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Global server
Thum 1004220 1Thum 1001920 1Thum 1004200 2Thum 1008770

Japan server
Thum 1004200 1
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7 Rounds Limit
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Breaker Deck 1 to 7

Shocked Under the Flashes


Team Cost: 218

Thumb 1006790 Thum 1003210 1 Thum 1006690 1 Thum 1003690 1 Thum 1001400 1 ToraSSRAGL Thumb 1006790

Leader: Thumb 1006790
AGL icon Type Ki +3, HP, ATK, & DEF +70%, counter-attack, block, ideal to deal more damage and save some items.
Links with Thum 1003210 1 for Golden Warrior.
Links with Thum 1006690 1 for Power Bestowed by God.
Thum 1003210 1
Damage dealer, links with Thum 1003690 1 and Thum 1001400 1 for Over in a Flash.
Links with Thumb 1006790 and Thum 1006690 1 for Fierce Battle.
Passive: ATK +100% for 7 turns from start of turn.
Thum 1006690 1
Damage dealer, stunner for a short period of time.
Links with Thumb 1006790, Thum 1003690 1 and Thum 1001400 1 for Shocking Speed.
Passive: ATK +80% when Ki is 6 or more.
Thum 1003690 1
Damage dealer, links with Thumb 1006790 and Thum 1003210 1 for Super Saiyan.
Passive: ATK +75% when performing a Super Attack.
Thum 1001400 1
Damage dealer, links with Thum 1003690 1 for Kamehameha.
Passive: ATK +2000 at start of turn.
Mostly support card. The Giant Ape is a must.
Links with Thum 1006690 1 and Thum 1001400 1 for The Saiyan Lineage.
Passive: Ki +3 for all allies when HP is 80% or below; may turn into Giant Ape.
Friend: Thumb 1006790

No time to lose with +70k damage received on SA's and +150k HP.
6 charges MAX and done.

Healing items always for safety, Puar and co to have fun.

I prefered ToraSSRAGL to Thumb ssgssgoku 7258 for a more balanced ki distribution.
Thumb 1006790 can be replaced by Thumb agleGF, his passive should compensate the loss of one S.Vegito.


TEQ Nukes

Team Cost: 204

Thumb sgssgoku 7173 Thum 1004650 1 Super Saiyan Bardock TEQ Thumbnail Thumb FORGF Thumb ssgotenksteq Thumb 1005720 GotenksSSJ3 base

Leader: Thumb sgssgoku 7173
This guy is really important to the operation. If you put the SS Gotenks right in front of him (The Gotenks turns AGL ki into RBW) he turns all of the RBW ki he changed into TEQ. His leader skill of plus 33% attack per TEQ ki makes this nuke, without him it is much more difficult. His in Dokkan awakened card also works perfectly for this spot.
Thum 1004650 1
This guy makes the bomb happen with his plus 12% attack for every ki, that with the Goku blue's 33% plus attack, it is almost unfair at how much damage it does. Another good character for this slot is All-Out SS GT Goku
Super Saiyan Bardock TEQ Thumbnail
This guy fits the SS bill, changes STR ki into TEQ, and Super stuns with his super. He is really useful.
This guy is expendable. He is only here to eat up damage, but if you think there is a better card for here by all means tell me.
Thumb ssgotenksteq
This guy is only here for Goku blue, but them together make one killer pair.
Thumb 1005720
He is only here for the fact that his super greatly lowers enemy defense. He is also a SS which is nice, but he is not needed.
Friend: GotenksSSJ3 base
He is the friend mainly for survivability, however on easier events like this one you could spring for another Goku blue to cause total havoc. Either way tho he is still very useful.
This team can really be used for any event with an AGL boss,
it is really useful, and it is my main TEQ team.
Here is an example of my team, not even at its fullest power.
IMG 0053

