boss. Janemba's Super hits decently hard and lowers defense, and he also has the aforementioned links with Buu and Gohan. Buu and Janemba are essentially best friends on this team and you should link them whenever they're up together.
Very High
Thum 1006700 1
Links and minor damage, guaranteed Super. Gohan's Super won't hit very hard compared to Janemba or Buu's but with this team he's guaranteed to Super literally every time he comes up, and his Super's attack boost does stack. Mainly he's there for the Shocking Speed link and some extra damage, so he can be replaced with another INT Shocking Speed character.
Ki changing, Fierce Battle, damage. Trunks's ki changing enables Buu to heal you without needing an item, and Trunks himself can mini-nuke with the INT orbs if you don't need health. It's usually a good idea to give the purple orbs to whoever has the higher SA level, Buu or Trunks. He also links with Goku for Super Saiyan, which isn't too big a deal but every little bit helps sometimes.
Thum 1002310 1
Stop laughing. Stunner. The good general is, believe it or not, the backbone of this strategy. With his passive giving you a chance to stun, and his Super also giving you another chance, with any luck Blue can keep a troublesome boss stunned indefinitely.
Very High
Ki changer, stunner. Goku's main purpose here is to provide INT ki for Buu and Trunks. While his Super can stun, the chance isn't terribly great compared to Blue and you shouldn't count on it. In theory you could probably replace him with INT Android 18 if you have her.
Friend: Base Buu Ultimate int
INT God lead. "Oh no! What could be worse than a healing mini-nuker?" "I know! Two healing mini-nukers!" Reminder: he cannot link with himself, but both of them can link on either side of best friend Janemba in team formation.
  • The PHY bosses are going to give you the most trouble, even bosses that only have a PHY phase. SSBKK Goku and Golden Frieza aren't much trouble, and with some luck/skill you can usually skate by Black unscathed and without using an item. Super Perfect Cell is basically a game of tag in his third round since he'll probably regenerate slightly less HP than you can blast away with Super Buu each turn, but a Dokkan Mode attack or a big enough nuke with Buu or Trunks can take him out. Vegeta shouldn't give you too much trouble after that, just block with Janemba and stun with Blue.
  • After Super Vegito, PHY Broly will make you hate everything ever. His first two phases aren't too bad, but a Super Attack from a non-debuffed phase three Broly can and will hit you for 200,000 damage and kill you instantly. There is no shame in using an item here to reduce damage like Yemma, Android 8 or Princess Snake.
  • Gotenks and Buu aren't too much trouble but Omega might be a bit of a concern. Mainly his Coercion will throw a wrench in your plans since it makes it harder to block with Janemba, but just try to stun with Blue to mitigate this. He has a lot of health but just keep healing and you should be fine.
  • For Rose Black, remember that while you can't kill Zamasu, there is absolutely nothing stopping General Blue from stunning him. Use this to your advantage to lessen the amount of attacks coming your way.
  • Goku, Vegeta and Trunks won't give you too much trouble, but stunninng Vegito Blue is absolutely critical. Unless it's Janemba, do NOT let him get a Super Attack off on anyone or you're as good as dead. Using an item or two here when needed isn't a bad idea, either. Just make sure you save a few for Zamasu and Trunks.
  • For Fused Zamasu, you just have to survive his PHY form since his TEQ forms don't pose much of a threat to you. Using an item to get past PHY Zamasu is fine but keep a few around for Trunks's PHY form.
  • The last fight against Trunks isn't too bad until his PHY form. This is effectively the last challenge as Trunks's INT form (his last one) doesn't attack you for three moves (until he uses Final Hope Slash to instantly kill you) and is easily killed by a Buu nuke and possibly a second attack to finish him. If you have any items left, now is absolutely the time to use them. Weaken his Supers with Android 8 or Princess Snake (Or Yemma) and Senzu or Dende when you don't have a Buu on hand.


