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Quest top banner 515 Global

Difficulty Boss Type R. Exp C. Exp Drop Rate DS icon
Level 1 : Majin's Transformation
Normal 10 Thum 1001960 1 TEQ icon 1000 5000 Awakening 3 1
Hard 15 Thum 1003570 1 STR icon 4000 15000 Awakening 3 1
Zhard 20 1stThum 1003550 1

2ndThum 1003560

EINT icon

ESTR icon

8000 50000 Thum 1003560 2 0-1-2 1
Level 2 : Horrendous Majin's Onslaught
Super50 1 Shared Health Bar
Base Buu Ultimate int4 rounds

Thum 10081104 rounds
HPRecoveryThum 10081204 rounds
HPRecoveryPHY Super Buu Thumnail Real 22 rounds
HPRecoveryThum 10081302 rounds
HPRecoveryThum 1008140∞ rounds
HP Recovery = 400,000

EINT icon

ESTR icon
EINT icon
EPHY icon
ETEQ icon
ETEQ icon

18000 100000 Awak med 05151 7 1

Additional Information
In level 2 Buu changes its form after 4 turns (Of 3 attacks per turn), except for Phys Super Buu and Teq Buff Buu, which change in 2 turns each. It strongly advised to beat him before his last form. At Buucolo, he starts regenerating 400,000 health each turn. To weaken this you must have characters with the Power Bestowed by God link. This weakens his regeneration to only 12,000.

Characters with Power Bestowed by God link:
Global server >Thumb 1008430Thum 1005260 1Thumb 1008420Thum 1002390 1••Thum 1006700 1Thum 1006680 1Thum 1006670 1Thum 1002020 1Thum 1006690 1Thum 1004710 1Thumb 6829 mysticgohan••Thumb 1006790Thumb 1008410••Thum 1003470 1••Thum 1003830 1Japan server >Thum 1009330Thum 1009320••Thum 1009510Thum 1009160

Dokkan events

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