Find a Dream Team for your event the respective tactics page! Click on the event to gain access to a dedicated page for that event.

With so many questions on what teams to use from the community it has been decided to show a collection of "Dream Teams" for certain events and levels.
Dream teams and teams for fun are very welcome.
Each character will indicate their usage, strategy, and priority.
Happy creating!!!
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Dokkan Events

Event Broly Dokkan small Event Cell Dokkan small Event Kid Buu Dokkan small

Event SS3 Goku Dokkan small Event Frieza Dokkan small Event Gogeta Super2 Dokkan small

Event Janemba super2 dokkan small EN news banner event 508 small Event SS3 Vegeta Dokkan small

Event Beerus Dokkan small EN news banner event 512 small Event Gotenks Dokkan small

Event SSB Goku Dokkan small EN news banner event 515 small Event Gold Frieza Dokkan small

EN news banner event 517 small News banner event 518 small Event ssgss vegito dokkan 2

Event ss rose dokkan 2 News banner event 524 small n Event SS Future Trunks small

Event Fusion Zamasu small Event SS4 Vegeta small Event SS4 Goku small

EN news banner event 527 small News banner event 528 small News banner event 529 small

Event dokkan Super17 small EN news banner event 531 small EN news banner event 532 small

News banner event 533 small News banner event 534 small Event Hyrudigarn Dokkan small

News banner event 536 small News banner event 537 small News banner event 538 small

News banner event 539 small News banner event 540 small

Event Yamcha Dokkan small Event Arale Dokkan small

Extreme Z-Battle

Event Z ss3 goku awaken small Event Z Broly str small News banner event zbattle 003 small

News banner event zbattle 004 small News banner event zbattle 005 small

Super Strike Events

Event Vegeta Strike small Event Cold Strike small Event Frieza Strike small

Event Jackie Strike small Event Tao Strike small Event King Vegeta Strike small

Event Android16 Strike small Event Paikuhan Strike small Event M Mask Strike small

Event Trunks Strike small Event Chilled Strike small Event FailureAB Strike small

Event FailureAB Strike small Event space time travelers Event Piccolo Good Strike small

Event Tien Strike Dok small EN news banner event 413 small Event Kid Vegeta Strike small

Note: Gotenks Failure A is PHY and Gotenks Failure B is TEQ. One page will refer to the PHY Event and the other to the TEQ event.

Challenge Events

Event Boss Rush Fierce Battle small Event speed battle small EN news banner event 710 small

Prime Battle

Event LR Goku small Event LRFrieza small

Special and Limited Events

Event HERO Extermination Plan Event evil powers strike back Event Rabbit Dokkan small

Quest Mode

Event Quest small

World Tournament

see also: World Tournament Guide

Crossover Campaign

Event crossover new small