Quest top banner 518
"Defeat Goku Black to restore peace to the world!"
  • Go to Dark Menace Goku Black
  • Go to A Future Destroyed Goku Black
Difficulty Boss Type Drop Rate EXP CEXP Zeni DS icon
Level 1: A Mysterious Dark Foe
Zhard 20 Thum 1008600 ETEQ icon Thum 1008600v2 0-1-2 8k 50k 12.5k 1
Level 2: Dark Nightmare
Zhard 40 1stThum 10086002ndThum 1008840glb ETEQ icon EPHY icon Awak med 05181 2 15k 80k 25k 1
Super50 1stThum 10086002ndThum 1008840glb3rdThum 1008850glb ETEQ iconEPHY iconEPHY icon Awak med 05181 7 18k 100k 30k 1
Additional information
  • Thum 1008850glb has "unmatched attack and defense" but is actually a hidden attack reducing passive.
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