Mono TEQ

Gets The Job Done Reliably

Team Cost: 207

Thumb FORGF Thumb ssgssvegeta 6901 MajinVegetaDokkan Thum 1006360 Super Saiyan Bardock TEQ Thumbnail Thum 1002270 1 Gotenks ssr teq D base

Leader: Thumb FORGF
Gets a large boost for the entire team's stats. Adds a lot of extra damage to their attacks.
Thumb ssgssvegeta 6901
TEQ nuker, works very well with Bardock's orb changing.
Stong TEQ character, links well with Majin Vegeta.
Thum 1006360
Good damage dealer.
Super Saiyan Bardock TEQ Thumbnail
Essential orb changer for the whole team, especially God Vegeta.
Thum 1002270 1
Decent support card for extra ki, can be replaced with similar
Friend: Gotenks ssr teq D base
Great damage dealer, plus additional ki and stats from leader skill.
Straight forward strategy, don't even need any special rotation. Just blast him with SAs until he goes down. Should only take 3-4 turns to beat him, depending on how many STR orbs get changed into TEQ orbs by Bardock.

Free to Play


Team Cost: 104

Jackiechun ssr icon Thumb 1005720 Thum 1004700 1 Thum 1002920 1 Thum 1003400 1 Thum 1005770 1 Thumb sgssgoku 7173

Leader: Jackiechun ssr icon
Either him or Thumb 1005720 can be used as leaders, as the main part of it is using TEQ allies to get ki, or you can also get Thum 1002530 1 as leader, if you want to purely nuke with GT Goku.Either to give ki or more ATK and DEF, doesn't matter which, the main objective is to nuke - although I prefer going after ki so everybody else can do a super attack aswell, or atleast have a chance to.
Thumb 1005720
He's a hard hitter that can also greatly lower def, and greatly lowering the def of an enemy with no leader skill that you're about to nuke against is pretty good, in my opinion atleast, allowing you to deal more damage. He's got a passive skill which will never activate in this fight, however all what he does is greatly lower defense.
Thum 1004700 1
This Piccolo can launch super attack at 8 ki, and lowers attack due to it. That paired with Thum 1003400 1 and Thum 1002920 1 can lower Goku's attack even more.
Thum 1002920 1
Yamcha can greatly lower attack, and if you do manage to get the super attack with him, he'll make the fight much easier, as Goku won't hit so hard. He can be paired with Thum 1003400 1 and Thum 1004700 1 to lower the attack furthermore.
Thum 1003400 1
He's here just to put a unit, but in the end you can use any other unit here, such as Thum 1002530 1, but since this guide is made for Global, then I'd recommend more using this once since he also lowers ATK I'd put the other super strike cards here, such as Thumb piccolo strike dokkan or Thum 1008440, but him paired with Thum 1002920 1 or Thum 1004700 1 can save your life and makes thing easier. E D I T: Now the TEQ SSR Xeno Trunks (Thum 1008440) is now in global, he is still a viable option but so is the SR since he still lowers ATK. Again, choice's yours.
Thum 1005770 1
This is the main obviously, the nuker, his main objective will be to use his nuke passive skill paired up with a Thumb sgssgoku 7173, and he also links a bit well with him (with the super saiyan link.), he can get an even stronger buff (It is NOT necessary for them to link.).
Friend: Thumb sgssgoku 7173
You basically use him to nuke. Since he's a friend, it is considered F2P to use him.
This team is 100% F2P, they're all gotten from drops (except Thum 1002920 1, who isn't avaible in the global baba shop anymore - you don't need him anyways, and as mentioned earlier, can be replaced by other units, such as Thum 1002530 1). Use Jackie Chun's passive to defend your units by the way, since the PHY stage will be a pain in the ass, I'd say It's fine to 'nuke' him, even if it isn't with Thum 1005770 1, just to kill him quick. I recommend bringing: Senzu Bean, then Puar PHY, Puar INT, and Oolong TEQ (use the orb changing items in that order)).