Quest top banner 518
EN chara banner 1008851 smallEN chara banner 1008601 small
"Defeat Goku Black to restore peace to the world!"
Difficulty Boss Type Drop Rate EXP CEXP Zeni DS icon
Level 1: A Mysterious Dark Foe
Zhard 20 Thum 1008600 ETEQ icon Thum 1008600v2 0-1-2 8k 50k 12.5k 1
Level 2: Dark Nightmare
Zhard 40 1stThum 10086002ndThum 1008840glb ETEQ icon EPHY icon Awak med 05181 2 15k 80k 25k 1
Super50 1stThum 10086002ndThum 1008840glb3rdThum 1008850glb ETEQ iconEPHY iconEPHY icon Awak med 05181 7 18k 100k 30k 1
Additional information
  • Thum 1008850glb has "unmatched attack and defense" but is actually a hidden attack reducing passive.
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