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Mono works!

The team for people with weak STR characters.

Team Cost: 227

GotenksSSJ3 base Thumb 1008420 Thum 1003720 1 Super Saiyan Bardock TEQ Thumbnail Thumb sgssgoku 7173 TEQDokkanSSJ3A GotenksSSJ3 base

Leader: GotenksSSJ3 base
Gotenks is key. He is a hard hitter with his 11 ki super atk (it is ideal to get 11 ki super atk as much as possible to chunk away Black's HP) and his 12 ki super can destroy enemy DEF. Also offers good KI, ATK, and DEF
Thumb 1008420
He is mostly here for the DAMAGE. Increases allies ATK greatly and links extremely well with Gotenks and the others. Using his supers to try to increase damage of Gotenks supers is advantageous.
Thum 1003720 1
This guy is what is holding this team together. A double gotenks lead alone is cool and all but Paikuhan is extremely important in this battle. His super specifically GREATLY REDUCES ATK, which is important to reduce a lot of damage from Black. Don't underestimate Black's damage! If you don't have Paikuhan, you can use another ATK reducing cards (I think TEQ Yamcha in Baba's Shop does this).
Super Saiyan Bardock TEQ Thumbnail
Bardock's super seals Black's super so it can save you from taking a LOT of damage. It is always good to have a sealer, not to mention this guy basically gives free super atks to allies due to his ki changing passive.
Thumb sgssgoku 7173
Not very important. Provides ki and links well. Can be replaced by other TEQ cards.
Damage and links. Don't be afraid to give ki to this guy. His damage is awesome (2nd highest after gotenks in this particular team). He can be replaced by other good TEQ cards however.
Friend: GotenksSSJ3 base
A double SA 10 Dokkan Awakened Gotenks lead is most ideal however it is not necessary. Using a SA 1 Gotenks for one of the leaders (with the other leader having a high SA, I've done SA 1 with SA 7 and it works on SUPER difficulty) or a non-dokkaned Gotenks with a high SA can still prove effective.
Use 11 Ki Gotenks Supers to Chunk at Black. Remember that whoever you put into the third slot will not appear again until after two turns so be aware of that as you are trying to Super ATK with gotenks as much as possible (though sometimes it is advantageous to put Gotenks in the third slot for the sake of sealing a super or greatly reducing damage, choose wisely depending on your health and damage dealt). Paikuhan and Bardock will keep you alive with sealing and ATK reduction. SS3 Vegeta is also a hard hitter. Try putting Paikuhan/Bardock near beginning of turn so they reduce/seal the damage of any enemy attacks after their attack within the same turn. Placing Vegito early in the turn may also be advantageous but prioritize Paikuhan's damage reduction over Vegito's ATK boost! You will want the damage reduction a lot more (for the most part).

As for support items the ideal set is: Senzu, Dende, Whis, Usher; however Usher and Whis can be replaced with Yemma, Icarus.

Use you damage reduction/negation support items if Black is about to attack a lot and Paikuhan has not super attacked yet as during that time Black will be doing full damage. However, such support items are not necessary for the first stage with TEQ Black Goku as he is pretty easy to kill and doesn't do as much damage as he does in later stages.

Note that Paikuhan's damage reduction stacks again and again to a certain extent. Use heals when you feel it is necessary. If I remember correctly for PHY Black Goku, his normal attacks are around 20k and his supers are around 70k (that is without damage reduction).

I used this setup and never had to use any dragon stones however, if you mess up in your gameplay, whether it is the incorrect distribution of ki, the order you placed the characters, or timing of support items, you may end up unsuccessful. Good luck!

Slime06 Team

Team Cost: 148/210

Thumb 1007450 Thum 1004090 1 Thum 1004720 1 Thum 1008840glb Thum 1003320 1 Thum 1008720 Thum 1009320

Leader: Thumb 1007450
1. Leader skill
2. damage dealer
Thum 1004090 1
1. Blocking
Thum 1004720 1
1. Seals the enemy's super attack
Thum 1008840glb
1. Damage Dealer
2. Lowers ATK & DEF
Thum 1003320 1
1. DEF reduction
Thum 1008720
1. Damage Dealer
Friend: Thum 1009320
1. Blocking
2. Damage Dealer
I used the team above to pass super difficulty. For Items I take Senzu, Dende, Whis and Ranfan with me. Senzus and Dendes are life saver, Ranfan and Whis nice to have. Better having and not using them than not having and needing them.

1. Round: Frieza and Frieza. AGL for Blocking and FP Frieza because of the matching links.

2. Round: Vegito and Gotenks. Vegito blocks and counters, Gotenks seals the Super. They both link great.

My tactic is all about Blocking and Sealing. For the damage you could pretty much take any other cards with you, that link well, inflict some decent damage and have enough orbs for the Super Attacks. Broly 10/10 does around 140k+ Black 10/10 120k+, Frieza 01/10 ~100k, Shenron 01/10 ~70k

I only use Shenron because I have the Broly lead, whom gives him 3 KI, and his DEF reduction. If you have a harder hitter or someone who reduces Blacks ATK or DEF through his Super, take him. Shenron is the most useless on this team as he does the least amount of damage and the 20% reduction isn't obligatory-

REPLACEMENTS: Gotenks starts with 4 to 6 KI, depending on your Broly and the friend Vegito. Take someone who can get the Super as easy as him, if you want to bring an other Sealer.

For AGL Frieza the only replacement that comes to my mind is one of the 2 Vegitos. Both are great, take them if you have them.

And bring you hardest hitter with you, the fight could be over quickly otherwise. Goku Black's Super is a real headache, dealing up to 110k+ even against EXTREME PHY units.

STR Succes

Team Cost: 252/278

Thum 1009420 Thum 1005030 1 Thum 1006750 Thum 1005280 1 Thum 1005220 1 Thum 1008940 Thum 1009430

Leader: Thum 1009420
Boost to all traits, heavy hitter, great link skills
Thum 1005030 1
Heavy Hitter, Decent Passive
Thum 1006750
Heavy Hitter, links well with everyone
Thum 1005280 1
Heavy Hitter, good links, penetrates defenses
Thum 1005220 1
Decent hitter, good links
Thum 1008940
Ki Changer
Friend: Thum 1009430
Great buffs to everyone, super powerful attack, evades Supers on occasion
Items: Senzu, Dende, Red Puar, Ghost Usher

main goal is just to hit as much and often as possible. The keys are to have SS4 Goku as a lead and the Awakened version as a Friend; if you have the Awakened as well, definitely lead with him. Similarly, if you have an awakened SS3 Goku (GT) (Great Ape), use him, either along with or in place of his regular version (if he is considered separate from the original and you have both). Having the ki-changing Goten also helps. Beyond that, you want to use your most powerful Super STRs to get the most out of this. I went with SS3 Goku because he's got a Lvl 10 Super Attack; you could also use SS3 Vegeta in this mix. I also recommend all Super Saiyans, so that you always have that link, and check for other links as well (Shocking Speed and Prepared for Battle are especially useful).

If you can, use Hidden Potential on everyone at least up the northwest path, whether or not you can unlock the locked part. The Critical can help a lot, as can the stat boosts.

If you've done at least the open part of the NW past on everyone, and have everyone at max, this team should win with one or two Senzu and one or two ki changers; the other items are just in case of bad luck.