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Unexpected Help From Italy

Greedy Bandai Tricked (F2P)

Team Cost: 241 (sorry, it couldn't be that easy)

LRandroids LRfrieza Merged Zamasu Thum 1008600 Thum 1002310 1 Thum 1002380 1 Thum 1009350

Leader: LRandroids
This LR card has a very good leader skill - All Types Ki +4
It also has a good Super Attack boosting link (Legendary Power) with LR Frieza
However it's not the best card you could put there. If you have SSJR Black or Rebirth INT Metal Coora they will work much better due to the boosts for the Extreme Types (Goku Black also has Dismal Future)
There is no F2P repelacement as good as this.
Mid (I guess)
This card will be your main damage dealer. It can be replaced with other hard hitting characters (for example, you can run a Dismal Future unit, like the PHY Goku Black. This team is a F2P. I think LR Ginyu (Force) can also hit very hard.
Merged Zamasu
Zamasu is one of your Dismal Future units. He is one of two F2P Extreme cards with that link. He has to be awakened and SA lv.10. There is also another unit that he can be replaced by - STR Super Saiyan Rage Trunks. He also has Dismal Future and may hit harder but he won't link as well.
Thum 1008600
Black also has Dismal Future. Of course you need him all maxed out. Pair him up with your Merged Zamasu to get some links. STR Super Saiyan Rage Trunks also would be a nice replacement for him, but like I said before, he doesn't suit that well.
Thum 1002310 1
Remember him? Yes. Living Ichigo's fav F2P stunner - SR General Blue. He is very important... because of stunning. Needs to be maxed. He doesn't link with anyone except the next card we will talk about.
Blue has a PERFECT replacement - Dogged Pursuit General Blue. However not many people have him and he is not F2P.
High (or Very Low if you have Dogged Pursuit General Blue)
Thum 1002380 1
He is your SA sealer. Trunks won't cut you in half like he did with Zamasu if you suck his blood, yeah? Pair Dracula with G. Blue for some extra Ki.
Friend: Thum 1009350
I don't have to introduce him. He will boost the hell out your Extreme units. You can also run a Rebirth INT Metal Coora who will work better if you also run some Super units.
This team was made by Naraku Aoi an Italian YouTuber. All credits to him. I just wanted to let you guys know. Here is his video.
Check out the team here (copy the link to your browser):,1009381,1009680,1002310,1002380,1008600
Items you need to pick are: Senzu Bean, Dende, Ghost Usher and Icarus or Whis.
You don't have to say thanks. Say grazie to Naraku Aoi :)

Easy and Fast

Secret Path - Lazy Team

Team Cost: 262

Thum 1005280 1Card Thum 1005030 1Card 7556 Thum 1009730 Thumb 1006790 Thum 1007140 Animation lr Broly Str GBL

Leader: Thum 1005280 1Card
Extremely efficient at attacking and an All Types Ki +3
Thum 1005030 1Card
Lowers DEF with every super attack and is a great attacker.
Great defender and high chance to stun the enemy. Really useful.
Thum 1009730
Rare chance to stun the enemy but sometimes, his passive (Change Rainbow Ki Spheres to PHY Ki Spheres) can be bad for you.
Thumb 1006790
Amazing defender and counter's with tremendous power.
Thum 1007140
Great passive (ATK +7000 and Ki +3 when facing only 1 enemy) and he is a sealer. Very important.
Friend: Animation lr Broly Str GBL
Well ... he's a true beast. This friend can resolve a stage in a single super attack.
To be honest, this is a team from a day that I was a little bit lazy and didn't want to die. A lot of this cards can be easily changed.

You can see the setting of the teams and the items that i took in here:

(How to..

(How to...) Miracle Sword of Light - Future Trunks Event (Dragon Ball Dokkan Battle)

INT team mixed with PHY Pan

SUPER difficulty

Team Cost:

Base Buu Ultimate int Thum 1009210 Thum 1008880 Thum 1006350 Thum 1009990 Thumb Arale INTDok LRgohan

Leader: Base Buu Ultimate int
Stat boost
Recover HP
Thum 1009210
DEF boost
Thum 1008880
Chance to stun
Thum 1006350
Lower ATK and DEF
Thum 1009990
ATK and DEF boost
Thumb Arale INTDok
Lower ATK
Friend: LRgohan
Super Attack
Support items: Senzu BeanAndroid 8IcarusMarron support

The only form to pay more attention to is the PHY form for obvious reason having a heavy INT team. Though at the end only 3 support items were used. Buuhan can do most of the healing and as a no.2 nuker after LR Gohan.

More game tips of this event available inside the video

Mixed Vegito

Team Cost: 218

Thum 1009330 Thumb 1006790 Thum 1006700 1 Thum 1004720 1 URSTRFashaThumb Thum 1005510 1 STR LR VegitoBlue

Leader: Thum 1009330
Leader Skill: Super Class Ki +3, HP, ATK, & DEF +50%; Passive: Multiple Attacks, Counters normal attacks, -30% damage from normal attacks
Thumb 1006790
Super: Allies' ATK +30% for 1 turn; Passive: Counters normal attacks, -80% damage from normal attacks
Thum 1006700 1
Super: Greatly raises ATK; Passive: Ki +5, ATK +10,000 when Ki is 7 or more
Thum 1004720 1
Super: Sealer; Passive: ATK +77% when performing a Super
Super: Raises allies' ATK by 20% for 1 turn; Passive: Changes Int spheres into Str spheres, ATK and DEF +30%; Chance to become Giant Ape (invulnerable)
Thum 1005510 1
Super: Lowers ATK; Passive: May stun all enemies for 2 turns
Friend: STR LR VegitoBlue
Leader Skill: Super Class Ki +3, HP, ATK, & DEF +70%; Super: Raises ATK and DEF; Ultra Super: Greatly raises ATK; Passive: ATK and DEF +80%; raises Ki by up tp 10 (less HP = more Ki)
LR Vegito can be substituted with a 2nd PHY SSB Vegito. This will make phase 3 and 4 harder, but as long as you are careful they are easily dealt with. If you have him, his Ultra will absolutely nuke phase 4.

Gohan can be replaced with any other strong Super INT fighter. His primary purpose to make phase 2 as quick as possible. Gohan is useful on this team because his passive means he only needs 1 INT sphere or 2 of any other spheres to use his super, giving him a relatively high damage output.

Fasha can be replaced with any strong Super STR fighter, especially if you have 2 PHY Vegitos. Her primary purpose is to make Phase 4 as quick as possible as well as feed LR Vegito as many STR spheres as possible. So keep her paired with LR Vegito as much as possible.

Gotenks can be replaced with any other sealer. I just prefer him on this team because he is one of the strongest super class sealers and he has a type advantage in the final phase. He also links well with all the Vegitos which almost always give him enough Ki to super without even having to get any spheres. I recommend keeping him with your AGI or PHY Vegito.

Agil Super Vegito, is a blocker. He helps out a lot with his counters, especially on phase 3.

Supreme Kai of Time is just a throw away. Any strong Super PHY fighter can fill her spot easily. It is nice when she gets that rare stun though.

PHY SSB Vegito is there just to give everyone else as much Ki as possible and provide as many hits on phase 5 as possible.