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Breaker Deck 1 to 7

== Semi-F2P Team ==

Team Cost: 228

Thum 1005680 1 Thum 1005000 1 Thum 1004400 1 Thum 1000070 1 Thum 1004940 1 Thumb 6855 metalcooler Thumb 1006790

Leader: Thum 1005680 1
Leader Skill: AGL icon&TEQ icon Ki +3 / Passive Skill: ATK +40% when Ki +6 or more >>> Ki dealer and damage dealer
Thum 1005000 1
Passive Skill: Recover 12% HP at start of turn >>> HP provider, damage dealer and defense lowerer
Thum 1004400 1
Passive Skill: All enemies' ATK -12% >>> Attack lowerer and damage dealer (deals about 200k dmg with SA10)
Thum 1000070 1
Passive Skill: Deliver the final blow for ATK +2500 >>> Perfect Cell support card and good general links
Thum 1004940 1
Passive Skill: ATK +40% at start of turn >>> Defense lower and damage dealer
Thumb 6855 metalcooler
Passive Skill: AGL icon ATK&DEF +30% >>> Allies' attack & defense booster and damage dealer
Friend: Thumb 1006790
Leader Skill: AGL icon Ki +3 & HP/DEF/ATK +70% / Passive Skill: Damage received from normal ATKs -80%, counter with tremendous power >>> Ki dealer, allies' HP, attack & defense booster, block, counter-attack and damage dealer
*The key is the link Big Bad Bosses that allows to bypass Super Gogeta's defense and deal more damage.
  • More AGL icon Big Bad Bosses:Thum 2000680 1Thum 1004540 1Great Ape Vegeta ThumbnailThum 1005150.
  • On Level 2, focus on attackingThum 1005070 1while defending againstSuper Saiyan Vegeta (Angel) Thumbnail REAL, none of them is a threat.
  • The link The Wall Standing Tall gives an extra attack boost toThum 1005000 1,Thum 1004940 1andThum 1000070 1.
  • The link Thirst for Conquest gives an extra attack boost toThum 1004940 1,Thumb 6855 metalcoolerandThum 2000680 1.
  • Thum 1005680 1can be replaced byThumb 6217for a similar result but with a better allies support.
  • Thum 1005680 1can be replaced byThum 1003210 1for a more efficient result.
  • Thum 1005680 1can be replaced byThumb 1006790to benefit from the leader skill.
  • Thum 1005680 1can be replaced byThum 1005000 1for a more defensive strategy.
  • Thum 1005680 1can be replaced byThum 1004090 1in order to allow your Big Bad Bosses to nuke Super Gogeta, best paired withThum 1005000 1orThumb 1006790as a friend to have some room to manoeuvre until then. TwiceThum 1004090 1is risky because you only have 2 opportunities to change your ki colour and the lack of HP would be a problem for the 1st fight of Level 2.
  • Thum 1009350 can also be used since his release on Global.

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== The Extreme Team ==

Team Cost: 228

TURZamasu Thum 1000080 1 Thum 1001710 1 Thum 1008710 Thum 1006380 SSRAGLCellThumb Thum 1009340

Leader: TURZamasu
Leader Skill: Extreme Label Ki +1, HP, ATK, & DEF +70% >>> Passive: ATK +120%, ATK -10% for super type allies. >>> Supers greatly lower DEF.
Thum 1000080 1
Passive: Recover 25% of damage dealt as HP when is >= 8.
Thum 1001710 1
Passive: Recover 20% of damage dealt as HP when ki is >= 6
Thum 1008710
Passive: ATK +80%; All enemies ATK -30%. >>> Supers greatly lower DEF.
Thum 1006380
Passive: ATK +1500 as the first attacker in a turn. >>> Sealer
Passive: ATK +15% for every Ki sphere obtained. >>> Supers lower def.
Friend: Thum 1009340
Leader Skill: Extreme Label Ki +2, HP, ATK, & DEF +40% >>> Passive: At start of turn, Ki +2 for Extreme Label Type and ATK +80%. >>> Supers lower def.
The primary Link Skill here is Big Bad Bosses.
  • In Phase 1 have Thum 1001710 1 and Thum 1008710 focus on Goku while every one else focuses on Vegeta.
  • In Phase 2 you want to pair TURZamasu with Thum 1009340 and Thum 1008710 with Thum 1006380
  • Thum 1006380 is the only member of the team without the Big Bad Bosses link, however he links up very well with Thum 1008710 giving them both 4 additional Ki per turn they are linked.
  • Thum 1000080 1 and Thum 1001710 1 both provide large chunks of healing when they hit with their SAs while linked with Big Bad Bosses.
  • SSRAGLCellThumb is the odd man out here with no real advantage to having him other then the additional attack per Ki sphere, but its to your advantage to prioritize everyone else above him.

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