Quest top banner 516 glb
"An extremely difficult event has started now! 'Battle against the frightening evolved emperor!"
  • Go to Fire of Vengeance Golden Frieza
  • Go to Golden Malice Golden Frieza
  • Go to Proof of Resurrection Golden Frieza
Difficulty Boss Type R. Exp. C. Exp Drop Rate DS icon
Level 1: Emperor's Obsession
Zhard 40 1st = Thum 2000040 1Thum 1002590 1Thum 1002170 1Thum 1002160 1

2nd = Thum 1000060 1
3rd =Thum 1002150 1

INT iconSTR icon TEQ iconINT icon
ESTR icon
EAGL icon
15000 60000 Awak med 05161 2 1
Super50 1st = Thum 2000040 1Thum 1002590 1Thum 1002170 1Thum 1002160 1

2nd = Thum 1000060 1
3rd = Thum 1002150 1
4th = Thumb FORGF
5th = Thum 1002150 1

EINT iconESTR iconETEQ iconEINT icon
ESTR icon
EAGL icon
ETEQ icon
EAGL icon
18000 100000 Awak med 05161 7 1
Additional information
  • After beating Thumb FORGF, he will revert back to his 4th form, with only one health bar (roughly 500,000 HP). In this stage, he starts a count down, and can only be killed by a super attack. You must beat him before the countdown reaches zero (happens in 2 turns), or he will destroy the planet, doing over 1 million damage.
    • You can use a stone to revive after he does this.
    • The cards below can withstand a KO-inducing blow, surviving with 1 HP:
      Thum 1005240 1Thum 1005640 1Thum 1011380Card 1011200 thumbCard 1011210 thumb.
  • Golden Frieza has roughly 2.2 million health.
  • Tip: Stun and Seal both work to prevent the 5th Frieza finishing move. (Tested both)  
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