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Breaker Deck 1 to 7

Blue Power

Team Cost:

Thum 1009820 Thumb 1006790 Thum 1003210 1 Thumb ssgssgokukaioken 7441 Thum 1005780 1 Thum 1004710 1 Thum 1009820

Leader: Thum 1009820
1. Leader skill
Increases your whole team's tankyness and damage by 100%

2. Damage Dealer
The damage he can dish out is usually around 500k-1million or more, depending on your SA level and potential stats.

Can be replaced with AGL super vegito if you don't have him.
Thumb 1006790
1. Blocking
Blocking and countering in the stages, the damage reduction is insane, try getting him to block the normal attacks, for supers use SSJ4 Vegeta or SSBKK Goku
2. Damage Dealer
He can dish out a lot of damage but is used mainly for blocking and countering.
Thum 1003210 1
1. Early stage clear
With his passive you can get through the first 3 stages pretty quick if you get him to launch his SA's
Thumb ssgssgokukaioken 7441
1. Damage Dealer
Use SSBKK Goku top get through the first stages and dish out some major damage.
2. Blocking
You cna use him to block in pretty much every stage due to his high DEF from the start. Try blocking with Vegito or SSJ4 Vegeta, if you can't he can be just as good.
Thum 1005780 1
1. Nuker
He can nuke pretty hard if you collect a lot of orbs since his passive increases the damage.

2. GT Link
LInk him up with the SSJ4 Vegetas for a great boost in KI and other useful links.

Can be replaced with other Super AGL characters.
Thum 1004710 1
1. Stunner

Pretty much only useful for stunning SSJ Vegeta in stage 2 when he is in his TEQ mode, use Gohan for free hits if you manage to stun.

Can also be replaced with other Super AGL units.
Friend: Thum 1009820
Pretty much same as the above SSJ4 Vegeta. Try getting a TUR one for an even better effect and a greater stat boost.
Items: I brought with me Senzu beans, Dende's, Whis's (or other DMG reducing items) and Ghost's (just in case)

Stage 1: A walk in the park since you have an AGL team against a STR opponent. Just SA the hell out of him.

Stage 2: Here is where it gets a little tricky. Use the blockers mentioned above to try and minimize the damage you take, using a whis can be helpful here since the TEQ Vegeta will dish out a lot of damage, in the worst case use a Senzu bean or Dende to heal up. Otherwise just keep dealing as much damage as possible.

Stage 3: Another STR fight, pretty much straight up and the same as stage 1. Block with the blockers and hit as hard as possible, you should be through this stage in about 3-4 turns.

Stage 4 - The final fight: This one is the most difficult since Gohan drops out because he can't stun anymore. The main strategy is to block SSJ4 Vegeta's attacks with Vegito, SSJ4's and SSBKK Goku. Try saving your Dokkan mode up to here since the SSJ4's can dish out major damage in this stage. Beware: SSJ4 Vegeta will hit you like a truck, his super does around 100-150k damage, depending on your blocker. Heal up when neccessary and be patient and this fight will be over in no time. DON'T SAVE YOUR ITEMS! Anything that can help you is useful here so heal, reduce his damage and even ghost him if you need to.

NOTE: The same team can be used on the SSJ4 Goku event, to just fly past it. :D

AGL mix Shadow Dragons

Z-HARD (no Vegito, no SSGSS Goku)

Team Cost:

Thum 1009820 Thum 1006410 Thum 1006380 Thum 1006350 Thum 1009050 Thum 1004890 1 Thum 1009830

Leader: Thum 1009820
Leader Skill
Thum 1006410
Passive skill and Shadow Dragons link Skill
Thum 1006380
Seal SA and Shadow Dragons link Skill
Thum 1006350
Passive skill and Shadow Dragons link Skill
Thum 1009050
Passive skill. Can replace if you have similar
Thum 1004890 1
SA and Passive skill. Can replace if you prefer other stat boost.
Friend: Thum 1009830
Leader Skill
Z-HARD gives us 3 pieces of Awakening Medals. Not too bad if you don't have a strong enough team and loads of items to get you through the SUPER2.

