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Important Notes:
The tier list is a list which ranks units on their importance and effect on the current meta of the game.
There are multiple different teams in the game, such as Super/Extreme of 'X' type, then Super/Extreme in general and finally Category teams.
Units will fall into 4 different sections: S Tier is for the units at the top of their class. They are excellent additions and in some cases, optimal. A Tier is the tier after. Units in this rank are nice additions to their respective teams, and will generally assist in the building of a good team. They may suffer from a few drawbacks but are otherwise solid. B tier are filler units. They suffer from several things which prevent them from ascending higher but can be used until better units are obtained. C tier are for units that suffer many drawbacks and lack a place on their team.
As an important reminder, units are ranked from a general standpoint. The "usefulness" of a unit may vary from player to player based on their box.
Due to the massive number of Super and Extreme units, only 30 units will be ranked for the general Super and Extreme teams.
When Super, Extreme and Category characters are added, be sure to change the description of the character to one more accurated, don't just copy it while it's speaking about its original role in the list.
If you believe a unit is incorrectly placed, comment for an overview of the unit.