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Breaker Deck 1 to 7

Free Characters

Cyborgs, Saiyans & Fusions (change if you want to)

Team Cost:

Thum 1005710 1 Thum 1002940 1 Thumb 6147 Pan (GT) (Bee) base Thum 1006610 Thum 1006620 Thum 1005280 1Card

Always keep Gotenks Failures together if possible.
If they get separated, pair one up with Great Saiyaman.
Use Gogeta to power through first two forms.
Of course, use #13 to block.

Items: Senzu Beans, King Yemmas, Dendes, Ghost Ushers

Great Saiyamen Tribute

Heroes of Justice

Team Cost: 184

TEQDokkanSSJ3A Thum 1005030 1Card MajinVegetaDokkan Thum 1002450 1 Thum 1003580 1 Thum 1003590 1 Thum 1005280 1Card

All except TEQDokkanSSJ3A and Thum 1005280 1Card share the link Supreme Power to deal extra damage.
Main damage dealer: Thum 1005280 1Card then Thum 1005030 1CardTEQDokkanSSJ3AMajinVegetaDokkanThum 1002450 1Thum 1003580 1Thum 1003590 1


Team Cost:

Thum 1008710 Thum 1008110 Thumb 1006480 Thum 1001710 1 Thum 1004340 1 Thum 1004360 1 Animation lr Broly Str GBL

Leader: Thum 1008710
Leader Skill: STR icon Ki +3, HP, ATK, & DEF +70% >>> Passive: +80% ATK; all enemies -30% ATK >>> Supers greatly lower DEF.
Thum 1008110
Passive: +12% ATK for every STR icon sphere gained. >>> Sealer
Thumb 1006480
Passive: Change INT icon Ki Spheres into STR icon Spheres and may turn into Giant Ape.
Thum 1001710 1
Passive: Recover 20% damage dealt as HP when Ki is >= 6.
Thum 1004340 1
Passive: Ki +2 and ATK +2000 when HP is above 80%.
Thum 1004360 1
Passive: Changes PHY icon Ki Spheres into Rainbow icon Ki Spheres.
Friend: Animation lr Broly Str GBL
Leader Skill: STR icon Ki +3, HP, ATK, & DEF +90% >>> Passive: +80,000 ATK and -20,000 when performing a super attack and perform an addition super attack.

Level 100 fever!

This team was designed for Z-hard. After trying Super2 with this team I recommend against using this team for Super2.

With this team, it's entirely possible to beat all three phases in a single turn each. This and being untouched is going to depend on where your damage dealers and Buu's attacks fall.

  • <b>Main Damage Dealer: Animation lr Broly Str GBL then Thum 1008710
  • To one shot Kid Buu you need to get Animation lr Broly Str GBL to launch his USA. Use Thumb 1006480 and Thum 1004360 1 to set up as large a chain as possible for your main damage dealers.
  • Thum 1008110, Thum 1001710 1, and Thum 1004340 1 are all easily replaceable.
  • If Thumb 1006480 goes Oozaru (Great Ape) against Kid Buu, go all out. It's possible for her in that form to take Kid Buu from full HP to dead in two turns of Oozaru, even with a level 1 SA and 0% potential.</b>
Non-TUR rocks!

Team Cost: 180

Thum 1009420 Thum 1008760 Pan (GT) (Bee) base Thum 1005270 1 Thum 1006750 Thum 1009990 Thum 1009330

Leader: Thum 1009420
Stat boost. High ATK and DEF
Thum 1008760
Passive self ATK and DEF boost
Pan (GT) (Bee) base
Possibility to stun. Recover HP.
Thum 1005270 1
Passive: self ATK boost
Thum 1006750
Passive: ATK boost for team
Thum 1009990
Passive: ATK and DEF boost for team
Friend: Thum 1009330
Stat boost. Counter attack. Reduce normal attack damage received.
It is indeed a stretch to test things out. Used up all items but managed to prove this workable. If you have a bunch of level 120s, that should work better than mine.

mono AGL works

striking blue

Team Cost: 209

Thum 1009830 Thumb 1008410 Thum TURgokussjAGI Thum 1004890 1 Thum 1003040 Thum 1009050 Thum 1009830

Leader: Thum 1009830
Stat boost. High ATK and DEF. Chance to counter SA
Thumb 1008410
Counter attack and damage reduction on normal attacks.
Thum TURgokussjAGI
SA stat boost.
Thum 1004890 1
SA with chance to stun. Passive recover HP once.
Thum 1003040
Passive: ATK boost.
Thum 1009050
Passive: ATK and DEF boost
Friend: Thum 1009830
Stat boost. High ATK and DEF. Chance to counter SA
Again, I do not have every character at TUR, if you have TURs and sealers, your AGL team should work better than mine.

Get Rekt Super2!

Shadow Dragons Team Overload

Team Cost: 217

Thum TURomegashenronPHY Card 1011490 thumb Thum 1006360 Thum 1006350 Thum TURgogetaSSJ4TEQ Thum 1010000 Thum TURomegashenronPHY

Leader: Thum TURomegashenronPHY
"Shadow Dragon Saga" Leader Skill w/ high stat boost from Passive
Card 1011490 thumb
Decent passive and great ki link;can be replaced
Thum 1006360
Great stat boost from passive and links well with the rest of the team
Thum 1006350
Basically for debuffing thanks to its passive skill
Thum TURgogetaSSJ4TEQ
Massive stat boost;chance to evade SA and counter
Thum 1010000
great stats boost for all allies;dokkaned or not, it doesn't matter
Friend: Thum TURomegashenronPHY
Massive stat boost from Leader Skill;predokkaned Shenron will do as well (I suggest SA 3 or higher)
This team can perform a lot of SAs thanks to ki links. During the battle, especially on the PHY Kid Buu round, Thum TURgogetaSSJ4TEQ has more chances to counter SAs from Buu. As for the candies, have Card 1011490 thumb,Thum 1006350 or Thum 1010000 get them since their SAs don't deal much damage;they're meant for team support. Tip: Bring either Senzu or Dende, as well as King Yemma and other Support Items that lower enemy ATK. Usually I only use Dende and King Yemma. If you have Ghost Usher, you might as well bring it just in case.