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Event Innocence of destruction bigtactics
Breaker Deck 1 to 7

Free Characters

Cyborgs, Saiyans & Fusions (change if you want to)

Team Cost:

Thum 1005710 1 Thum 1002940 1 Thumb 6147 Pan (GT) (Bee) base Thum 1006610 Thum 1006620 Thum 1005280 1Card

Always keep Gotenks Failures together if possible.
If they get separated, pair one up with Great Saiyaman.
Use Gogeta to power through first two forms.
Of course, use #13 to block.

Items: Senzu Beans, King Yemmas, Dendes, Ghost Ushers

Great Saiyamen Tribute

Heroes of Justice

Team Cost: 184

TEQDokkanSSJ3A Thum 1005030 1Card MajinVegetaDokkan Thum 1002450 1 Thum 1003580 1 Thum 1003590 1 Thum 1005280 1Card

All except TEQDokkanSSJ3A and Thum 1005280 1Card share the link Supreme Power to deal extra damage.
Main damage dealer: Thum 1005280 1Card then Thum 1005030 1CardTEQDokkanSSJ3AMajinVegetaDokkanThum 1002450 1Thum 1003580 1Thum 1003590 1