There is not much to worry about facing STR as long as you have the AGL members guarding. Tricky when it gets to TEQ form, make sure you have SSJ4, Obotchaman or Eis Shenron guarding. Besides your friend UR SSJ4 as main damage dealer, try to use the "Shadow Dragons" link skill and let Omega Shenron (or Syn Shenron if you have this instead) deals damage, Shocking Speed and GT should make it easier even you do not have Ki boost from leader skill. Remember to use Oceanus to seal SA.
Senzu beans should be good enough. I used Burma for 70% HP recover and ATK boost.


{{Empty Table 2 |TeamName1 = INT mix Shadow Dragons |TeamName2 = For SUPER2 |TeamCost = |LeaderThumb = Base Buu Ultimate int.png |LeaderLink = Countdown to Despair Majin Buu (Ultimate Gohan) |LeaderInfos = Leader skill and HP recovery |LeaderPriority = |Thumb2 = Thum 1006410.png |Link2 = Agent of the Apocalypse Omega Shenron |Infos2 = Passive skill and Shadow Dragon link skill |Priority2 = |Thumb3 = Thum 1006350.png |Link3 = Ice-Cold Warrior Eis Shenron |Infos3 = Passive skill and Shadow Dragon link skill |Priority3 = |Thumb4 = Thum 1006380.png |Link4 = Dominance over the Atmosphere Oceanus Shenron |Infos4 = Seal SA and Shadow Dragons link skill |Priority4 = |Thumb5 = Thumb Arale INTDok.png |Link5 = Innocent Onslaught Arale Norimaki |Infos5 = Lower Attack |Priority5 = |Thumb6 = Thum 1004400 1.png |Link6 = Evolved Form Cell (Perfect Form) |Infos6 = Lower Attack |Priority6 = |FriendThumb = LRgohan.gif |FriendLink = Full-Tilt Kamehameha Super Saiyan 2 Gohan (Youth) |FriendInfos = Leader skill and Super Attack |FriendPriority = |Develop Here = Support items: Senzu BeanAndroid 8Marron supportIcarus
Learning from the Z-HARD level, HP recovery and high damage dealt by SSJ4 Vegeta are the main challenges. This team keeps the "Shadow Dragon" gang and at the same time leveraging the "Lower attack" of Arale and Cell, together with fire power from LR Gohan and Buuhan (plus its HP recovery), the end result is better than expected. At the end, there were still 3 support items left.
The INTs get us through the TEQ form much quicker than using a AGL team. I used a mixture of 2 support items to raise DEF and lower SSJ4 Vegeta's ATK at the same time, the SA dealt on AGL Cell was lower than 90K, much better than the average of 110+K. Sealing SA is not critical, be sure you keep at least a pair of the shenrons to activate the link skill (Omega is your main nuker).
Good luck!

TEQ Beats

Mono TEQ Beat down

Team Cost: 315

GotenksSSJ3 base Thumb FORGF Thum 1008130 VegetaSSGSSTec LRgokuGIFbase Thumb 1008420 GotenksSSJ3 base

Leader: GotenksSSJ3 base
best TEQ leader currently gives unconditional 70% to all TEQ teammates. Hits like a truck
Best tank in TEQ also does substantial damage
Thum 1008130
Links aren’t the best but he does great damage
Versatile serves as midlevel damage and tank
Not the greatest but like SSGSS Vegeta serves versatile as a tank/hitter
Thumb 1008420
Great Link Set works in many positions
Friend: GotenksSSJ3 base
Same as leader
High nearly crucial
Buu and Frieza have the weakest links sets in the context of this team. That said Frieza hits well and is a great tank. Make sure that you are above the HP threshold at the start of turn since a healing item will not reactivate his passive. Link Saiyans (Particularly Vegito and Gotenks they are super friends. Every character in this team is versatile and they can all take a super in stage 4 and keep going. Each of them is capable of doing substantial damage. Blocking Frieza>Vegeta>LR Goku>Vegito>Buu>Gotenks, Attacking Gotenks>LR Goku>Buu>Vegito>Vegeta>Frieza)