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Breaker Deck 1 to 7

AGL Ninja

THis Ninja Has an Amazing - AGILLTY!

Team Cost: ...

Thum 1005000 1 Thumb agleGF Thum 1002300 1 Thum 1006690 1 Thum 1004680 1 Thumb 6855 metalcooler Thumb 1006790

Leader: Thum 1005000 1
Not only does he give you a nice +70% HP boost, he regenerates 12% of your HP everytime he shows up, therefore helping out with Golden Frieza's passive. He also has a Fierce Battle Link, which might help you out with the damage dealing, depening on the tactic you want to follow.
Thumb agleGF
Your main Tank. ALWAYS have him in either the first or the second slot, so he will return in 2 turns instead of 3. Also try to keep your health above 50% so the tanking actually works.
Thum 1002300 1
Your absolute best friend in this event. Always keep him together with Golden Frieza so Golden Frieza can block the attacks while Murasaki gets the Ki he needs to seal the boss. Because this build only has 3 ki, you will need 9 ki - or 4 if his passive kicks in. You need some luck and good ki management to keep the sealing active.
Thum 1006690 1
Here for 2 reasons: He synergizes with your Friend Super Vegito extremely well and he might stun the boss. Depending on the tactic you wish to follow, he might also be a main damage dealer.
Thum 1004680 1
He gives +2 Ki every time he arrives and your health is above 50%. He also synergizes well with Vegito and Gohan, but he misses the Fierce Battle link to deal any actual damage. So he will be more of a support unit that will always be in the third slot.
Thumb 6855 metalcooler
Gives +30% ATK and DEF everytime he's around. He is not really important, just supporting the other units. You can exchange him with another good supporter you might have.
Friend: Thumb 1006790
With an SA 10 Super Vegito, this fight will be over pretty easily. Use him to counter most of the attacks, but never put him in a third slot. You will need him. He is the main damage dealer in this team.

First, you want your setup to kinda look like this:
Group 1: Golden Frieza / Murasaki / random
Group 2: Vegito / Gohan or Kid Buu / random

Group 1 will always try to give Murasaki a super so he can seal. If an enemy attacks before you can attack, block with Golden Frieza. Never seperate those two!

Group 2 will block with Vegito so he can counter-attack. Always give the super to Super Vegito so he can deal even more damage with his counter. If you prefer more damage with some chance for a stun, give him Gohan as a partner. If you want to go a little slower but with a healthy amount of HP, go with Kid Buu. This will also help Golden Frieza's passive so you can block with him when needed.

"Randoms" will always be in the last slot and aren't that important to the fight. They're basically a nice bonus, but not needed.

Round 1:
You're fighting STR Goku and INT Vegeta. Deal with Vegeta first - both aren't that difficult, but he might actually deal damage. Goku on the other hand can't even deal 10k of damage without a super. This round is mostly there to get the group setup that you need.

Round 2:
INT Vegito. At this point you should start sealing Vegitos attacks so your Super Vegito can deal with the boss faster. Just keep up the groups and this fight should be done fairly quickly.

Round 3:
AGL Super Vegito. Now this is where it gets a little bit more tricky. Super Vegito won't take that much damage unless your characters activated the Fierce Battle Link. He also likes to attack 2-5 times in a round.

As long as you keep him sealed with Murasaki, there is nothing to fear. If you counter with your Vegito while Fierce Battle is active, it will deal a great amount of damage. If you get a round where Vegito will attack the same character 3 or 4 times, try to put your Super Vegito there (unless it's a third slot - that would mess up your groups.).

Keep giving Super Attacks to Super Vegito, Murasaki and either Gohan or Kid Buu and this Round will also be done pretty quickly.

One for The Other

Dual Effect

Team Cost: 238

TEQDokkanSSJ3A Super Saiyan Bardock TEQ Thumbnail MajinVegetaDokkan Thumb 1006790 Thum 1006690 1 Thumb agleGF Thum 1005280 1Card


The key is the link Fierce Battle.

Note: It's the team I used for the first attempts and to dokkan awaken Super Vegito,
focusing on Vegeta first for the 1st fight and relying on special skills & passives for the last 2 fights.

I run now this team using 1 healing item max and sometimes Launch & co etc...

Worst of the Worst

Team Cost:

TURZamasu Thum 1008710 Thum 1006330 Thum 1006380 Thumb inteGF Thum 1003760 1 Thum 1009350

