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Breaker Deck 1 to 7

Semi-F2P Team

Team Cost:

Thum 1005680 1 Thum 1005000 1 Thum 1004400 1 Thum 1000070 1 Thum 1004940 1 Thumb 6855 metalcooler Thumb 1006790

Leader: Thum 1005680 1
Leader Skill: AGL icon&TEQ icon Ki +3 / Passive Skill: ATK +40% when Ki +6 or more >>> Ki dealer and damage dealer
Thum 1005000 1
Passive Skill: Recover 12% HP at start of turn >>> HP provider, damage dealer and defense lowerer
Thum 1004400 1
Passive Skill: All enemies' ATK -12% >>> Attack lowerer and damage dealer (deals about 200k dmg with SA10)
Thum 1000070 1
Passive Skill: Deliver the final blow for ATK +2500 >>> Perfect Cell support card and good general links
Thum 1004940 1
Passive Skill: ATK +40% at start of turn >>> Defense lower and damage dealer
Thumb 6855 metalcooler
Passive Skill: AGL icon ATK&DEF +30% >>> Allies' attack & defense booster and damage dealer
Friend: Thumb 1006790
Leader Skill: AGL icon Ki +3 & HP/DEF/ATK +70% / Passive Skill: Damage received from normal ATKs -80%, counter with tremendous power >>> Ki dealer, allies' HP, attack & defense booster, block, counter-attack and damage dealer
*The key is the link Big Bad Bosses that allows to bypass Super Gogeta's defense and deal more damage.
  • More AGL icon Big Bad Bosses:Thum 2000680 1Thum 1004540 1Great Ape Vegeta ThumbnailThum 1005150.
  • On Level 2, focus on attackingThum 1005070 1while defending againstSuper Saiyan Vegeta (Angel) Thumbnail REAL, none of them is a threat.
  • The link The Wall Standing Tall gives an extra attack boost toThum 1005000 1,Thum 1004940 1andThum 1000070 1.
  • The link Thirst for Conquest gives an extra attack boost toThum 1004940 1,Thumb 6855 metalcoolerandThum 2000680 1.
  • Thum 1005680 1can be replaced byThumb 6217for a similar result but with a better allies support.
  • Thum 1005680 1can be replaced byThum 1003210 1for a more efficient result.
  • Thum 1005680 1can be replaced byThumb 1006790to benefit from the leader skill.
  • Thum 1005680 1can be replaced byThum 1005000 1for a more defensive strategy.
  • Thum 1005680 1can be replaced byThum 1004090 1in order to allow your Big Bad Bosses to nuke Super Gogeta, best paired withThum 1005000 1orThumb 1006790as a friend to have some room to manoeuvre until then. TwiceThum 1004090 1is risky because you only have 2 opportunities to change your ki colour and the lack of HP would be a problem for the 1st fight of Level 2.
  • Japan serveronly:Thum 1009350.