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Breaker Deck 1 to 7

Mono TEQ : Attack Lowering

-1000 damage

Team Cost: 144

GotenksSSJ3 base Thum 1002920 1 Thum 1003720 1 Thum 1001600 1 Thum 1004700 1 Thum 1004410 1 GotenksSSJ3 base


In the beginning of the fight you must place your cards in this order :
TURN 1 : Thum 1002920 1 + Thum 1003720 1 (Greatly lower attack).
TURN 2 : Thum 1004700 1 + Thum 1001600 1 (Lower attack).

In the first fight you must lower ATK all time of Thum 1005100 1 and beat him first.
After use the same tactic with Thum 1005090 1 for not use any item.

In the second fight use massive lower ATK for just use a senzu.

Don't kill Gotenks when it's the turn of Thum 1002920 1 + Thum 1003720 1,
you must kill him when it's the turn of Thum 1004700 1 + Thum 1001600 1 !!!

The key is to have Thum 1002920 1 + Thum 1003720 1 in the first turn when you begin the 3rd fight
and Thum 1004700 1 + Thum 1001600 1 in the second turn for all the time.

To deal big damage in the 3rd fight you must have Thum 1004700 1 and Thum 1004410 1 at SA10.

Mono TEQ : Stun Highlighting

This team is - STUNNING - me!

Team Cost: 205

GotenksSSJ3 base TEQDokkanSSJ3A Thum 1003370 1 Thum 1003450 1 Thum 1004700 1 Thum 1002310 1 GotenksSSJ3 base


On the first stage, keep focusing on Goten (two SA from Gotenks will be enough to take it down).
Make sure to stun Trunks with General Blue or, at least, seals his SA with Mutaito.
Don't forget that Whis and Piccolo can lower Trunks' attack with their SA.

On the second stage, launch as much SA as you can (Gotenks will do the most damage naturally).
Make sure that General Blue (or Whis) stun.
Otherwise, you will need a Senzu before the third stage...

That way, Blue has great chances to stun and so neutralize the boss.
If the stun don't work, try with Whis' passive as early as you can.
Keep launching Super Attacks with Piccolo and the Gotenks (Leader + Friend),
they will hit more than 100K on the STR (SSJ and Base) Gotenks (Opponent).

Items : Senzu Bean Dende Icarus King Yemma / Ghost Usher
(You can do it without any items if General Blue's stun works often !)

Big Bad Bosses

Full AGL Challenge

Team Cost: 210

Thumb 1006790 Thumb agleGF Thumb 6855 metalcooler Thum 1005000 1 Thum 1004940 1 Thum 1004400 1 Thumb 1006790


Thumb 6855 metalcooler, Thum 1005000 1, Thum 1004940 1 and Thum 1004400 1 share the link Big Bad Bosses.
Thum 1005000 1 and Thum 1004940 1 share the link The Wall Standing Tall.
Thumb 1006790, Thumb agleGF and Thum 1005000 1 share the link Fierce Battle.

You shouldn't use any item until TEQ Gotenks.
In fight 1, take down TEQ Goten first while defending against INT Trunks.
The management of your items and your characters' position will be vital.

Thumb agleGF DOES NOT block if you start the turn under 50% HP;
you better look for him and heal if needed before the turn he comes back.

Thumb 1006790 will have the same job but will mostly work by "intuition",
due to his passive which is dependent on the enemy's attack.

With a type disavantage against TEQ Gotenks, you can only take the damage and wait for him to turn in one of his STR form; you then optimize the damage against one of these forms.
Against TEQ Gotenks, as you won't attack, prepare your grid for the next fight by clearing useless
or annoying ki spheres.

Quite a though fight but I didn't use any DS, sometimes, I even came back with healing items.

Items: Dende/Senzu to heal, Baba/Pilaf/Ghost Usher to seal or "mute".
Use the ghosts when TEQ Gotenks attacks 4 times in a turn.
Use Baba/Pilaf when he attacks 3 times in a turn.

Frieza takes about 15k damage on TEQ Gotenks' SA when blocking, about 90K for any other card.
With +150k hp, you can stand, from TEQ Gotenks,
about 1 SA and 2 normal attacks without blocking,
you can easily stand 4 normal attacks.

I mostly use this team.

Proud and Thirsty

Full PHY Challenge

Team Cost: 182

Thumb 1007460 Thum 1005580 1 SSR King Cold Phy NewDokkanBuu PHY Super Buu Thumnail Real 2 Thum 1006310 Thumb 1007460


Except for the Buu's, the Saiyans and the pair Piccolo/Majin Buu (Good),
this team doesn't share any link.
However, the passives prevail !!

In fight 1, take down TEQ Goten first while defending against INT Trunks.
You shouldn't use any item until TEQ Gotenks.

In the 3rd fight, it's the opposite strategy of the team Big Bad Bosses.
Optimize your damage againt TEQ Gotenks while defending against STR Gotenks,
taking advantage of the passives.

Main damage dealers: PHY Super Buu Thumnail Real 2 then Thum 1005580 1

Over in a Flash

Cakes use what you got Team

Team Cost: ...

Thum 1005280 1 Thum 1001960 1 Thum 1008110 Thum 1003210 1 Thum 1003690 1 7556 Thum 1005000 1


The link Over in a Flash keeps the SA coming.
Must prioritize Ki for TEQ Buu because in the third fight the Healing adavantage is REAL.

Pray to the ki gods to land on some ki spots for him and the sealer buu and the stunner Vegeta.

I have TEQ and STR buu in the first round of Gotenks's 2 rounds to use a Ghost usher
and seal his attack.
Then the second round is usually survivable easily,
and can heal for the next 2 rounds against the STR Gotenks with the buus
while attacking with TEQ buu.

Takes a little while and Vegeta's block is gone by the 2nd round
but thats all he is there for then he can get hit by normal attacks in the third round
because his super attack is seal in the first round already.

OIAF = Over in a flash : ki +3.
Double Gogeta is Very good with this team too, possibly better.

Gogeta lead

Semi-Int Team

Team Cost: 166

Thum 1005280 1Card Thum 1000900 1 Thum 1001960 1 Bardock300 Thumb 1008640 Thumb 1006580 Base Buu Ultimate int

Keep the Buus together for max health regen.

It is best to keep Turles and Bardock together but you should keep Gogeta and Bardock together if possible. Android #16 and Piccolo are there mainly for support and Picccolo does a lot of damage to SSJ3 Gotenks.

Items: Senzu Bean, Dende, Yemma, Whis

Go Gohan Go

Team Cost:

Thum 1006700 1 Thum 1005050 1 Thum 1009300 Thum 1009210 Thum 1006350 Thum 1004910 1 LRgohan

Depend on LR Gohan