Leader: TURZamasu
Leader Skill: Extreme Ki +1, HP, ATK, & DEF + 70% >>> Passive: ATK +120%; ATK -10% for all Super Type Allies >>> Supers greatly lower DEF
Thum 1008710
Passive: ATK +80%; All enemies ATK -30% >>> Supers greatly lower DEF
Thum 1006330
Passive: ATK +80%; All enemies DEF -30% >>> Supers greatly lower DEF
Thum 1006380
Passive: ATK +1500 as 1st attacker in a turn >>> Sealer
Thumb inteGF
Passive: ATK and DEF +60% at the start of turn
Thum 1003760 1
Passive: ATK and DEF +40% at start of turn
Friend: Thum 1009350
Leader Skill: Extreme Ki +3, HP, ATK, & DEF +50% >>> Passive: At start of turn Ki +3 for Extreme Type and ATK +100%
This team is all about the Fierce Battle link.
  • In phase 1 you can focus either Goku or Vegeta. Whomever you chose make sure TURZamasu is attacking Goku and Thum 1006330 is attacking Vegeta, to maximize their damage.
  • In phase 2 Super as often as you can with Thum 1008710, Thum 1006330, and Thum 1009350.
  • TURZamasu will do decent damage with his supers, but don't worry about him too much as he is at a type disadvantage.
  • In phase 3 Thum 1008710 and Thum 1006330 will have their damage fall off some due to the boss changing type.
  • TURZamasu will be your main damage dealer in phase 3.
  • Thum 1006380 does not have the Fierce Battle link, but he does link up very well with Thum 1008710 and Thum 1006330. You should be able to burn down the boss with this team before you take more then one or two supers, but if you want to be cautious, pair him with one and super as needed.
  • Thumb inteGF and Thum 1003760 1 are filler characters with the Fierce Battle link. They do make decent blockers and deal decent damage.
  • If you can't find a Thum 1009350 for your friend slot Thum 1005000 1 and TURZamasu make viable alternatives.
  • If you chose Thum 1005000 1 you'll lose out on Ki and stats but his healing will make up for it enough that you won't have to use too many extra items.
  • If you chose TURZamasu you lose out on Ki, but the increased stats should make the progress just as smooth as with Thum 1009350. Just remember to keep both TURZamasu separated.

Extreme Phys team

Cooler phys team (by joetron)

Team Cost: 290

Thum 1009090 Thum 1004250 1Card Thum 1003310 1Card Thum 1006330 Thum TURomegashenronPHY Thum 1008850glb Thum 1009090

Leader: Thum 1009090
great lead for phys extremes atk and def +100% links with omega and frieza
high must
Thum 1004250 1Card
does lots of damage atk 120% when SA and links with cooler
Thum 1003310 1Card
passive raises atk and def by 50% when hp is 80% or up
Thum 1006330
lowers def and links with omega and pasive lowers def by 30%
Thum TURomegashenronPHY
lowers atk and def by 20% is another cooler links with syn and extra atk chance of attack will a super attack
high must
Thum 1008850glb
gives ki +3 and nukes
Friend: Thum 1009090
links with frieza and leader skill
high must
team lowers def with SA and passives except full power, buu gives lots of support use a bulma that gives atk and def +30% for 3 turns makes it super easy and faster for grinds

Green With Evil!!

Extreme TEQ Team

Team Cost: 313

TURZamasu URTEQBioBrolyThumb MajinVegetaDokkan URTEQTurlesThumb Thum 1007970 Thum 1008130 Blackgokurosézamasulrtec

Leader: TURZamasu
WIth his passive increasing ATK and his Leader Skill, Fused Zamasu adds terror to the boss and his Super Attack hits hard like a tank!
Very High
Despite his appearance, Bio-Broly is not that useless, he's useful for the first stage of Stage 2 with increased attack, and for the rest of the stage, he can be useful as a shield against INT Vegito and AGL Super Vegito, especially if his at MAX Potential.
Stunner, useful for Bio-Broly, Piccolo, and TEQ Turles via Shattering the Limit Link Skill
Stunner, same usefulness as Majin Vegeta
Thum 1007970
His Passive skill is very useful for this team giving them KI +3 and ATK +25%, and just like Vegeta and Turles, his a stunner.
Thum 1008130
Neutrally ok, South Buu is a useful tank as a shield and does some decent damage if linked with a card with the Fierce Battle Link.
Friend: Blackgokurosézamasulrtec
The Zamasu Brothers are very useful if teamed up with Fused Zamasu. Not to mention, thanks to their Super ATK giving the team a DEF Boost and the Passive Skill recovering 15% of Health, it makes the Legendary Duo a useful partner and quite Subarashii
Very High
With a Team of 3 stunners, one that weakens DEF, a TEQ substitute of both the INT and STR Jamanba, and two Dismal Future Cards, this team is useful for Stage 2 of the Vegito Dokkan Event

If you can't find someone with LR Zamasu/Goku Rośe here are some good if not decent substitutes:

  • GotenksSSJ3 base Leader Skill, Super ATK, Fused Fighters Link for Fused Zamasu.
  • Thum TURgogetaSSJ4TEQ Leader Skill, Super ATK (If potential is up and has Critical), Counter, and Fused Fighter Link for Fused Zamasu.
  • Thum 1010290 Leader Skill, Passive Skill, Super ATK that lowers ATK and DEF, and Links(Sayian Warrior Race, Prepared for Battle, and Fierce Battle)
  • Finally Thumb FORGF Leader Skill, Super ATK that lowers DEF, Links (Shocking Speed, Revival, and Fierce Battle) and Passive Skill.