  • General Blue, Janemba and Super Buu are your MVP's here. Build up ki for Buu to heal and mini-nuke, block Super Attacks with Janemba and always keep 6 ki available for Blue to be able to stun. You can't survive without him stunning.
  • Recommended items are Senzu, Dende (for when Buu isn't there and you need health), as well as Android 8 and Princess Snake (to both heal you and decrease the damage you'll take). Try to save the items for the later PHY bosses and beat base Goku Black without using one. You can also possibly beat Broly without using an item but that requires more than a little bit of luck and isn't necessary.
  • When fighting a PHY boss, there is only one character you should allow to be hit with a Super - Janemba. Anyone else will take a ton of damage and you probably won't survive that turn. Try using the unlock potential system to give Janemba, Buu, Trunks and Gohan "Dodge" so that they have a chance to just not get hurt by the Super. It isn't as dependable as Janemba's omni-block but it could save your life when you're backed against a wall.
  • Buu should be max SA, high SA Trunks is optional but recommended.

Mono Villain

Tested on stage 2 super3

Team Cost: 254

Thum 1009350 Thumb FORGF Thum 1004250 1Card Thum 1005050 1 Thum 1008110 Base Buu Ultimate int Thum 1009350

Leader: Thum 1009350
This team doesn't generate the most Ki, so the extra ki from his leader and passive are crucial. He is one of the heavy hitters on the team, but will frequently end up floating because survival trumps having faster fights.
High, technically replaceable with Merged Zamasu.
This Frieza can tank hits like a boss. By rotating him and Janemba, you will always have a blocker. He actually tanks even better than Janemba when his passive is active, but watch out for his restriction! Keep in mind that this depends on your hp at round start before any healing.
Very High
Thum 1004250 1Card
This spot is reserved for your damage dealer. Other strong Villains like Zamasu or one of the Brolys could go here, but this guy links amazingingly with Golden Frieza, and will frequently get big bad bosses (seriously why doesn't Golden Frieza get this?) from the Roses. Not to mention that nearly everyone has him with at least one open path because of red dragon stones.
Thum 1005050 1
One of the game's first stars is back at it again. Janemba is an amazing tank with amazing links. Not only can he block every type of attack, but he also heals the team when paired with Buuhan or Buutenks. Between him, Golden Frieza, Rose and Buuhan, enemy defense is no problem.
Very High
Thum 1008110
Buutenks brings a lot to the table. Between his metamorphosis heals and sealing, this guy will save you tons of damage in the long haul, and provides useful blocking against PHY bosses, which otherwise give this team some trouble. His stats and links are better than Oceanus or Bujin.
Base Buu Ultimate int
The best healer in the game for 14 straight boss battles just makes so much sense I almost feel dumb trying to explain why you need him. Between metamorphosis, his healing passive and Vice Shout's debuffs, this guy not only keeps you alive but can keep you healthy enough to continue blocking with Golden Frieza.
Snoop Dogg level High
Friend: Thum 1009350
Keeps the team supering with that amazing passive and boosts the villains stats, all the while hitting like a truck. As with the leader position, Merged Zamasu can be used here instead as a teq dmg dealer is very useful. Though I would recommend 2 Roses, you will definitely not generate enough Ki unless you have at least one Rose on the team.
This team was formed in the forums of this website and is tried and true for all stages of boss rush. You are flexible with items, but be sure you are using things like senzu, Dende, Yemma, Usher, Baba, Future Bulma, Android 8, Snake Princess etc. Just use good items, at least one heal item. The rotations vary slightly by fight, but for the most part you want to have Janemba/Buuhan and The Frieza's as your main rotations. In fights/situations where sealing takes priority over healing, or if you are fighting a PHY boss Buutenks replaces Buuhan to avoid having two ints in a rotation. Some comps may struggle with Broly's crazy defense but this team has amazing defense lower capabilities. Beware the Gotenks level, this fight could force an item out of you if Gotenks switches to ss1 then back to ss3 because his frequent transformations and huge defense in ss3 mess with the defense lowering. I also found Shenron to be a tricky fight due to his above average offense and massive damage reduction skill that no one on this team gets around. For Shenron, you are going to want to make sure you don't float your Roses, swap them in for buuhan and FP Frieza respectively.


  • When I did this, my Rose and Buuhan were SA 5, Frieza and Buutenks was SA 10, and Janemba and Golden Frieza SA1. Obviously I was not using this team to it's full potential (mostly because I just got Buuhan from blue stone and Golden Frieza and Rose from the Vegeta banner), but I still won with items to spare.
  • I also had full dupeless potential on all units except FP Frieza, who I have maxed out in potential.
  • Personally, I find that this works better than mono teams because there are no bosses where you are at a disadvantage. The only Mono team that could outperform this team in boss battle is Mono AGL.