Event super 17 big
"An Android born from an Android on Earth and an Android from Hell , the Super Android , Super #17 is here for one ambitious mission KILL Goku"
Chara banner 1005801 smallChara banner 1007171 smallChara banner 1007181 small 1Chara banner 1010821 smallChara banner 1010561 small
Difficulty Boss Type Drop Rate EXP Zeni DS icon
Level 1: Fused with Hell
Zhard 40 1st2nd ETEQ icon EPHY icon Awakening medal super 17 3 15000 25000 1
Super2 1st = Thum 1010520Thum 1000210 1Thum 1010530Thum 1003010
2nd = Thum agl ssr A17Thum int ssr A17
3rd = Thum agl ur S17
4th = Thum agl ssr S176 turns
ETEQ iconEPHY iconEINT iconEAGL icon Awakening medal super 17 7 18000 30000 1
Additional information
  • In the 3rd Round, Super #17 will have a barrier that reduces damage taken by 75% and can only be broken by Ki-blast Super Attacks (Kamehameha, Final Flash, etc.).
  • After the barrier is broken Super #17 will go into the 4th round and will absorb any Ki-blast Super Attack to regain health so it is best to use Melee Super Attacks (Spirit Sword, Dragon Fist, etc.) and revert back to normal Super #17 in 6 turns, it is also important to note that he will not absorb Ki-blast attacks when stunned in the 4th round.
  • LR Androids, Android 17 and 18, both Future and Present may deal extra damage to Super 17.

LRandroidsThum 1008790Thum 1008780Thum 1008770••Thum 2000240 1Thum 1001730 1••Thum agl ur A17Thum str ur A17Thum agl ssr A17Thum 1003790 1Thum 1000220 1Thum 1000990 1Thum 1010520Thum 1000400 1Thum 1001250 1••URSTR18ThumbThum int ur A18SSRSTR18ThumbThum 1007940Thum 1003780 1Thum 1010110Thum 1001000 1 Thum 1000230 1Thum 1000410 1Thum 1001260 1

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